Patriot Games (1992)

Stars Harrison Ford

Retired CIA analyst Jack Ryan and his family are in London when terrorists strike—and Jack thwarts an assassination attempt. Now, the group vows revenge on Jack Ryan and his family, following them back to the U.S. with murder on their minds…

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Patriot Games

Harrison Ford, Anne Archer, Samuel L. Jackson and James Earl Jones star in this pulse-pounding thriller about a CIA agent who thwarts an assassination attempt…only to find his family and his life threatened by a terrorist cell intent on revenge.

Retired CIA analyst Jack Ryan is on a much-needed vacation with his wife, Cathy, and daughter, Sally, in London. While near Buckingham Palace, they end up in the middle of an assassination attempt on Lord William Holmes, a Minister of State for Northern Ireland and a cousin of the Queen Mother.

When Ryan realizes what is going on, he steps in and kills Patrick Miller, one of the assailants, as his brother, Sean, watches. The rest of the IRA splinter group gets away as Sean Miller is arrested and Ryan is taken to the hospital to recover from a gunshot to his shoulder.

Later, Ryan is called to testify against Sean Miller, who is convicted of his crimes and sentenced to life in prison. Miller vows revenge upon Ryan, who isn’t concerned since Miller is on his way to jail for the rest of his life.

However, while being transferred to prison on the Isle of Wight, Miller’s convoy is ambushed and his prison escorts are killed in a furious battle. Now free, Miller and his gang escape to North Africa, where they plan another assassination attempt on Lord Holmes…as well as a rub-out of Jack Ryan and his family.

By the time Ryan realizes that the terrorists are in the U.S., he’s already survived one attack—and his wife and daughter lay in the hospital gravely injured.

Now, Jack Ryan goes back to the CIA, where he will stop at nothing to protect his family, his friends, and his country…while bringing these murderers to justice.