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The Big Valley

Though wealthy and prestigious, the Barkleys use their power to help the less fortunate homesteaders who struggle to make ends meet and make a way on a piece of the new land.

This series is set in 1870s California, in the gorgeous San Joaquin Valley and chronicles Stockton’s richest and most powerful family, The Barkleys.

Victoria Barkley is the family matriarch, a strong-willed widow leading an adult brood in the management of the Barkley Ranch, which includes cattle, mines, citrus groves, and logging camps. Victoria’s close-knit family brood consists of four adult children: two sons Jarrod and Nick, daughter Audra, and step-son Heath.

Jarrod, a prominent lawyer, handles all of the family’s legal issues and manages his two law offices in Stockton and San Francisco. Nick, a strong, sturdy rancher, oversees the hands-on, day-to-day operations of the family’s holdings. Nick is aggressive, out-spoken, and at times hot-headed. Victoria’s youngest child is her beautiful daughter Audra. Audra is protected by all of the family members. Audra is very sensitive, caring, loves horses, and is a very talented rider.

Heath, Victoria’s step-son, helps Nick manage the family’s possessions. Heath tends to be quiet and reserved, yet sincere – standing up for what he believes in and proudly wearing the Barkley name.

The Barkley family members bond together like glue when troubles arise, and successfully face the challenges of land disputes, squatters, bank robbers, horse thieves, kidnapping, injuries, and illness. They share strong family values, joy, laughter, and the pain of heartache as they deal with life’s problems.