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2021 Western Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the Season for Gift Giving!

Let’s face it. Finding a fantastic gift for the hard-to-buy-for is an art. That’s why we’ve put together a list of foolproof gifts with a Western flair for every personality that’ll make this year’s holiday shopping experience a smooth ride.

1. The Classic Cowboy: A Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat

We all have those people on our list that like what they like. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, give them what they want—another cowboy hat. Truth be told, a cowboy can never have too many hats. Just make sure you take into consideration quality to keep up with their rugged lifestyle.

2. The Embellished Artisan: Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry

Do you have a creative, free-spirited, or fashion-forward person on your list? Then, handcrafted is the way to go. Shop local or search the web for authentic turquoise pieces that are just as unique as your loved one.

3. The On-the-Go Expert: Western Handbag

Western Handbag

From school pick-up, soccer games, family outings to tending to livestock, work meetings, and whatever else is on their busy plate— what do you buy the person in your life who does it all? Keep it simple and practical. A spacious handbag is a great go-to gift that’ll ensure they have room for everything they need throughout their hectic day without having to sacrificing style.

4. The Rural Homesteader: Home Decor

For the charming host who always makes their guests feel at home, why not gift them captivating home decor that makes their home feel like them? Southwestern print throw pillows will liven up their sofa, a longhorn skull will add a focal point to an empty wall, or cactus and horseshoe figurines can easily spruce up their mantel. Whatever you choose, modern Western-inspired pieces will match their design aesthetic and elevate their space.

5. The Luxe Rider: A Belt Buckle

Belt Buckle

It can be hard to satisfy the fabulous and fierce names on your gifting list, but it’s not hopeless. Lean into their sparkling personality with a gift that has the same level of luster— a shiny belt buckle. Select an ornated and in your face for the bold and an all-metal belt buckle for the low key to add subtle flash.

6. The Wild West Storyteller: Old West Historical Books

Old West Historical Books

You’ve seen how they light up when they share frontier lore. You’ve witnessed them bewitched by portrayals of their favorite legends on the big screen. Quench the historian in your posse’s thirst for knowledge with books that take a look at the lesser-known names in history who left a significant mark on the Old West—like Bass Reeves and Jim Beckwourth.

7. The Lonestar First-Timer: A Cowboy Cookbook

Cowboy Cookbook

Moving out of your family’s home and into a place of your own is a big step in adulthood and can leave one quite hungry. Show them just how fun and delicious growing up can be with a country-style cookbook. Make sure to include your taste-testing services, free of charge, as an added perk.

8. The Rodeo Musician: A Banjo


For the music lovers on your list, give me a gift that they’ll want to give a song and dance about—a banjo. With a distinctive and eclectic sound, banjos are a mainstay in Western music, and they are an instrument every cowboy who can carry a tune should learn how to play.

9. The Uncharted Explorer: Camping Gear

Camping Gear

When a special someone on your list feels most at home among nature, camping gear is the best bet for a gift. Whether it’s a pop-up tent, a mini grill, a lightweight cooler, or stocking stuffers like sunscreen and a compass, your gift will accompany them through their treks in the wilderness where they are happiest.

10. The Globetrotting Adventurer: A Camera


With wanderlust and adventurers on their minds, a compact camera is just the jetsetter on your list needs. There to capture every experience from their travels with precision, share their adventures later with loved ones, and relive the moments they want to hold onto forever, a camera is a gift that will keep on giving.