We Three Heroes

December Event

Forget snow! We’re raising dust this December when Jimmy Stewart, James Arness and John Wayne ride into INSP in the month-long movie event, We Three Heroes! Get ready to gallop into the New Year.

We Three Heroes

All Month Long

Forget Snow! We’re Raising Dust in December!

These three heroes of Hollywood are; with boots and spurs, they’re big Western stars. Here’s Jimmy and James and our man, John Wayne—So watch them or DVR!


Movies starring Jimmy Stewart, James Arness and John Wayne—all month long!


Gunsmoke: To the Last Man

Starring James Arness
Fri, Dec 13 | 9PM

James Arness is back and the bullets are flying in this smoking Gunsmoke adventure. Cattle rustlers, vicious vigilantes, and feuding farmers give retired Marshal Matt Dillon the fight of his life in this action-packed Western.


The Cowboys

Starring John Wayne
Sat, Dec 14 | 8PM

Shortly before a cattle drive, rancher, Wil Anderson’s cowhands quit to try and strike it rich in the gold mines. Now he must turn a group of schoolboys into cowboys fast, because rustlers are on their tail.


Winchester ‘73

Starring Jimmy Stewart
Sun, Dec 15 | 8PM

Lin McAdam wins a rare rifle, but the murderer he’s tracking steals it. Now, he hunts the gun, following clues, as it exchanges hands across the miles, hoping it will it lead him to the killer.


The War Wagon

Starring John Wayne
Sun, Dec 15 | 10PM

Just released from prison, Taw Jackson puts together a rag-tag gang to rob the man who framed him. But one of Taw’s men has a despicable plan of his own.


How the West Was Won: L’Affaire Riel

Starring James Arness
Sun, Dec 15 | 12:30AM

General Sheridan appeals to Zeb Macahan to search for a dangerous Frenchman and return him to Canada. While Zeb is away, the general finds himself smitten with a certain member of Zeb’s family.



Starring John Wayne
Fri, Dec 20 | 9PM

Aging rancher, Chisum, takes on a greedy, dangerous and underhanded land developer bent on controlling the county, starting with Chisum’s ranch and livestock. But, Chisum won’t have to take him on alone. He has the help of a young, loyal, though hot-tempered, ranch hand named—Billy the Kid!


Rio Lobo

Starring John Wayne
Sat, Dec 21 | 8PM

Ex-Union Army Colonel Cord McNally joins former enemy, ex-Confederate Captain Pierre Cordona in search of Civil War traitors, and all clues lead to the town of Rio Lobo, where the outlaws hold brutal control.


The Rare Breed

Starring Jimmy Stewart
Sun, Dec 22 | 2PM

Wrangler Sam Burnett escorts British widow Martha Price, her daughter Hilary and their prize bull to Texas. Now Sam is smitten with Martha and not only does he have to fend off rival suitors, but also rival ranchers who will do anything to keep the travelers from their destination.


Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice

Starring James Arness
Sun, Dec 22 | 8PM

When a young mother is killed following a botched stagecoach robbery, her son sets out to find her killers. Can Dillon get to him before he ends up dead too?


Two Rode Together

Starring Jimmy Stewart
Sun, Dec 22 | 10PM

Cynical Texas Marshal, Guthrie McCabe takes a job to find several settlers who have been longtime captives of the Comanche Indians. He’s making a hefty sum, but it may be more than he bargained for.


How the West Was Won: The Slavers

Starring James Arness
Sun, Dec 22 | 12:30AM

When Zeb’s letters to a friend’s daughter in Mexico come back unopened, he and his nephew head south to find out what happened to the girl. Their arrival in the girl’s hometown causes fear and suspicion.


Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge

Starring James Arness
Sun, Dec 27 | 9PM

Now retired and injured, U.S. Marshal, Matt Dillon allows Miss Kitty to nurse him back to health in Dodge City. But danger lurks, as an old enemy, is out for vengeance.