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Two for Texas

Stars Kris Kristofferson, Scott Bairstow, Tom Skerritt, Peter Coyote!

In 1836, prisoners, Hugh Allison and Son Holland, escape from a chain gang. In the scuffle that allows them to make their break, the boss, feared for the brutal methods he used to keep the men in line, is killed. His death infuriates his brother, the ex-warden, and he takes off after Hugh and Son, seeking revenge.

In the meantime, the escapees make their way to Texas to start a new life. Hugh has seen a lot more of life than his younger, fellow convict, Son. He is a survivor, handling life’s ups and downs, joys and cruelties in stride. He found himself sentenced to the chain gang for having murdered a card shark. Son, however, is young and was quite naïve when he took off from his Tennessee home in search of adventure. When he was falsely charged for the crime of stealing a woman’s purse, he received the harsh sentence of ten years on the chain gang.

If Son wanted adventure, he gets it, as the duo travel to Texas with the hopes of taking refuge among Sam Houston’s troops, where their previous crimes would be forgiven if they take up the cause, fighting for Texas’ freedom from Mexican aggressors.

As they trek toward Texas, Hugh and son encounter Indian horse thieves and find themselves mesmerized by a young Indian girl who had been bought and sold as a slave.

Just as the ex-warden is about to close in, Houston’s men take Hugh and Son into their camp and the escapees take up arms, joining forces with Houston’s army. There they meet Houston and Hugh’s old friend Jim Bowie, who is off to meet up with Davey Crockett to defend the Alamo against General Santa Anna’s massive army. Hugh and Son are eager to join him, but Bowie convinces them to stay with Houston and continue their training. After Bowie leaves, Hugh and Son become impatient and take off to join him at the Alamo, but when they arrive, the battle was over, and they witness the horrors of the massacre that had taken place in their absence.

They take the one survivor, a woman whose husband lost his life fighting against Santa Anna, with them back to Houston’s camp. There, with Houston in command, his men itching to get into the fight, they plot their revenge.