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Dale Robertson stars as Special Agent Jim Hardie, hired by The Wells Fargo Company to investigate attacks on the stagecoach line. Join Hardie as he solves crimes and brings outlaws to justice in the old West.


Tales of Wells Fargo

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Dale Robertson, native of Oklahoma, stars in this beloved Western TV show that ran from 1957-1962. We’re delighted that our fans can relive the adventures of Special Agent Jim Hardie, a troubleshooter for the famous Stagecoach Line that moved people, mail, payroll, and gold.

Set in the 1860s and 1870s, it features Hardie (also known as “the left-handed gun”) working on cases, solving crimes, and bringing criminals to justice. Agent Hardie travels far and wide through the Old West, meeting up with legendary characters such as Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Belle Starr, John Wesley Hardin, and other American historical figures.

Jim’s cases and assignments run the gamut from helping his fellow employees overcome personal problems to fighting and capturing criminals who attack Wells Fargo passengers or shipments.

Cast members included William Demarest, Jack Ging, Mary Jane Saunders, and Virginia Christine. Guest stars over the years included Michael Landon, Tina Louise, Eddie Albert, Chuck Connors, Ann McCrea, Buddy Ebsen, Steve McQueen, Anna Navarro, Jack Nicholson, Leonard Nimoy, and many others.

We are proud to bring another truly iconic television show to our popular lineup of Westerns. Catch all six seasons of high-quality HD episodes, with Seasons 1 through 5 in classic black and white (165 episodes that run 30 minutes each). Season 6 features 34 episodes  in full color, and each one runs for 60 minutes.