The next generation of Cartwrights now own The Ponderosa, including Little Joe’s grown children, but a vengeful miner wants to strip the land, and he’ll do anything to rob it from Ben’s grandchildren.


Bonanza: The Return

Bonanza Fans! A New Generation of Cartwrights Must Defend the Ranch!

Stars Michael Landon Jr., Dirk Blocker, Ben Johnson, Jack Elam and Dean Stockwell!

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The year is 1905 and the world is changing rapidly. Little Joe Cartwright has passed away and now The Ponderosa Ranch, where so many memories were made, is left to the next generation: Little Joe’s son, Benj, and daughter, Sarah; Hoss’ son, Josh; and Adam’s son, Adam Jr. They all convene in Nevada, traveling from all over the country, and Adam Jr. from Australia to claim their inheritance—or to sell it.

Benj, an attorney, is keen on unloading the property, but the others aren’t so sure, and when powerful land baron and entrepreneur, Augustus Brandenburg approaches the family with an offer to buy, Benj is ready to sign on the dotted line and be done with it.

Bonanza: The Return - Western MovieBronc, The Ponderosa manager and Jacob the ranch foreman, voice their opinions on the matter, arguing that Ben Cartwright, their grandfather would not want them to give up his legacy and their birthright. Finally, Benj has a change of heart, and all agree the ranch must stay in the family. Little do they know the real identity of Augustus Brandenburg, or how deep is his thirst for vengeance against the Cartwrights. Possessing the ranch is his obsession and has been for years. The fact that it sits on a vast supply of natural resources which he intends to strip-mine to increase his power and wealth is just icing on the cake.

Now, the Cartwright heirs must gear up for a battle that will play out with violence, jealousy, corrupt politics, underhanded dealings, and a kidnapping that puts Sarah’s life in grave danger, as Brandenburg will stop at nothing to destroy the Cartwright family and their legacy.