Joel McCrea stars! A new schoolteacher comes to town, and a ranch foreman falls in love. But when a band of cattle rustlers clashes violently with him, he realizes he could lose his girl...and his life!


The Virginian (1946)

Joel McCrea, Brian Donlevy, and Barbara Britton star! This true Western classic is must- see fare for all Joel McCrea fans!

In 1885, a young woman named Molly Wood leaves the comfort and security of her home in Vermont for a new adventure: a job as a schoolteacher on the Wyoming frontier. She soon meets the Virginian, a stern ranch foreman who falls in love with her. Molly knows that the Virginian likes her, but she’s slow to warm to the idea.

Meanwhile, his best friend, Steve, also falls for Molly. The Virginian can forgive his buddy for liking Molly, but he tells Steve to think twice when he finds out he’s helping a band of ruthless cattle rustlers led by the corrupt Trampas. Soon, it dawns on the Virginian that this gang of thieves and murderers could cause him to lose his old friend, his new girl… and maybe even his life!