Gunfight at Comanche Creek

Stars Audie Murphy, Ben Cooper and DeForest Kelley!

When the National Detective Agency learns of an outlaw gang’s particularly ruthless methods, they put detective Bob Gifford in undercover to bust them. Now he is unarmed, unaided, and the clock is ticking before the gang turns on him.

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Gunfight at Comanche Creek

In 1875 Colorado, Amos Troop and his gang of outlaws has a particularly ruthless and lucrative scheme they’ve been carrying out with great success. When they learn of a fellow outlaw’s capture, they bust him out of jail, take him into the fold and enlist him to rob banks. When the bounty on his head reaches a substantial amount, they kill him, and collect the reward, giving them the appearance of law abiding citizens bringing a criminal to justice. But now they’ve killed the wrong man, an agent with the National Detective Agency. Aware of the outlaws’ game for some time, the agency sent in a detective undercover with fatal results. Now, they need to infiltrate the gang again, and detective Bob “Gif” Gifford is up for the job.

He heads to Comanche Creek and acts like a high roller and ladies man, flaunting money from a recent bank robbery, and unexpectedly, catching the eye of lovely saloon girl, Abbie Stevens, an attraction he returns in kind. As expected, he is arrested and thrown in jail. It doesn’t take long for Amos to get word that a notorious bank robber was captured, and he and his men soon break Gif out of his cell.

Now part of the gang, Gif plays his role well and begins to gather evidence against the outlaws, all the while confident that his partner, detective Nielson is tailing them, ready to have his back should things go south. And south they go, when Nielson is caught by Amos and gives his own life so Gif’s cover would not be blown.

With no back up and the price on his head growing every day, soon to reach $4,000, Gif knows his days are numbered. He has to make a last ditch effort to bring the outlaws to justice and clear his own name.