Davy Crockett and the River Pirates (1956)

Fess Parker Stars

Davy Crockett and buddy, Georgie challenge the boastful Mike Fink to a river race. Later Davy and Mike team up to fight pirates committing heinous crimes while posing as Indians.

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Davy Crockett and the River Pirates

An action-packed adventure filled with laughs, hijinks, and a good dose of moral justice! An uproarious romp that’s fun for the whole family! Starring Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen and Jeff York! This film is a compilation of two exciting Davy Crockett episodes.

Davy Crockett and his good buddy, Georgie Russell had a successful hunting season. Now, overloaded with fur pelts, they need to get their haul to market so they can enjoy the profits of their labor. They make their way to the Mississippi River where they meet Mike Fink, a boastful keelboat captain who calls himself “King of the River.”

“Well, Captain, meet up with Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier,” says Georgie, and thus begins the foundation of a rivalry that will soon take them on a wild ride downriver to New Orleans!

Crockett wants to hire Fink to take his bounty of furs to market, but Fink refuses and to discourage Crockett, he jacks up the price of passage to an exorbitant amount. Crockett, not one to be conned, refuses to pay. Later that evening, Fink and Georgie start drinking, and Fink gets Georgie very drunk. As manipulative as they come, Fink lures Georgie into agreeing to a bet. He challenges him and Crockett to a keelboat race. The first boat to arrive in New Orleans wins the big prize worth a mighty sum—all of Crockett’s pelts! Game on!

As if the river itself isn’t challenge enough, Fink doesn’t play fair. He tries every trick in the book to slow Crockett and Georgie down, and to get his boat ahead, and he has lots of mischievous ploys to draw on, since he knows every inch of the river, its turns, its flow, its temperament. Plus, he’s just plain sneaky!  

After the race, Fink agrees to take Crockett and Georgie back up the river. Crockett and Georgie stop off to deal for horses with the friendly Chickasaw, but in turn are kidnapped by some of their tribesmen. It’s retaliation for the white men who have been randomly murdering their people, of late. Soon Crockett will learn why this is happening. By now, Crockett and Fink have come to good terms and are now friends. They learn of a group of notorious pirates, white men masquerading as Indians who loot freighters, terrorize settlers, stealing, even killing, as they prey upon communities along the river. People are quick to blame the Chickasaw. Now, to prevent an all-out Indian war, Crockett, Fink and Georgie must weed out the pirates and bring them to justice.