A Father's Choice

Peter Strauss, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary McDonnell and Yvonne Zima.

When their mother dies, sisters, Kelly and Chris move from the city to live with their estranged father—an ex-rodeo champ. Can this grieving trio become a family?

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A Father’s Choice

A heartfelt story about the strength and power of the family bond.

Kelly and Chris McClain were practically infants when their parents split. The only life the girls knew was one of privilege and comfort in Los Angeles with their mother. They can barely remember their father, Charlie “Mac” McClain, a free-spirited, former rodeo champion. In fact, he’s had little to do with his family for years, preferring the wide open spaces and traveling on the show circuit.

Now, Kelly and Chris are about to have their worlds turned upside down in one instant. Their mother is murdered and a court order pulls them from their school, their friends, their neighborhood, and their favorite activities, sending them to the small house on a rural ranch to live with their estranged father.

Charlie is hardly the ideal father, but nothing could prepare him for the outright hostility the girls have for him and their new living conditions, especially Kelly, who at 13 is particularly angry. Charlie has his work cut out for him and he tries his best to make peace with his daughters with the help of Susan, their court-appointed counselor.

He wants to heal his grieving family, but now an opportunity comes his way that would propel him back into the rodeo spotlight and the transient life of glory that’s so long been in his blood. He left them once before. Will he leave them again?