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Ladder 49

“People are always asking me how is it that firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out. Courage is the answer.” – Chief Mike Kennedy

A powerhouse cast starring John Travolta, Joaquin Phoenix and Jacinda Barrett!

Jack Morrison is in the business of saving lives under the most dangerous and terrifying conditions. He is a Baltimore firefighter with Ladder 49. He runs into the fire to get people out, often at great risk to himself, and he does it a lot. His firehouse is the busiest in the city.

So when a raging four-alarm fire breaks out at a 20-story concrete grain elevator and storage facility, he and the men of his engine and ladder company are in the thick of it. In heroic fashion, Jack saves a man from the intense blaze. As soon as Jack gets the man to safety, the unthinkable happens. The stored grain explodes, and Jack plummets several stories, breaking his leg before landing.

Now trapped, surrounded by flames and intense heat, he contemplates his life, the choices he made, his dreams, his accomplishments, his mistakes. He thinks of his children, his wife, how they met, how she’d initially been opposed to him taking this higher risk job, how he’d turned down a desk job to do what he loved: saving lives. Now he is the one who needs to be rescued.

Meanwhile, Jack’s fellow firefighters, led by Chief Mike Kennedy desperately try to reach him, and Jack in excruciating pain, attempts to maneuver himself to a safer area of the flame-engulfed structure.

While Mike would risk his life to save any of his men, Jack is special. He was Jack’s mentor, teaching the inexperienced rookie the ropes, and guiding his career. He was not only Jack’s boss, but also a good friend.

Now the clock is ticking, as the flames burn higher and hotter, and Jack’s memories drift to good times with his buddies from the firehouse, and to other fires, the man he rescued on a building ledge, the young girl he carried to safety, his Medal of Valor. Will his buddies, the men with whom he’s shared triumph and tragedy, be able to reach him in time?

An inspiring tribute to the brave firefighters, and other first responders, who put their lives on the line, without thought of their own safety.

IMDb Viewer Review:

“…I am extremely happy that this movie shows what firefighters have to go through. It’s an excellent movie, and I hope that everyone who sees it, sees what we deal with every day of our lives fighting fires and saving lives….To us saving lives is what it’s all about.” – frfghtr84