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The High Chaparral

An INSP Exclusive!

The High Chaparral traces the adventures of the Cannon family in their struggle to maintain a cattle ranch in the rugged Arizona desert.  The time is the 1870s, when survival means a fight against the elements, as well as renegade Indians and outlaws.

One of the most successful and highly acclaimed television Westerns, the series was created and produced by David Dortort (Bonanza). It features stubborn, determined, 50-year-old John Cannon as the patriarch of the family with ambitions to establish a cattle empire while finding a way to co-exist with the Apaches and the Mexicans just across the border. Helping him is younger brother Buck, who can out-drink, out-shoot, out-fight and when motivated, out-work any man alive. He also has his son, Billy Blue, in his early 20s, whose mother is killed in the first episode. In an arranged marriage intended to keep peace with the neighbors, John marries an aristocratic Mexican beauty, Victoria Montoya, daughter of Don Sebastian Montoya, a wealthy Sonoran rancher. Her brother, Manolito, accompanies Victoria to the Cannon ranch as her guardian, staying on as a member of the household even after the arranged marriage turns to one of substance and trust.

The series strove for realism with the sweat, the dirt, the heat, the desert – even the Apaches appearing as extras were authentic. It explored culture and class conflicts among Caucasians, Hispanics, and Native American tribes at a level not attempted before or since by a Western series.

Relive action and biting dialog as The High Chaparral makes its home with the INSP family.