Kirk Douglas and James Coburn star in this comedy Western! After a fight about paying a winning poker hand erupts in gunfire, an ex-desperado must face his long-ago, now drunken, ex-lawman nemesis...


Draw! (1984)

Kirk Douglas and James Coburn star in this comedy Western that’s all about old rivalries, new strategies, a battle of wits, and lots of laughter.

As the final days of the Old West dwindle, former outlaw Harry Holland wants to take the I.O.U. for poker winnings that he won fair and square, cash it in at the bank, and walk away from Bell City to have a peaceful life somewhere else.

Kirk Douglas in Draw!But there are a few problems. First off, Reggie Bell, the rich young poker player who lost most of his money, doesn’t want to pay him. So, Reggie, along with the sheriff and his deputy, set out to keep Harry from cashing in his winnings.

The other big problem for Harry is taking that I.O.U. to the bank. Unfortunately, the people who work there recognize Harry as the outlaw formerly known as Handsome Harry Holland and have told him—in no uncertain terms—to stay away.

But does Harry listen? No. Instead, for old times’ sake, Harry comes in and order them to cash the I.O.U. at gunpoint…just like he used to do when he was robbing banks way back when.

The biggest problem of all occurs when Reggie, the sheriff, and the deputy show up and get into a gunfight with Harry. As the bullets fly, Harry gets shot and accidentally shoots the sheriff…and the sheriff dies.

Now, Harry makes a run for it. He takes a beautiful traveling theater actress (named Beth) “hostage,” and they seek refuge at a hotel in town. Despite furious entreaties, Harry absolutely refuses to surrender.

Kirk Douglas in Draw!Not sure where to turn next, the townspeople call in the big guns: ex-sheriff Sam Starred. They expect to frighten Harry into coming out to fight—or maybe just leaving town for good now that his old nemesis is back.

What they don’t know is that Sam isn’t exactly living up to his legendary past. These days, he’s not so fast on the draw or eager to take on an old enemy. In fact, he’d rather just spend his days drinking to oblivion.

If the truth is told, a sober Sam might be the only man who can beat Harry to the draw. But when the time comes for their eventual showdown, will this has-been notorious outlaw be able to outmatch this once-was legendary lawman?