Turquoise Fever


Episode 6: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

The Ottesons come across an abundant source of the gemstone variscite while prospecting for a new turquoise mine. The family scrambles to get their new mine up and running. Tony and Emily spend their tenth wedding anniversary searching for riches.


Episode 5: Up on Cloud 9

A treacherous road stands between the Ottesons and a trove of turquoise. JaKell’s difficult pregnancy pulls Trenton away from the mines. Danny teaches his sons the art of prospecting and gives them control of their first mine.

Episode 4: Luck Be An Otteson

The family’s biggest client reaches out at a time when they are in short supply of turquoise. In hopes of filling the order, Tony and Trenton take a gamble and buy back a mine that was once owned by their late grandfather, Lynn Otteson.

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Episode 3: Big Drills, Big Deals

A new client comes to the Ottesons with a tight deadline and a chance to be her exclusive dealer. The family comes together to gather enough high-grade turquoise for the sale and leave a lasting impression with a horseback trip to a remote claim.

Episode 2: Once an Otteson, Always an Otteson

With the Ottesons still reeling from Dean’s death, their turquoise business hits a standstill until Donna steps in to light a fire under everyone. Tony and Trenton re-open an old mine, while Tommy and Danny discover a promising tunnel from long ago.

Episode 1: White Buffalo

One of the Otteson’s biggest clients comes to town in search of high-grade turquoise and the rare White Buffalo stone, found only at their mines. The unexpected request sends them on a treacherous quest for enough product to fulfill the order.