Perce Matt Dillon runs into ex-con, Perce McCall, who saves his life in a shootout. Matt is thankful for his help and tries to intervene when Perce falls for Ida Poe, one of Miss Kitty’s girls, who is actually another man’s girlfriend.
Old Yellow Boots Drifter Frank Cassidy befriends Beulah Parker and announces his intentions of marrying her. Matt becomes suspicious after the murders of Beulah’s abusive brother, Leroy, and an old prospector.
Miss Kitty Miss Kitty has everyone in Dodge talking when she mysteriously meets a stagecoach in the middle of the night to pick up a small boy. When she leaves town with a wagon full of supplies, Matt and Doc start wondering what is going on.
Harpe’s Blood A dying mother confesses to her husband that her father could be a murderer and that bad blood may have been passed on to their sons. Later on, conflict between the two sons could result in one being a murderer.
All That Guest Star Buddy Ebsen. Shanks, a man who lost his wife and all his possessions, returns to Dodge from gold prospecting with three bags to deposit in the bank. Now suddenly, all who scorned him can’t do enough for him.
Long, Long Trail Sarah Drew arrives in Dodge, hoping to find someone to escort her on a long journey to Fort Wallace so she can marry her fiancé. When everyone tells her the distance is too far to travel, Matt Dillon volunteers for the task.
Squaw, The When widower Hardy Tate marries a young, beautiful Indian, Natacea, Hardy’s son, Cully, has a hard time accepting it. Later, the underlying truth is revealed when Cully wants Natacea to run off with him.
Chesterland Chester leaves his job with Matt Dillon in order to start working on a homestead for his betrothed, Daisy. However, the soil is terrible and the shack he builds collapses. He finds out that Daisy has taken all the money and left town.
Milly Milly Glover looks for a husband in order to escape her abusive, drunken father. After three desperate attempts, she decides to pay back the men. After Milly and her little brother are adopted, she owns up to her actions and tells Matt.
Indian Ford Matt Dillon escorts Army Captain Benter to an Indian village in hopes of finding Mary Tabor, who was captured over a year ago while on a stagecoach. However, Mary is not so anxious to return to her father.
Apprentice Doc Outlaws kidnap Doc in the middle of the night in order to treat one of the gang who has a broken leg. Doc soon finds that one of the outlaws, Pitt, who stayed behind, has a knack for medicine.
Nina’s Revenge Nina Sharkey and her husband, Lee, are not very happy together. Lee is only interested in her wealthy father’s money, so he orchestrates an elaborate scandal in order to blackmail them both. Nina decides it’s time for revenge
Marry Me A young, uncouth mountain man, Orkey Cathcart, is looking for a wife and sets his sites on Miss Kitty. Orkey, his brother Sweet Billy, and their pa kidnap Kitty and take her to their shanty to teach her a thing or two about “wiving”.
A Man a Day Guest Star Leonard Nimoy. A band of outlaws offer to pay Matt Dillon off to leave Dodge so they can steal from the bank. If Matt refuses, they claim that they will kill one man per day.
Do-Badder, The Prospector Harvey Easter settles in Dodge after striking it rich in the Colorado Rockies. He soon tries to reform the city, but his failed attempts upset many of the townspeople and produce a devastating outcome.
Lacey A hired hand likes his boss’ daughter, but the boss does not want him around her. When the boss is killed, his daughter takes the blame. However, Matt Dillon is not so sure that she murdered her father.
Cody’s Code Guest Star Wayne Rogers. Cody is well liked in Dodge and he has plans to build a home and marry his fiancé, Rose. When a stranger comes to town and befriends them both, Cody’s life is suddenly torn apart.
Old Dan Doc finds an old alcoholic named Dan on the side of the road. Doc decides to take him in and feed him. Dan is given a second chance and is offered a job on Lem’s farm, but runs into problems with Lem’s son, who is later found murdered.
Catawomper Guest Star Dick Sargent. Kate Tassel makes her estranged sweetheart, Bud, jealous by dating other men. Bud gets wind of it and disrupts each of her dates. When Bud is injured after joining the Army, Kate gives him another chance.
Half Straight Lute Willis is hired to kill Matt Dillon. But, when he begins to stalk Matt, his plans take a detour when he meets a beautiful young girl.
He Learned About Women Guest Star Claude Akins. Chester is taken prisoner by a band of Comancheros. Kisla, the leader’s wife, helps Chester and Chavela, her rival, to escape. Matt Dillon comes to their aid.
Gallows, The While returning with suspected killer, Pruit Dover, to Dodge, Matt Dillon is shot by another man. Pruit nurses Matt back to health. Matt has conflicting emotions about Pruit as he leads him to the gallows.
Reprisal Oren Conrad, a married man, likes a saloon girl in Dodge City. When challenged by another man for her affections, Oren is shot and killed by Matt Dillon when he interrupts their confrontation. Oren’s wife seeks revenge on Matt.
Coventry A man, who is already unpopular in Dodge, is acquitted of murder and finds himself “sent to Coventry”. No one in town, including Miss Kitty, will do business with him or even acknowledge him.
Widow, The A young woman arrives in Dodge on a stagecoach insisting on an escort into Indian country. She is the wife of a captain, who was killed in battle, fighting the Kiowa.
Durham Bull Ranchers, Little Bit and his grandpa, are passing through Dodge on their way to buy a breeding bull. They meet Silva, who the grandpa doesn’t trust. They soon wonder if they can make it back home with their stock and their lives.
Wagon Girls Guest Star Ellen Burstyn. Matt Dillon encounters a group of women in a wagon train headed to Colorado. He learns that they were lured by the promise of marrying rich miners. However, Matt discovers the truth behind their journey.
Dealer, The Lily Baskin’s feelings toward suitor, Johnny Cole, change after Johnny shoots and kills Lily’s father during a card game. Although he apologizes for killing her father, Lily has other plans for him. Matt Dillon decides to step in.
Summons, The Loy Bishop shoots one of his gang members in the back and kills him in hopes of receiving a large bounty in Dodge. He takes the body to Matt Dillon, who isn’t ready to make good on the bounty just yet.
Dreamers, The Henry and Jake have struck it rich and want to follow their dream of buying a Mississippi river boat. When Henry meets Miss Kitty, he wants to marry her but she has nothing to do with him or his big dream.
Cale Cale, a young drifter, rides up to a farm and takes a nap in the barn. He wakes up to a shootout between a fired hired hand, who was trying to steal horses, and the owner. Cale is wounded and is mistaken for a friend of the horse thief.
Chester’s Indian While on his way to a fishing trip, Chester mistakes a fleeing Indian as a thief and shoots him. Matt Dillon learns that the Indian was courting a lonely, young woman, who happens to be the daughter of a ruthless man.
Prisoner, The A military prison escapee flees to Dodge and finds himself in the middle of family drama between two brothers, the wife of one of the brothers, and the brothers’ father.
Boys, The Guest Star George Kennedy. A snake oil salesman and his three sons hatch a scheme to swindle the citizens of Dodge. Matt Dillon must bring them to justice.
Search, The Matt Dillon finds a young injured man named Cale, who was thrown from his horse. Matt decides to go for help across dangerous territory.
Call Me Dodie A 17-year-old girl flees from the brutality of an orphanage that is run like a prison. Matt Dillon meets the girl and learns of the conditions that she had lived in. Matt soon brings the owners to justice.
Quint Asper Comes Home Guest Star Burt Reynolds. A half Comanche named Quint Asper joins his mother’s tribe in order to kill white men and avenge for the death of his father. Matt Dillon sees the good in him and wants to re-integrate him into society.
Root Down Aggie Dutton, the daughter of a drifter, attempts to lure Chester into marriage by fabricating a story. When Matt Dillon intervenes into Aggie’s plans, she admits to her pa that she “storied” Chester.
Jenny Bank robber, Zel Meyers, decides to hide out in Dodge with his girlfriend, Jenny. However, while Zel is gambling all his loot away, Jenny falls for Matt Dillon. Matt must stop Jenny’s advances and bring her outlaw boyfriend to justice.
Collie’s Free After eight long years in prison, Collie Patten is released, but begins having difficulty adjusting to his home life. He finds that a lot has changed with his relationships concerning his wife, son and the citizens of Dodge.
Ditch, The Matt Dillon finds himself in the middle of a range war when Susan Bart, who is the heir to her father’s land, carries out his plans of building a ditch to divert the water supply away from their neighbors.
Trappers, The A friendship is ruined when trapper, Billy Logan, leaves his friend, Tug Marsh, dying alone in order to save his own life after Indians attacked them while they were hunting.
Phoebe Strunk Murderous Phoebe Strunk and her four sons terrorize Dodge and forcibly take a young woman that is pleasing to them. Matt Dillon must hunt the clan down and bring them to justice.
Hunger, The Matt Dillon and Doc must come to the rescue of a farm wife and her daughter after they learn that her husband, who is a local farmer, and his son, are keeping them as prisoners.
Abe Blocker Abe Blocker, an aging mountain man who lives in isolation and is a friend of Matt Dillon’s, begins to use lethal force on settlers in order to protect the land he believes is his own.
Way It Is, The When Matt Dillon goes out of town on business, he leaves Miss Kitty behind without a date to the dance. Kitty decides to visit friends. On the way, she meets and befriends Ad Bellum and soon learns of his violent streak.
Us Haggens Matt Dillon hunts down outlaw Black Jack Haggen with the help of the killer’s nephew, Festu Haggen. Festus is on his own mission to avenge his twin brother’s death by his murderous uncle.
Uncle Sunday Chester gets a letter from his uncle Sunday informing him of his upcoming trip to Dodge. After he arrives with his niece, Chester soon learns that their travel plans may be at his expense.
False Front A smooth talking journalist, Paul Hill, sets out to prove that if a man bluffs enough, he can pose as a feared gunfighter. Hill makes a bet that Clay Tatum, who has never touched a gun, can go for two weeks without getting killed.
Old Comrade Billy learns that famous, retired general, Kip Marston, who is now on his deathbed, could be his father. Colonel Gabe Wilson is sent out to bring Billy in, but along the way, trouble arises. Matt Dillon steps in.
Louie Pheeters Louie Pheeters, the town drunk, witnesses a man kill another man by drowning him. He thinks it is all a dream until he actually meets up with the guy who did the drowning.
Renegades, The Guest Star Burt Reynolds. Quint believes that a string of recent raids are the result of a white renegade group and not the Comanches. Working shotgun on a stage, Quint proves his point when they attack him.
Cotter’s Girl Guest Star Mariette Hartley. A dying father gives Matt Dillon a letter and money and asks him to find his daughter. Matt expects to find a small girl, but instead finds an older mountain girl that is in need of some civilizing.
Bad One, The Guest Star Burt Reynolds.  A pretty farmwoman sees some good in a stagecoach robber and refuses to identify him after he arrives in Dodge. Matt Dillon must bring him to justice.
Cousin, The Matt Dillon faces a difficult decision when he is pushed toward a showdown when Chance Hopper, an ex-convict, comes to town. Chance’s partners in crime are counting on him to divert Matt in order to make good on their getaway.
Shona Guest Star Burt Reynolds. Gib Dawson brings his beautiful Indian wife, Shona, to Dodge for treatment of her badly infected hand. At the time, racial tensions are running high against the Comanches.
Ash Guest Star Adam West. Ash and Ben are best friends, but when a head injury changes the personality of Ben, it leads to a major confrontation over a woman. Matt Dillon intervenes and tries to prevent trouble from happening between the two men.
Blind Man’s Bluff Billy Poe is accused of murder and leaves town after a poker game. Matt Dillon decides to trail him. On the trail, Matt is mugged and partially blinded but gets help from the very man he has been following.
Quint’s Indian Guest Star Burt Reynolds. Quint is framed for the theft of a horse and is brutally beaten by a vigilante group. The atmosphere in Dodge becomes even uglier as Matt Dillon investigates the crime.
Anybody Can Kill a Marshal Guest Star Burt Reynolds. A pair of outlaws hires a drifter to kill Marshal Matt Dillon.  A man agrees to the job but attaches some peculiar conditions to the task.
Two of a Kind Guest Star Burt Reynolds. Immigrants, O’Ryan and Finnegan, are feuding over a girl they knew back home. Also, they’re in a legal loophole over a mine that they both own. Caught in the middle, Matt Dillon must act fast.
I Call Him Wonder Guest Star Leonard Nimoy. A cowboy drifter picks up a little, orphaned Indian boy and heads to Dodge to look for work. Unfortunately, once there, they find that the bigoted townspeople refuse to help them.
With a Smile Guest Star Burt Reynolds. The spoiled son of a wealthy rancher believes that his father’s influence will save him from the hangman, even after he is convicted of murder.
Far Places, The A rancher’s widow regrets having spent her life away from the city. She is desperate that her son does not share her same fate. Matt Dillon steps in to ease the tension between them.
Panacea Sykes Elderly Panacea Sykes comes to Dodge from New Orleans and conceals her conniving ways with her fragile exterior. Not only does the colorful old lady take liberties with the truth, but also with Miss Kitty’s possessions.
Tell Chester Chester falls for Polly, but she has her eyes on her father’s new employee, Wade. Polly wants to marry Wade, however, Chester soon discovers that Wade already has a wife.
Quint-Cident Guest Star Burt Reynolds.  A newly widowed woman, Willa Devlin, is strongly attracted to Quint. However, when he politely turns down her advances, she vows to make him pay and he soon experiences her wrath.
Old York Guest Star Burt Reynolds. Matt Dillon faces a difficult decision when he encounters an outlaw who saved his life years ago.
Daddy Went Away Guest Star Morgan Brittany. Chester is sweet on Lucy Damon, a widow dressmaker. She’s eager to marry Chester and also wants to change him. He soon has second thoughts, especially when he learns she could still be married.
Odyssey of Jubal Tanner, The Guest Star Denver Pyle. Saloon girl, Leah Brunson, and drifter, Jubal Tanner, team up to find the man who murdered her fiancé and shot him. Matt Dillon decides to take control before more trouble arises.
Jeb Guest Star Burt Reynolds. Ab Singleton makes a fatal mistake when he buys an alleged stolen horse from a farm boy.
Quest for Asa Janin, The Dave Ingalls is convicted of killing a saloon girl he wanted for his own. But, Matt Dillon is so convinced that Dave Ingalls is innocent of that murder, he sets out to find the real killer before Ingalls is hanged.
Kate Heller Guest Star Burt Reynolds. Matt Dillon tracks down a young man, Andy Heller, who committed murder. Andy ambushes Matt and leaves him for dead. His grandmother, Kate Heller, must face the reality that her grandson is a killer.
Lover Boy Guest Stars Burt Reynolds and Ken Curtis. A charming ladies man sets his sights on Avis Fisher. Even though she falls for his smooth talking, her husband isn’t very pleased with him.
Legends Don’t Sleep After an infamous outlaw is released from prison, a young rascal is eager to cash in on his reputation. However, the aging gunman only wants to go straight.
Tobe Chester helps “hard luck” Tobe get a job in town after he lost his farm. He soon meets a saloon girl, but little does he know that her checkered past may catch up to both of them.
Easy Come Elmo Sippy, a supposed mild-mannered cowboy, embarks upon a one-man crime wave of robbery and murder in order to get money for a poker debt. Matt Dillon must bring him to justice.
My Sister’s Keeper Guest Star James Broderick. Grief-stricken after the death of his young wife, Pete Sievers begins to drink heavily. He soon gets a job as a hired hand for two sisters where each finds him quite fascinating.
Quint’s Trail Guest Star Burt Reynolds. When Quint is hired to escort Cyrus Neff and his family on a hazardous trail to Oregon, he learns that Neff had been conned out of his money. He and Chester try to get his money back.
Carter Caper Dan Flack wants revenge so he spreads word around Dodge that Billy Hargis killed notorious gunslinger Beau Carter. Flack is determined to go up against short-tempered Billy.
Ex-Con Not only does a released convict come to Dodge with the intention of shooting Matt Dillon dead, he also wants to retrieve the gold hidden there from a robbery. He soon finds out that others want the stash as well.
Extradition Part 1 Matt Dillon pursues wanted man Charlie Hacker into Mexico. A few years earlier Hacker killed a friend of Matt’s and now Matt wants the $2000 reward for his friend’s widow. Once there, Matt must deal with corrupt officials.
Extradition Part 2 Matt Dillon finally catches Charlie Hacker in Mexico but has to make a deal with the officials. Then Matt discovers that he will have to do battle with Mexican bandits pursing them in order to get back across the border.
Magician, The Guest Star Burt Reynolds. Tragedy hits when an old peddler of medicine and card tricks arrives in Dodge with his daughter. They hope to settle down but instead find bad luck after they meet a rancher and his hot-tempered son.