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The Virginian

INSP Exclusive

Starring James Drury, Doug McClure, Lee J. Cobb and Roberta Shore

James Drury stars in the first 90-minute color Western television series. Based on the classic Owen Wister novel, The Virginian, who is never named, plays the tough, mysterious foreman of the Shiloh Ranch who seeks to maintain order in 1890s Wyoming. Only stars James Drury and Doug McClure were with the show for all nine seasons, making it the third longest-running Western.

Averaging thirty 90-minute episodes a season, The Virginian series had one of the most demanding production schedules in TV history. “There were times when we had four Virginian episodes shooting on the same day,” Drury recalls. “I would literally ride on horseback from set to set to give two lines here, three lines there, then over here to do 10 pages of script.”