Old Henry

In a sweet and poignant drama that respectfully confronts the subject of aging in America, Old Henry is a special television event produced by INSP and its short form subsidiary, Moments.org.

Henry (Ralph Waite, The Waltons) is a man in his 80s dealing with the challenges of aging in a society that has moved on without him. When he makes a new friend in Jessica (Rachel Hendrix, October Baby), a woman in her 20s who shows him a respect and honor absent from the world around him, Henry finds a new perspective on life, and in turn becomes an inspiration to Jessica.

Viewer Quotes from Old Henry

•  Great little series!  Keep up the good work!  It is content like this that makes INSP my favorite TV station.  – Fred M.

•   I am in awe of this short film.  It is very inspiring.  It challenges us to move, to help, to teach, to learn, to love and to share that love with everyone.  Thank you!  – Lucy A.

•   I grew up with The Walton’s and still watch them today.  So good to see Ralph Waite doing what he was meant to do.  The series was amazing, and what a message!  I’m passing it along to my family.  Thank you.  –Jackie S.