City Slickers

Starring Billy Crystal and Jack Palance

Three middle-aged “city slickers” on a cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado learn about life, love, how to be real cowboys—and how to be real men.

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City Slickers

Stars Billy Crystal, Jack Palance, Bruno Kirby, and Daniel Stern. This inspiring comedy is about three best friends who don’t think life has anything good to offer them…until they go on the adventure of a lifetime. Features Jack Palance as Curly in an Oscar-winning role!

Mitch Robbins feels lost. He’s a radio ad man whose work product just got reviewed as subpar; he’s visited his son’s class for Career Day and the kids all thought his job sounded awful; and to make everything worse, he just turned 39. Where did all of his hopes and dreams go?

That night at his birthday party, his two buddies, Phil and Ed, share their own stories of broken dreams and mid-life crises. But on a lighter note, they joyfully announce their gift to him: a cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado. Mitch begs off, saying that he can’t go because he promised his wife he’d go to Florida with her instead. However, seeing how bored and unhappy her husband is, she tells him to go ahead and try to find whatever is missing from his life.

So, Mitch, Phil, and Ed go off to New Mexico where they meet up with others who also want a taste of the cowboy life. These include a pair of dentists, two men who run an ice cream company, and an attractive young woman. They also meet two honest-to-goodness cowboys named T.R. and Jeff who will be working as cowhands.

Before the cattle run has even started, the three buddies get into a fight with the two cowboys. Things are about to get ugly…until a mysterious, unknown cowboy swoops in and breaks up the fight. Mitch, Ed, and Phil learn later that the cowboy’s name is Curly, and he’s the trail boss. All of the others are in awe of Curly, but not Mitch. Instead, Mitch declares that Curly is a lunatic…just as Curly comes up behind him.

Mitch wonders how he ever got roped into this crazy cattle drive. It’s a long way to Colorado, and what if Curly wants to kill him? Now, this city boy will have to dig deep in order to experience incredible adventures, treacherous terrain, and the real secret of life. It’s going to be a game changer…if these city slickers somehow survive!