Daniel Boone


High Cumberland Part 1, The The year is 1775 and Daniel Boone blazes his Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains from North Carolina, through Tennessee to Kentucky. On his journey, he befriends Mingo and meets his future wife, Rebecca.
High Cumberland Part 2, The While continuing his journey, Daniel Boone fights pursuers, loyalists and the greed of his own men while delivering winter supplies to Boonesborough, Kentucky.
Dan’l Boone Shot a B’ar Daniel confronts Cletus Mott and the bear that killed Mott’s father and brother. When Mott’s obsession about hunting the bear down himself becomes mania, Daniel and Mingo decide that the bear must be killed when it threatens Boonesborough.
Allegiances, The Mingo struggles with his divided heritage when he learns of a British organized uprising of the Cherokee tribes in western Kentucky, which will endanger Daniel and all of the white settlers.
Grizzly Big Zack, a bear hunter, comes to Boonesborough to trade a prized grizzly pelt for supplies. However, unknown to him, a band of Shawnee are being led by a man who is tracking Zack to avenge for the death of his brother.
First in War, First in Peace Daniel Boone is suspicious when he receives a letter from President Washington who replied to a letter that Daniel never wrote. Upon learning about an assassination plot against the President, Daniel and Mingo rush to keep it from happening.
Run a Crooked Mile A stagecoach is hijacked with Daniel and Israel on board. Daniel is forced to leave and collect a ransom for the band of body snatchers who are holding Israel hostage.
Matchmaker, The Daniel and Mingo play matchmaker for a Creek princess and the son of a Shawnee chief in order to unite the two tribes and avoid war. The princess doesn’t want the arranged marriage and fights them every step of the way.
Onatha Daniel and Mingo rescue a young black girl from drowning. However, they have their hands full while trying to return her to her mother, who is part of a group of slaves traveling to Canada for their freedom.
Loser’s Race, The Daniel must travel from Boonesborough to Williamsburg in order to pay a delinquent land tax within two weeks or the settlers will lose their land. However, an old friend traveling with him may disrupt his plans.
Enchanted Gun, The Red Sky, a Shawnee warrior, believes that he is invincible after Daniel gives him his rifle for saving Israel’s life. Daniel must prove that the weapon is not enchanted or more powerful than the regular law.
Requiem for Craw Green Mingo cuts his locks and disguises himself as a white man after the mysterious death of a friend. He travels to Logan’s Fort and soon discovers that the Indians are being driven off their land.
Lost Colony, The While traveling Daniel and Mingo discover an isolated and remote valley. They soon find people living there who claim to be the descendants of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.
River Passage After the government gives Boonesborough 1000 pounds of gunpowder, Daniel has the task of bringing it back by boat. He has to deal with hostile natives and the untrustworthy boater, Bill Sedley.
When a King Is a Pawn When the new French Government kidnaps the future King of France in New Orleans, Daniel is hired to guide them to a secret rendezvous point. However, the young prince has a secret of his own.
Symbol, The In order to gain favor from the British, a renegade Spaniard, Count Alfonso De Borba, steals the Liberty Bell. Daniel and Mingo go to retrieve it. However, they soon find out that the British want Daniel as well.
Wolf Man, The The settlers in Boonesborough are faced with making an important decision. A vote for Taggart, who just bought two slaves, is a vote for slavery or a vote for Daniel is to outlaw slavery and free the young men.
Jasper Ledbedder Story, The Daniel and Mingo meet an old man named Jasper Ledbedder who tells them that the Shawnees abducted his family. They agree to help him but they suspect his story isn’t entirely true.
When I Became a Man, I Put Away Childish Things Israel’s pet fawn, Rosebud, destroys a neighbor’s crops. Daniel tells Israel that the fawn is too tame to set free but too wild to keep as a pet. Troubled, Israel runs away with Rosebud.
Long Way Home, The Daniel hunts an escaped Army prisoner who is accused of killing a chief traveling to a treaty council. Daniel soon learns that the man he is hunting is an old friend, Birch Kendall.
Young Ones, The Daniel takes three young children back to Boonesborough after Indians kill their parents. The children cause Daniel problems including claims that he is their father and is abandoning them.
Delo Jones A fugitive from Virginia, Delo Jones, arrives in Boonesborough. Daniel soon discovers his secret and prepares to turn him in. However, Delo swears that the posse leader hunting him is the real killer.
Necklace, The A dying man confesses to a murder and theft by providing a pearl necklace as proof. He also tells of an innocent man about to be hanged for the crime. Daniel takes the necklace to New Orleans in order to free the accused man.
Fort West Point Daniel Boone prevents the treasonous action of the commanding general of Fort West Point when the general tries to turn the fort over to the British.
Bitter Mission Badly wounded by retired General James Wilkerson, Daniel begins a long trek with the captive general and forces him to stop the war between Kentucky and Virginia.
Take the Southbound Stage When President John Adams is kidnapped, his wife Abigail Adams entrusts Daniel to deliver a satchel containing $100,000 ransom demanded by the kidnappers to release him.
Fallow Land, The Ignoring Daniel’s warning, three trappers violate a peace treaty by poaching on Cherokee land and wounding Chief Nefromo.  His son, Canuda, kidnaps Rebecca and Israel. To avoid war, Daniel must fight and beat Canuda.
Ballad of Sidewinder and the Cherokee, The After their beaver pelts are stolen, Daniel and Mingo must pit one gang of outlaws against the other in order to recover them.
Ordeal of Israel Boone, The Daniel wants 10-year-old Israel to learn wilderness skills. However, out in the wild, they get more than they bargained for with hostile Indians, roaming wild animals and a rattlesnake that bites Daniel.
Renegade, The Tom and Martha Jimson adopt a young Indian boy after his mother dies. However, the boy’s father, a former Indian chief, breaks out of prison and is determined to reclaim him. Daniel and Mingo must go help.
Tanner Tanner, a woodsman who confuses reality with fantasy and the past with the present, kidnaps Israel. Daniel must set out to rescue him.
Beaumarchais Daniel and Mingo lend a helping hand to Pierre Beaumarchais, who is part of a French theatrical troupe. As it turns out, it seems that the playwright is attempting to smuggle gold through British lines.
King’s Shilling, The When a villager’s son is arrested and sentenced to hang by the British, the father kidnaps a British soldier to trade for his son. It is up to Daniel to try to save both the son and the soldier.
Inheritance, The While Daniel is attending the Virginia legislature in Williamsburg as Kentucky’s representative, Rebecca and Israel visit a house she has inherited from her uncle. She soon discovers some illegal activities on her property.
Traitor, The Daniel manages to escape his own hanging for treason when the Shawnees kidnap a British colonel’s daughter. After Daniel agrees to volunteer in the effort to get her back safely, he is released.
Desperate Raid, The Daniel hires a group of men to help him get a flatboat loaded with supplies past a British stronghold. As Daniel plans to destroy the British cannon, the men have other ideas in mind.
Spanish Horse, The After Indians kill Cal Trevor’s father, Daniel decides to help him with his lame thoroughbred horse.
Chief Mingo Daniel and Mingo disagree over whether the alleged murderer of Cherokee Chief White Cloud should be tried by the tribe or by the white court of law in Salem. Their friendship is put to the test.
Secret Code Daniel is asked to rescue the Continental Army’s top code expert from the British. He is sent behind enemy lines to bring him back.
Matter of Blood, A A dying Indian chief wants Daniel to bring his daughter back to become queen of the Delaware tribe. However, since she was raised among the whites, she is unsure about coming back or whether she will be accepted.
Scrimshaw Ivory Chart, The Daniel, Rebecca and Israel meet a pirate named Will Scataway who leads them in a quest to find buried treasure.
Imposter, The Mingo, with the help of Rebecca and a backwoodsman, dresses up as a British major in order to steal a shipment of rapid-fire rifles, which could change the course of the Revolutionary War.
Witness, The Israel witnesses a murder and no one, including his parents, believe him. Meanwhile, the killer goes after Israel.
Flaming Rocks, The Daniel, Mingo and friend, Jeremiah, try to stop the stubborn patriarch of the Garth family from mining coal on the Tuscarora land. The chief of the land is threatening to kill them all if they’re not stopped.
Then Who Will They Hang from the Yardarm If Willy Gets Away? Daniel and Israel befriend a British sailor, Willy Crawford, who is on the run after a mutiny. Willy is allowed to settle in Boonesborough, however, his past quickly catches up with him.
Spanish Fort, The During a dangerous mission, Daniel allows himself to be captured in order to sabotage the building of a Spanish fort on American soil. He is sent to a forced labor camp but soon finds that there’s an informer there.
Hero’s Welcome Everyone thinks that Simon Jarvis is a coward, including his family and friends. Daniel and Mingo try to help Simon prove them all wrong.
Orlando, the Prophet After Daniel befriends a medicine showman, Mingo and Israel try to free his Gypsy bondservant.
Far Side of Fury, The Indians capture the son of Daniel’s friend, Gideon, while he was in Daniel’s care. After finding tracks to a waterfall, Gideon believes that his son is dead. He blames Daniel for the loss and takes Israel in revenge.
Nightmare While on the trail back to Boonesborough, the Boone family encounters a group of hostile Shawnees. Daniel is captured and Israel must find a way to free him.
Thirty Pieces of Silver Daniel and Mingo set off on a secret mission to deliver a wagonload of guns to the settlers. However, an outlaw named Dekker plans to steal the wagon using information bought from Amos Fargo.
Be Thankful for the Fickleness of Women When Josh Clements tries to trick a friend at an auction, he accidentally wins a pretty bondservant. Daniel steps in and tries to help Josh with his predicament.
Blackbirder, The A ruthless bounty hunter mistakes Gideon for an escapee and plans to sell him at auction. However, Daniel and Cincinnatus follow the trail of their friend in hopes of rescuing him.
Dandy, The As a favor to an old friend, Daniel takes his son, whom he feels is spoiled and irresponsible, to teach him the ways of the wilderness. However, they get more than they bargain for when a band of Shawnees get on their trail.
Fleeing Nuns, The Daniel comes to the aid of two nuns, only to find out that they are really a young French countess and her aide. He soon finds out that they are fleeing a group of revolutionaries who want the countess dead.
Plague that Came to Ford’s Run, The Josh travels to a small village in search of a German guitar maker after his guitar is accidentally damaged. However, the attitudes of the townspeople make him suspicious that the man may be dead.
Bait, The While traveling to Richmond Daniel and a fellow constable are robbed on the stagecoach by a man and woman. Once free, they take off in pursuit of them.
Big, Black and Out There Daniel and Gideon have conflicting loyalties as they track down an escaped slave who attacked and robbed two Boonesborough settlers.
Flag of Truce Daniel works to negotiate a peace treaty between the Wyandotte tribe and the US Government by escorting his friend Chief Campuits to General Grosscup. However, the general tricks Daniel and throws them both in jail.
Valley of the Sun, The Josh is separated from Daniel during a deer hunt. He is captured and held prisoner by mad Englishman Sir Hubert, who has discovered a lost Aztec treasure and will do anything to protect it.
Patriot, The John Gist, living in exile in Canada, returns to Boonesborough to live again on his land. However, his return opens old wounds with those who see him as a traitor while Daniel is caught in the middle trying to help him.
Return of Sidewinder, The Daniel comes face to face with Joe Snag, an old adversary from his past, after the Cumberland Buckaroos begin robbing people around Boonesborough.
Minnow for a Shark Israel travels with Daniel and Rebecca to Virginia and becomes involved in a plot by a British commodore to steal the royal dispatch box.
To Slay a Giant Daniel must clear Gideon’s name quickly for the murder of Cyrus Black. Cyrus’ brother Enoch is determined to hang Gideon before he goes to trial.
A Tall Tale of Prater Beaseley Prater Beaseley is a teller of tall tales who travels with an invisible bear. When Israel and a disabled boy follow him, Prater uses his mythical bear to help the boy learn self-reliance.
Copperhead Izzy In Williamsburg, Israel is abducted and forced to live with orphans who work as pickpockets for the head of an orphanage. With Daniel away on business, Rebecca and her uncle Brian must help rescue him and the children.
Three Score and Ten An old gunsmith tries to prove his usefulness to others when the Shawnee capture him. He soon finds out that the Shawnee want him to assemble rifles to use against the settlers of Boonesborough.
Bickford’s Bridge Daniel has orders from the Continental Army to destroy all bridges in the path of the British. While on the last bridge of his mission, he is blocked by James Bickford, who must keep it open to transport his harvest.
A Touch of Charity A young suitor, Jimmy McGill, wants to win the hand of beautiful Miss Charity Brown but needs some assistance from Daniel and Cincinnatus.
For Want of a Hero After Daniel and his family stop at a fort on their way back home, they become involved in a scheme between five soldiers who survived a massacre there. Daniel soon learns of their intention to steal an Army payroll.
Allies, The Daniel, Mason and Cully are on a mission to stop a British convoy carrying weapons to Native American allies. When a family is caught for stealing their horses, Daniel takes them along but he must decide if he can trust them.
A Man Before His Time After a fugitive is tracked down and killed in a confrontation, Daniel takes the man’s only son back to town. Once there, the son plots revenge against whoever is responsible for his dad’s death.
For a Few Rifles After Daniel refuses a land deal between a man and the Shawnee, the Shawnee capture Israel and take him hostage, demanding twenty rifles for his release.
Sweet Molly Malone Daniel and Rebecca decide that hard drinking, pipe smoking Sgt. Molly Malone needs a man in her life. They play matchmaker and introduce her to a German tinker who once fought with the Hessians.
A Pinch of Salt While on a surveying mission for the Continental Congress, Daniel and artist David Scott get caught in the middle of a dispute involving a salt mine operation.
A Very Small Rifle When a Cherokee boy is accidentally shot by a young settler, Johnny Appleseed acts as a peacemaker between the settlers and the Cherokee tribe.
Road to Freedom, The A runaway slave and his son are on the run from three bounty hunters. After the father breaks his leg, the son continues on the run and turns to Ben and Israel for help.
Benvenuto… Who? Daniel and Josh travel to New Orleans to sell furs they have trapped. While there, Josh becomes entangled with a beautiful French jewel thief.
Man, The A former slave, now the Tuscarora chief, along with a group of soldiers, help Daniel disable a British cannon before it sinks a Patriot detachment of troops coming up the river.
Printing Press, The Daniel and Israel travel to Philadelphia in order to get needed supplies for the settlers. While there they visit Benjamin Franklin, who prints counterfeit pound notes for Daniel to use as payment for the supplies.
Traitor, The The British commander of Fort Detroit will turn over the fort’s defense plan if he is able to reunite with his wife. Daniel and Cully escort her back to him but are skeptical of the commander’s intentions of being a traitor.
Target Boone Daniel finds himself and his family the target of harassment by an old man and his sons. Daniel has no memory of ever meeting him, but the old man is convinced that Daniel is responsible for his wife’s death and crippling him.
A Bearskin for Jamie Blue Daniel and his family befriend Jamie Blue, an indentured servant who was born in prison and has never been free. Daniel intends to release him and teach him trust but Jamie has trouble adjusting to his new life.
Cache, The When a trapper is murdered at his campsite, Josh is accused of killing him. Daniel must capture the real killers before Josh faces hanging.
Terrible Tarbots, The A band of thieves attack Daniel while he is transporting a chest of gold to the Continental Army. To make matters worse, Israel is taken hostage as the thieves haul the gold over the mountains.
Hannah Comes Home Hannah, a white woman captured in a raid by the Chickasaw 15 years earlier, is ransomed and returned to her husband in Boonesborough. However, her husband has trouble accepting her Indian son born in captivity.
An Angel Cried Josh discovers that the Indians have burned down a mission and the only survivor is a nun who was hiding out in a root cellar. They both struggle to stay alive until help arrives to save them.
Perilous Passage After blowing up a bridge, Daniel and Gabe become prisoners of the British. They escape and slowly navigate their way home through enemy territory. However, they are unaware that a fellow traveling companion is a spy.
Sunshine Patriots, The Josh and Gabe go on a mission to intercept Sir Peacham who is employed by the British but is secretly sympathetic to the Americans.
Mama Cooper Gabe meets a child with a doll he believes could only have been made by his mother. Since he has not seen her since childhood, he takes off to a plantation in hopes that she is still alive.
Before the Tall Man Rebecca and Daniel play matchmaker to Tom Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. It’s a rough road considering Tom wants nothing to do with Nancy. However, if the two don’t get together, then a great American leader will not be born.
Run for the Money It’s time for the annual foot race and Cincinnatus thinks he has found the fastest runner around. However, another runner enters the race and the runners seem to have a scheme of their own.
A Matter of Vengeance Mason Pruitt is convinced that a visitor to Boonesborough is the same man who destroyed his family’s home when he was a boy. Daniel tries to show him that revenge is not the answer.
Landlords, The Two brothers are swindled by a con man when they trade pelts for a false deed to Boonesborough. Daniel plans to handle the situation himself but a marshal arrives in town to arrest the man.
Readin’, Ritin’, and Revolt An Indian brave attends the school in Boonesborough to learn about the white man. The kids want schoolmaster Pickering to teach them about Indian culture as well. When he refuses, the children stage a revolt.
Noblesse Oblige Exiled Prince Louis of France changes places with his chef and comes to town. Cincinnatus attempts to establish the protocol as to what order the townsfolk will greet the so-called prince.
Homecoming, The An old Indian discovers that he is actually the last of the Piqua tribe that once lived on the land that is now Boonesborough. He slowly plots revenge against the settlers and kidnaps Israel.
Bringing Up Josh While in New Orleans with Daniel, Josh inherits two abandoned children from a poor widow. Not wanting them to become orphans, he takes them back home only to find that caring for them is much harder than he thought.
How to Become a Goddess Two bumbling brothers find themselves in the middle of an Indian ceremony. Desperate to save themselves, they promise to bring back the fabled red-haired goddess, which conveniently describes Rebecca Boone.
Israel and Love Israel falls in love with a daughter of a sculptor who has lost his inspiration and has become a drunk after personal tragedy. The daughter feels that he is an embarrassment to her so Israel tries to help.