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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

A Special Message for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Viewers

On December 28, 2017, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman will no longer a part of the INSP line-up. We no longer have permission to air the show after this date. Like you, we’re disappointed, but we are grateful to have had the opportunity to share the feisty Michaela Quinn’s adventures, her growth and, ultimately, her love for Sully.

We understand this may be a difficult transition for some of our viewers, as it was a difficult decision for our programmers. We continue to listen to your opinions and requests, and offer you the types of quality shows and entertainment you want. Please take some time to watch this showcase highlighting some of INSP’s shows and movies. 

About Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Emmy-Award winning actress, Jane Seymour stars as Dr. Michaela Quinn in this family-friendly drama that takes place on the American frontier just after the Civil War.

When the growing town of Colorado Springs awaited the arrival of a new doctor, Mike Quinn, coming all the way from Boston to set up a practice in their “Wild West” locale, the last thing they expected to see stepping off the stagecoach was a woman. While women studying medicine was not unheard of in the 1860s, it also wasn’t common, and becoming a doctor, though a major accomplishment, being accepted and respected in an all-male community was another. So Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn leaves her wealthy northeast, urban family and heads to the unknown to hang up her shingle. Can a refined, educated single woman, on her own, survive on the rough and dangerous frontier?

With her education, sophistication and more liberal values, Dr. Quinn seems to step into the past as she sometimes clashes with the comparatively crude and staid outlook of Colorado Springs. Over the course of the series, storylines explore many issues still being discussed in present day, from discrimination to fighting disease to preserving the environment.


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