Top 10 Reasons Being An Ol’ Fool is Awesome

The Waltons:

Everyone loves, gruff, though well-meaning and kindhearted Grandpa Zeb Walton, often lovingly called an “Ol’ fool” by wife, Esther. So we were thinking what makes the “Ol’ fool” cool?

10. Ol’ Fools…can keep a secret.


9: Ol’ Fools…know the value of work-life balance.


8: Ol’ Fools…are secure in their own sense of style.


7: Ol’ Fools…appreciate the important things in life.


6: Ol’ Fools…are always good for a word of advice.


5: Ol’ Fools…always come to the rescue.


4: Ol’ Fools…know how to pick a winner.


3: Ol’ Fools…know how to get out of a pickle!


2: Ol’ Fools…appreciate the refined flavor of a good “recipe.”


1: Ol’ Fools…are easily swept off their feet by love.