Sunday, February 5 at Starting at 5p ET

Bonanza, The Lost Episodes Super Hoss Party

The guest stars are in the house for an all-night Super Hoss Party filled with family drama, the fight for justice, romance and good dose of smiles! That’s 11 big hours with the Cartwrights! “Guest list” includes: Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Ron Howard, Louis Gossett, Jr., among others.

5p ET – The Weary Willies

Guest Star Richard Thomas. The Weary Willies, a group of Civil War veterans who are now drifters, are struggling to re-enter society. The Cartwrights offer a helping hand and allow the traveling group to stay at the Ponderosa.

6p ET – The Lady and the Mark

Guest Star Ralph Waite. When Chris Keller hits it big in the gold mines, everyone wants a piece of him. He hides out at the Ponderosa and falls for Charity McGill, who wants the money for her father’s medical bills.

7p ET – A Home for Jamie

Guest Star Will Geer. Ben Cartwright is ready to legally adopt Jamie as his son but his plans appear to fade with the arrival of Ferris Callahan, Jamie’s grandfather from Boston.

8p ET – The Initiation

Guest Star Ron Howard. Jamie joins a boy’s club and endures a severe initiation process. During the induction, a classmate dies and the people of Virginia City blame the club’s president.

9p ET – The Unwritten Commandment

Guest Star Wayne Newton. A young man, Andy Walker, wants to pursue a career in music but his dad wants him to be a farmer like he has been all of his life. Ben intervenes in the squabble in hopes of bringing them back together

10p ET – The Desperado

Guest Star Louis Gossett Jr. A black couple seeks refuge in the mountains after being accused of killing two white men. When they take Hoss hostage, he tries to convince them that they will receive a fair trial.

11p ET – The Gold Mine

Guest Star Bruce Dern. Two drifters do everything they can to cheat a Mexican boy they enslave out of a gold claim. However, the Cartwrights are equally determined to stop their plans.

12a ET – Six Black Horses

Guest Star Burgess Meredith. Ben’s old friend, Ownie Dugan, comes to town. He seems to have struck it rich and wants to spend his money in Nevada. However, Ben discovers that the cash is stolen.

1a ET – Justice

Guest Star Beau Bridges. When Little Joe’s fiancée is found strangled, he is determined to go after those responsible for her death.

2a ET – A Dollar’s Worth of Trouble

Guest Star Sally Kellerman. Hoss and Little Joe fall victim to a gypsy palm reader who predicts an encounter with a beautiful blonde and a gunfighter who is coming to town.

3a ET – Peace Officer

Guest Star Ted Knight. A deputy is accidentally killed in a bar room brawl. With Sheriff Coffee out of town, the mayor sends for a legendary peace officer named Wes Dunn to temporarily take his place and track down those responsible.