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Handcrafted America

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Every Craft Has A Story.

UP NEXT: Woven Rugs, Sunglasses, Billiard Tables
Air Date:  Friday at 7:30p ET
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More makers! More handcrafted items! More fun, information and inspiration! Handcrafted America is back on Fridays at 7:30p ET!

Handcrafted America

Get ready to meet our newest group of artisans! Meet a custom cowboy hat maker in Arizona, a kayak maker in New York, a creator of copper kitchenware in Tennessee! Learn the fine art of stained glass, making baseball bats, brooms and cutting boards…and so much more! Become a part of the artisans’ lives as they tell the stories of their families, their journeys and their dreams on this all-new season of Handcrafted America!

Host Jill Wagner, is on the road again, traveling the country with new destinations—on backroads to freeways, urban centers to rural hideaways, from Hawaii to New Hampshire—seeking out a new group of artisans dedicated to crafting fine products the traditional way…with their own two hands.

Handcrafted AmericaFrom spinning yarn to honing spurs, Jill takes you into the studios and into the lives of this season’s extraordinary American artisans.

So put your feet up; grab a snack. Enjoy a little bit of history, intriguing information and spontaneous adventure in every episode on this unique tour of America—from right in your own living room.

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