Cliff Robertson and Robert Culp star! Lieutenant John F. Kennedy fights to save his crew when a Japanese destroyer sinks their boat in the Pacific Ocean, leaving them for dead. Based on a true story!


PT 109

Cliff Robertson, Ty Hardin, Robert Culp, and Robert Blake star in this inspiring, action-packed, true story of John F. Kennedy’s heroism, bravery, and valor as he fights to save his crew after his PT boat sinks in the vast Pacific Ocean.

In 1942, young John F. Kennedy joined the Navy. Once training is completed, he is promoted to Lieutenant and shipped off to the Solomon Islands. In April of 1943, he is named the commander of the very battle-scarred PT 109.

JFK and his crew are assigned to harass the enemy as often as possible. They carry out that mission faithfully until the morning of August 2, 1943. On that day, while on a mission to stop the Japanese from landing troops at Vila, the PT 109 is rammed and split in two by a destroyer.

Two crew members die immediately while a few others are wounded. With no radar equipment and no way of alerting anyone to their plight, they realize that no one will come to save them. It’s just a matter of time until they either drown or are captured in the middle of these heavily patrolled, Japanese-controlled waters.

With the odds against them, Kennedy decides that their only hope is to swim to a nearby island. Since one of his men is too badly burned to swim, Kennedy tows him by rope as he swims through gasoline-filled, burning waves and leads his crew toward land.

But getting to an island is no easy feat, and it’s not the last enormous hurdle they will encounter. They have very little food, no shelter, and so far, all their attempts to flag down help have utterly failed…and luck doesn’t seem to be on their side.

It will take ingenuity and grit to survive these conditions and bring his men home…but Kennedy will never stop trying to save them all.

A stirring, true-life saga that’s a wonderful testament to the courage, heroism, and can-do spirit of our troops—then and now!