John Colter: King of the Mountain Men

The story behind America’s first mountain man. When Lewis and Clark’s infamous expedition comes to an end, their hunter, John Colter, makes a brave decision to continue venturing through the untamed West on his own, finding work as a guide, hunter, and trapper along the way. Entranced by the beauty and adventure of the unexplored land, Colter is the first Anglo-American to set his sights on the West’s most breathtaking landscape, including the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Valley. But, sprinkled throughout every adventure lies danger, and while trapping beaver in Native American territory, the Blackfeet tribe captures him. Stripped down to nothing and forced to run for his life while the toughest warriors chase him in what would later go down in history as “Colter’s Run,” he overcomes the impossible and cements himself as an American legend.