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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Starring Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen, Erika Flores, and Shawn Toovey

With the combination of Jane Seymour and guest stars like Diane Ladd, Jane Wyman, Johnny Cash, John Schneider, and Kenny Rogers, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman  is an exciting anchor to a truly inspiring new Fall Lineup on INSP! Seymour plays a strong-willed woman who is one of the first female physicians to practice on the American frontier.

In the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman pilot, Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn (Seymour), daughter of a doctor, leaves her stable life in Boston — answering an ad for a town doctor in Colorado Springs. The townsfolk are shocked, however, that the new medicine man is a woman.

Joe Lando plays Byron Sully, an enigmatic man whose closest companions are the Indians and a wolf. He becomes Mike’s friend as she struggles for acceptance. Allen, Flores and Toovey play three orphaned children adopted by Dr. Mike when their mother (guest star Diane Ladd) dies.