Season Premieres Friday, August 11th at 8:30p ET

Handcrafted America

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Every Craft Has A Story.

UP NEXT: Hats, Longbows, Wood Surfboards
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 Friday at 7:30p ET
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Handcrafted America is back with all-new episodes starting Friday, August 11th at 8:30p ET!

Handcrafted America

Host Jill Wagner is back for season three, on a whirlwind tour searching out America’s finest artisans, dedicated to creating products, stunning pieces of functional art, the traditional way—by hand.

On backroads and freeways, urban centers and rural hideaways, from Michigan to Louisiana, Pennsylvania to California, Jill takes you into the studios and into the lives of this season’s extraordinary American artisans.

From tea pots to espresso makers, straw hats to pine needle baskets, goblets to glass doors, America’s makers are waiting to share their joy of creating with you. As always, Jill gives her all in every episode! Among her many endeavors, she takes to the sea on a handmade stand-up paddleboard, and tries her hand at playing a custom-made rubboard. Will she pass the band audition? We’ll let you decide!

So enjoy a bit of history, intriguing information, spontaneous adventure—and laughter…lots and lots of laughter—in every episode of this unique, artistic tour of America.

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