Clint Walker, Roger Moore, and Chill Wills star in this wild Western set in the Utah desert! Two fur trappers find gold and must now overcome relentless danger as outlaws are on their tail, and others get “gold fever.”


Gold of the Seven Saints (1961)

Clint Walker, Roger Moore, and Chill Wills star in this Western that’s full of adventure, greed, and gold.

Two fur trappers, Jim Rainbolt and Shaun Garrett, stumble upon a treasure’s worth of gold nuggets. They swoop it up and head for the town of Seven Saints, Utah to cash it in and claim a fortune for themselves.

But there’s one very big problem. Word of their find has reached an outlaw named McCracken. He’s dogged, cruel—and hot on their trail. Jim and Shaun quickly realize they won’t make it to town alive if McCracken finds them with the loot.

So, hoping to hide it and come back later, the pair put it in a cave and roll a boulder in front of it. When McCracken and his gang finally reach them, their six-shooters start blazing…and Shaun ends up wounded.

Luckily, another man rides into view and fends off the outlaws. His name is Doc Gates, and he’s a hard-driving, hard-drinking, former gunslinger. Doc patches Shaun up and drives the outlaws away, earning himself a full partnership in gold from the fur trappers.

They all take refuge with Amos Gondora, an old friend of Jim’s. Their plan is to stay put until Shaun is recovered, and then head back to retrieve their gold.

The desert is a great place to hide…unless everyone finds out you’ve discovered gold. Jim, Shaun, and Doc don’t know it yet, but the road ahead is fraught with trickery and treachery. There’s a fortune in gold waiting for them…but first, they’ll have to brave the sweltering heat of the Utah desert, the band of outlaws determined to rob them, and a surprising betrayal…

The bullets fly and the bodies mount in this wild Western that’s filled with likable stars, loads of action, and a plot driven by the unrelenting madness of gold fever.