An action-packed Western! Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, and Jack Palance star. Four soldiers of fortune go to Mexico to retrieve a young wife kidnapped by a Mexican bandit. Her rich husband offers them a fortune…but is he telling them everything they need to know?


The Professionals

Shot in such locations as Death Valley, the Valley of Fire, and on Kaiser Steel’s Eagle Mountain railroad, it’s an action-packed Western adventure!

In 1917, at the height of the Mexican revolution, a rich rancher named J.W. Grant hires four men to rescue his wife, Maria, from Jesus Raza, the former Mexican revolutionary bandit who has kidnapped her.

The four men chosen for this mission include “professionals” in their fields. Bill Dolman, explosives expert; Henry “Rico” Fardan, weapons specialist; Jake Sharp, Apache scout and skilled archer; and Hans Ehrengard, master horse wrangler. Each man’s specialty should help them penetrate Raza’s heavily guarded compound, allowing them to get in fast and get out with Maria even faster.

Grant offers them the princely sum of $10,000 each to bring his wife home. It’s a huge fortune, and the men are eager to find Maria and collect their bounties. But it won’t be easy….

The gang must travel over mountains and through blazing deserts before reaching their destination in Mexico. Even if they survive this suicide mission, they will have to make it back safely – across that unforgiving terrain – without being killed by Raza’s men.

Despite everything, the professionals cross the Mexican border. The team tracks the bandits to their hideout and witness Raza and his men attack a government train filled with soldiers – executing all of the soldiers in cold blood.

Now, the professionals follow the train to the end of the line. Come nightfall, they will set their plan in motion, free Maria from her captor, and make it safely back home.

That’s the plan. But instead, the professionals are about to discover a web of lies and betrayal, and more mayhem than they could have ever imagined!