Foundling, The When the Waltons teach sign language to an abandoned deaf girl, the love created by their concern reunites the child with her family.
Carnival, The Olivia’s concern over the friendship between the Walton children and four stranded carnival performers turns to respect and admiration after the family is invited to a private performance.
Calf, The The sale of a newborn calf creates such havoc in the Walton family.
Hunt, The Unable to pull the trigger to shoot a turkey on his first hunting trip, John-Boy proves his courage by saving his father’s life.
Typewriter, The When John-Boy secretly borrows an antique typewriter from the Baldwin sisters, his sister innocently sells it to a junkman.
Star, The Grandpa Walton believes a shooting star is an omen of death until he learns that another superstitious belief may result in the Baldwin sisters losing their famous still.
Sinner, The A young preacher staying a few days with the Waltons leads John-Boy to learn the true meaning of grace.
Boy from CCC, The An injured runaway boy who is taken in by the Waltons unexpectedly betrays their trust.
Ceremony, The The Walton family shares its Baptist heritage with a seemingly unfriendly Jewish family that arrives mysteriously from Germany for a brief stay in a mountain cabin.
Legend, The While visiting the Walton family, an old World War I buddy of John’s tries to hide his failure in life with a barrage of wartime tales about his daring deeds.
Literary Man, The A self-styled writer, A.J. Covington, sends John-Boy’s literary dreams soaring so high that the Waltons lose an important wood-cutting contract.
Dust Bowl Cousins, The The unexpected arrival of the Waltons’ cousins creates havoc in the home, but John-Boy learns a good lesson from Grandpa.
Reunion, The John-Boy unexpectedly becomes an undercover agent for the Sheriff, when an unscrupulous relative of the Baldwin Sisters uses their “recipe” for whiskey for his own gain.
Minstrel, The A 19-year-old wandering minstrel causes young Mary Ellen to forsake her family when her help is needed most.
Actress, The Alvira Drummond, a world-famous actress, becomes a reluctant houseguest of the Waltons when her car breaks down and she is abandoned by her chauffeur.
Fire, The Tragedy strikes the life of a young girl befriended by the Waltons when her drunken father burns the schoolhouse in the name of religion.
Love Story, The John-Boy Walton finds himself in love for the first time when a young girl in need of love and attention returns to her remarried father’s home on Walton Mountain.
Courtship, The When Olivia’s uncle, a fastidious man of 64, visits Walton’s Mountain after an absence of 30 years, he becomes involved with a divorcée who is eager to marry again.
Gypsies, The Despite dire predictions that a band of gypsies will steal from the Waltons, John-Boy invites them to live in the family home until they can fix their wagon.
Deed, The John-Boy leaves home to get a job to help pay legal fees when the Waltons are in danger of losing their beloved mountain because their forebears never filed a deed.
Scholar, The John-Boy demonstrates love and understanding as he teaches a proud but uneducated woman how to read and write.
Bicycle, The John-Boy puts into poetic words the heartfelt thoughts of the local blacksmith when the stoic mountaineer decides to win a bride through the mail.
Townie, The John-Boy is caught in an emotional whirlwind when an innocent afternoon movie date with a pretty girl opens the floodgates of her suppressed and impassioned desires.
Easter Story, The During the depression years of the mid-1930s in the Blue Ridge Mountains area of Virginia, the faith of the large but close-knit Walton family is tested when the mother contracts polio and the doctor pronounces her a hopeless cripple.  With the help and encouragement of her family, Olivia develops a tremendous will to walk, resulting in a sudden breakthrough.
Journey, The John-Boy sacrifices a date with the girl of his dreams to escort an elderly woman on the last and most important journey of her life:  a return trip to the sea.
Odyssey, The Trying to write a short story, John-Boy leaves home for a short time to seek privacy but finds himself in the awkward position of having to deliver a baby!
Separation, The The Walton family has a monetary crisis, causing a grave misunderstanding that leads Grandpa to leave his dear wife.
Theft, The The integrity and pride of the Waltons is severely challenged when the head of a seemingly well-to-do, fashionable family accuses John Walton of being a thief.
Roots, The Widow Verdie Grant seeks John-Boy’s aid to win the affections of an itinerant farm worker and his young son.
Chicken Thief, The John-Boy faces a tough decision when he discovers a friend stealing chickens from a farmer who is shot by a thief the following night.
Prize, The Olivia Walton must consider “what might have been” when one of her childhood suitors comes home as a wealthy, successful politician … still attracted to the girl who turned him down.
Braggart, The John Walton is asked to negotiate a professional baseball contract for a teenage orphan boy who pays a return visit to the Waltons, the only family he has ever known.
Fawn, The A greedy landowner and a frightened, motherless fawn teach John-Boy and Erin Walton difficult lessons in the realities of growing up.
Thanksgiving Story, The The anticipated joy of Thanksgiving turns to sorrow for the Walton family when John-Boy suffers a head injury that not only prevents him from taking his college entrance examination but also threatens his life.
Substitute, The A substitute teacher creates havoc among her young charges until she begins to learn some of the loving facts of life from the Waltons.
Bequest, The Grandma Walton inherits some money and with it a host of heretofore unknown family problems.
Air Mail Man, The Olivia Walton’s surprise birthday party is attended by two unexpected guests when a United States Airmail plane makes an emergency landing in the Waltons’ meadow.
Triangle, The John-Boy jealously competes for the attentions of his favorite schoolteacher against Reverend Fordwick.
Awakening, The Grandma resents reaching the age of 68, and Mary Ellen resents being a little girl, fearing a boy to whom she is attracted will feel she is too young.
Honeymoon, The A weary Olivia embarks on a one-woman “sit-down” strike, prompting her husband to take her on a belated honeymoon — after 19 years of marriage.
Heritage, The The Walton family heritage is threatened when a corporation offers John a modest fortune to sell the mountain and John-Boy objects strenuously.
Gift, The Jason Walton faces one of life’s most difficult lessons when he learns that his close friend is suffering from a terminal illness and has only a year to live.
Cradle, The Olivia Walton surprises her family when she announces that she intends to earn extra money as a door-to-door saleslady and then has to give it up when she discovers she’s pregnant.
Fulfillment, The The Waltons open their home and their hearts to an eight-year-old orphan boy named Stevie so the youngster can spend a couple of weeks with a real family.
Ghost Story, The Curiosity over a Ouija Board and the memory of an unexplained phenomenon that Olivia experienced after the death of a childhood friend creates an eerie scene in the Walton household.
Graduation, The The Waltons’ joy surrounding John-Boy’s approaching graduation from high school is severely challenged by the death of the family cow and the resulting sacrifice required by the eldest son.
Five Foot Shelf, The A desperate and despondent book salesman takes Olivia Walton’s money under false pretenses in order to bring a little joy to his own daughter.
Car, The John-Boy learns that an automobile can be much more than just a means of transportation when he goes to work for a lonely recluse.
Conflict, The Family loyalty is stretched to the breaking point when Walton family kin call for help to fight against the United States Government’s notice of eviction, but the sight of blood has a sobering effect on all the Waltons.
First Day, The The first day at Boatwright College is full of complications for John-Boy Walton.
Thoroughbred, The John-Boy and the family mule compete against a rich, young man and his thoroughbred in a traditional cross-country race that was won many years earlier by Grandpa Walton.
Runaway, The When the rest of the Walton family fails to pay attention to a personal tragedy in his life, Jim-Bob runs away from home.
Romance, The When Olivia is challenged by John-Boy to take a night school course in art, she gets more than she expected when the instructor kisses her.
Ring, The On her first date with a college man, Mary Ellen must choose between making a good impression and telling the truth.
System, The John-Boy tempers honor with mercy when he defends a freshman football player whom he has accused of cheating.
Spoilers, The A sophisticated but emotionally confused New York family arrives on Walton’s Mountain with devastating results for the Walton family.
Marathon, The John-Boy defies his mother to enter a week-long dance marathon with a pretty, young stranger.
Book, The John-Boy’s feelings of inadequacy are washed away in a flood of pure vanity when circumstances lead to the publishing of a book of his short stories.
Job, The A part-time job catapults John-Boy into the middle of a desperate emotional battle raging in the heart of a hopelessly blind young woman.
Departure, The Convinced that “life has passed him by,” John Walton leaves home for an adventure.
Visitor, The An old family friend comes home to Walton’s Mountain, drawn there by the haunting memory of his dear wife.
Birthday, The Grandpa is stricken by a heart attack and desperately despondent about his condition, causing the entire Walton family to make every effort to restore his will to live.
Lie, The John-Boy turns detective to piece together the truth behind a hit-and-run charge brought against his younger brother Ben.
Matchmakers, The John Walton helps Cupid when Walton’s Mountain loses its most eligible bachelor.
Beguiled, The A beautiful but unprincipled girl causes problems for John-Boy.
Caretakers, The Grandpa becomes upset with John, and his stubborn pride leads him to pack, take Grandma by the hand and leave home.
Shivaree, The Olivia Walton arranges a warm family wedding for the daughter of an old friend and her city-bred fiancé, but a fun-loving mountain custom threatens to destroy the marriage.
Choice, The John Walton’s dream of a Walton & Sons lumber business is shattered when Jason, like his elder brother John-Boy, decides to pursue his own career.
Statue, The John-Boy is faced with the agonizing possibility of destroying spinster Emily Baldwin’s lifelong romantic dream in order to make his first literary sale.
Song, The Young Ben Walton falls in love with pretty Sally Ann Harper, but his secret campaign to win her affections fails when he inadvertently sends her into the arms of his brother Jason.
Woman, The John and Olivia Walton renew their wedding vows as the highlight of their 20th-anniversary celebration, and John-Boy falls in love with an older woman.
Venture, The Prosperity seems to be imminent for the Walton family when disaster strikes as John Walton is felled by pneumonia, and the family may lose all for which they have worked so hard.
Sermon, The When Walton Mountain’s only schoolteacher and its minister suddenly decide to get married, their only chance for a honeymoon depends on Olivia taking over the classroom and John-Boy giving the Sunday sermon.
Genius, The The Walton household is upset when John-Boy brings home a teenage college student genius with a photographic memory.
Fighter, The The Walton family befriends a young, black preacher who wants to earn money for his own church by becoming a professional prizefighter.
Prophecy, The Thinking himself a failure compared to his more successful former classmates, John Walton is apprehensive and irritable as he contemplates his high school class’ 25th reunion.
Boondoggle, The When an investigative reporter, Porter Sims, arrives at Walton Mountain to write a historical guide to the State of Virginia, he uncovers a secret that embarrasses the Baldwin sisters and angers the rest of the community.
Breakdown, The Jason Walton stretches himself to the breaking point by working too hard to prove his self-worth.
Wingwalker, The “Death-Defying Bobby Storm”, a beautiful, young stuntwoman, offers her dangerously troubled heart to John-Boy Walton.
Competition, The Olivia Walton and her daughter, Erin, must face intense life challenges when forced to give up newfound love relationships.
Emergence, The The Walton children learn that it is not easy having their mother as a substitute teacher, and John-Boy rediscovers a former girlfriend.
Loss, The When a young widow comes to stay in their home, the Walton children learn a hard lesson about how to cope with another person’s grief.
Abdication, The John-Boy Walton shares an inner bond with Edward the Eighth, King of England, when he faces the most important professional and personal decision of his life.
Estrangement, The A frightened, young mother seeks refuge in the Walton home when she leaves her husband.
Nurse, The Mary Ellen’s ambition to become a nurse is tested by disappointment and an experience with death.
Intruders, The A rival lumber company threatens to put Walton and Sons out of business, and young Ben Walton picks the worst possible time to leave home.
Search, The Olivia and two of her children become lost on Walton Mountain.
Secret, The Young Jim-Bob Walton searches for the truth about his birth and finds it shrouded in mystery.
Fox, The Grandpa Zeb Walton is just as surely trapped by a set of unique circumstances as a wild, young mountain animal captured by Ben Walton.
Burn Out Part 1, The A flash fire demolishes the second floor of the Walton’s house and begins a series of events that threatens to destroy the family.
Burn Out Part 2, The A flash fire demolishes the second floor of the Walton’s home and starts a series of events that threatens to destroy the family.
Big Brother, The John-Boy undertakes an act of charity that exposes the family to the unexpected wiles of a most unlikely con artist.
Test, The Olivia Walton must choose between her family and a career when she is offered a remarkable business opportunity.
Quilting, The Mary Ellen stubbornly defies her grandmother when she rebels against a solemn mountain custom.
House, The Grandma Walton challenges her own husband in a desperate emotional battle to hold on to the past.
Fledgling, The John-Boy pursues a wonderful dream that leads him to move away from home.
Collision, The A former girlfriend returns to Walton Mountain and challenges John-Boy to reexamine his life’s goals.
First Edition, The John-Boy launches his first major newspaper venture as editor and publisher of the Blue Ridge Chronicle, and in his search for the truth he may disgrace and divide his family.
Vigil, The When Esther Walton undergoes emergency surgery to save her life, Mary Ellen believes she is responsible for her grandma’s grave condition.
Comeback, The Jason turns bitter disappointment into a marvelous opportunity to help himself and a fellow musician.
Baptism, The John Walton’s peace of mind is threatened when an internationally known evangelist comes to Walton Mountain to preach and lead a baptismal service.
Fire Storm, The John-Boy becomes the object of public indignation when he insists on printing excerpts from Hitler’s Mein Kampf.
Nightwalker, The A mysterious presence moving through the night strikes fear in the hearts of the Walton’s Mountain residents.
Wedding, The Mary Ellen announces her engagement to young David Spencer, and after the initial shock, John, Olivia and all the Walton children join with the entire community to make plans for the big event.  A new doctor comes to Walton’s Mountain.
Cloudburst, The In a desperate attempt to save his newspaper from bankruptcy, John-Boy exposes the entire community to the ravages of a potential man-made disaster.
Great Motorcycle Race, The The youngest Walton boy, Jim-Bob, takes his first step into the world when he enters a motorcycle race.
Pony Cart, The The tranquility of the normal Walton family lifestyle is totally disrupted when the oldest living Walton comes to pay a visit.
Best Christmas, The The best of all possible family Christmas Eve gatherings turns into a series of unexpected and frustrating mishaps, but all turns-out fine in the end.
Last Mustang, The The Waltons struggle to maintain the integrity of a local public office and to safeguard the freedom of the last local mustang.
Rebellion, The A rebellious spirit strikes Olivia and Grandma.
Ferris Wheel, The The specter of a frightening but unremembered childhood experience haunts young Elizabeth’s nights and troubles the entire household.
Elopement, The Spring comes in different ways for Erin and Jason.
John’s Crossroad Due to the breakdown of the mill and mounting bills, John takes an office job in Charlottesville.
Career Girl, The For Erin Walton, graduation day from high school, which is an event that most people regard with great pleasure, seems to be the most painful day of her life.
Hero, The Before she fell ill, Grandma Walton had suggested that John-Boy publish the first commemorative Blue Ridge Chronicle to mark the day that the Jefferson County Doughboys returned from the war.  Now he has decided to create a memorial of which she would be honored.
Inferno, The For the Walton family, life was going on quietly, as usual, in the spring of 1937, so they were unprepared for the historic event in which they were to become involved.
Heartbreaker, The It has been said that, “love can be one of life’s most beautiful experiences.”  But for Jason Walton this was not the case.  He learns that love can also be one of life’s most painful experiences.
Long Night, The Grandpa Walton and Aimee discover that the feeling of confinement and being unloved is a common ground, and that helping each other understand the situation for what it is becomes the cure.
Hiding Place, The It’s 1938 and the Baldwin sisters’ niece leaves Vienna to seek the serenity of Walton’s Mountain.
Go Getter, The Ben’s tactics for selling used cars alienate both family and friends.
Achievement, The When six weeks pass with no word from the publisher about his novel, John-Boy travels to New York and to a turning point in his personal and professional life.
Hawk, The A fierce hawk threatens peace on the Walton farm, and a new minister is chosen for the Walton community.
Stray, The Mysterious events at the Walton farm lead to the discovery of a little black orphan boy who attaches himself to John Walton.
Recluse, The Jason befriends a mysterious recluse, and Ben leaves home to look for a job in a defense plant.
Warrior, The The startling history of Walton’s Mountain leads to the beginning of a new Indian burial ground, and Myrtle, the goat, is healed.
Seashore, The Jason meets a lovely English girl at the seashore, and Ben is not allowed to enjoy “his vacation.”
Volunteer, The John and Olivia learn to accept Erin’s “coming of age” when G.W. Haines proposes marriage and Erin visits him at his army camp.
Grandchild, The Jason has a new job, and the exhilaration of the Walton’s first grandchild’s birth is diminished when a friend of Mary Ellen’s baby is stillborn.
First Casualty, The The war deeply affects the Waltons when Curt is called into active duty and G.W. Haines is killed during training.
Battle of Drucilla’s Pond, The The United States Army invades Walton’s Mountain while the members of the Walton family try to maintain their serene lifestyle.
Flight, The Jim-Bob finds a friend, and Elizabeth substitutes Maude Gormley for her absent Grandma.
Children’s Carol, The Ralph Waite, Michael Learned and David W. Harper.  Two young English children seek refuge from the war on Walton’s Mountain during the Christmas season while Olivia finds her faith is being tested and Jim-Bob rebuilds an old short-wave radio.
Milestone, The Olivia is forced to deal with the loss of emotional composure as she enters “the change of life,” and Jim-Bob struggles to reach his manhood.
Celebration, The John brings the Walton family out of debt, and Corabeth is interested in getting the handsome new preacher married.
Rumor, The Elizabeth’s vivid imagination starts a rumor that threatens her family and friends.  Old Nelson finds his final resting place.
Spring Fever Miss Mamie thinks this will be her last spring, and Ben and Jim-Bob feud over each other’s girlfriends.
Festival, The Jason encounters racism with the auditions for the Spring Festival, and Elizabeth falls in love with a new schoolmate.
Anniversary, The John and Olivia celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, and Mary Ellen and Curt both fight temptation during their separation due to the army.
Family Tree, The Verdie, lacking a knowledge of her family’s past, tries to discover her family history, and Elizabeth weaves a tangled web with a lonely soldier.
Ordeal, The Elizabeth loses the use of her legs in an accident, and the Walton family members adjust to the tragedy in their own ways.
Return Part 1, The John-Boy returns to a pre-war, improverished Walton’s Mountain and tries to establish a long forgotten mine.  Erin hides her second job from the family, attempting to bring more money into the house.
Return Part 2, The John-Boy returns to a pre-war, impoverished Walton’s Mountain and tries to reopen a long forgotten mine.  Erin hides her second job from the family, attempting to earn more money for the family.
Revelation, The John-Boy announces his marriage plans and brings his fiancée home to meet the family.  Elizabeth and her new friend, George, go into business for themselves.
Grandma Comes Home Grandma returns to Walton’s Mountain, and Elizabeth joins the 4-H Club.
Empty Nest Part 1, The John must make a decision that will have a profound effect on the entire family.  Erin and Mary Ellen take an apartment in Charlottesville.  Corabeth opens a tearoom.  The memory of Grandpa is celebrated.
Empty Nest Part 2, The John must make a decision that will have a profound effect on the entire family.  Erin and Mary Ellen take an apartment in Charlottesville.  Corabeth opens a tearoom.  The memory of Grandpa is celebrated.
Calling, The Jim-Bob’s fancy turns to kites and the Baldwin sisters’ visiting cousin, Mary Frances.  Ben must hire a new man at the mill.
Moonshiner, The Unexpected issues arise when Jason gets involved with Boone Walton, Grandpa’s brother.  John-Boy’s former fiancée, Daisy Garner, comes to Walton’s Mountain.
Obsession, The Mary Ellen becomes dependent on drugs while preparing for her final exams for nursing school.  Sissy wants to divorce Yancy.
Changeling, The Just before her thirteenth birthday, Elizabeth becomes reluctant to grow up, and she generates a poltergeist.  Jason has an advice-to-the-lovelorn radio show and gets into more trouble than he can handle.
Portrait, The Erin becomes involved with a brooding artist who is mentally ill.  Grandma is given a canary that will not sing.
Captive, The Corabeth Godsey becomes an alcoholic, and Elizabeth has problems learning to drive.
Illusion, The Verdie Foster’s daughter comes home, bitter toward her mother for educating her beyond her social level as a young black woman.  Erin seeks a job locally.
Beau, The A former suitor of Grandma’s learns of her widowhood and comes to visit her.  Jim-Bob and Yancy Tucker go into business together.
Day of Infamy News of the Pearl Harbor attack affects each of the Waltons, especially Mary Ellen as her husband Curt is a doctor stationed in Hawaii and she is about to join him there.
Yearning, The Elizabeth falls in love with the new Reverend.  Erin helps the Baldwin sisters compile their memoirs.
Boosters, The Ben leaves the mill and starts a business of his own.  Yancy Tucker  takes a correspondence course to become a barber.
Conscience, The Jason has difficulty facing the prospect of joining the army during World War II.  Jim-Bob gets a tattoo.
Obstacle, The The Walton family becomes involved in helping one of John-Boy’s old friends who has been disabled during World War II.  Ben and Ike become “song and dance men” as their contribution on the war effort.
Parting, The Olivia and John take a holiday away from home together.  Jim-Bob teaches himself to play the accordion, and Grandma gives Elizabeth cooking lessons.
Burden, The A near-fatal accident causes Jim-Bob to turn to religion.  Elizabeth works on a science project that involves collecting insects.
Pin Up, The Mary Ellen becomes obsessed with her role as a mother to John Curtis.  Erin becomes the official “pin-up” girl for the local army base.
Attack, The Ike Godsey suffers a heart attack.  Ben and Jim-Bob build and operate a sorghum mill to produce molasses.
Legacy, The Excitement and romance come to Walton’s Mountain with the arrival of Ashley Longworth, Jr.  Elizabeth experiences adolescent insecurity.
Outsider, The Ben surprises the family by bringing home a new bride.  Corabeth has Ike procure a new fountain for the park.
Torch, The One of John’s former girlfriends comes to Walton’s Mountain.  Elizabeth and Cindy open a canteen for the troops from Camp Rockfish.
Tailspin, The Jim-Bob finds that his dream of becoming a pilot in the army air corps is no longer possible.  One of Curt’s friends visits with Mary Ellen.
Founder’s Day Jason struggles to complete a major musical composition, and a plan for a Walton’s Mountain Founders’ Day develops.
Home Front, The Olivia returns to find her family deeply involved in the war effort.  When the Satterfields receive news of the death of their son, John is told he can expect to pay this loss with the life of one of his own sons.  John confronts Calvin when news arrives that John Walton, Jr. is missing in action.
Kinfolk, The Olivia’s cousin Rose arrives for a visit, bringing her two grandchildren with her.  Jim-Bob helps Ike Godsey with his “secret” government project.
Diploma, The John’s military security clearance is threatened when it is discovered that he did not graduate from high school.  Mary Ellen takes over as county nurse and encounters difficulties with the mountain folk.
Innocents, The Olivia seeks help from the Pickett defense plant for a day nursery for the children of the defense workers but encounters much difficulty.  When Corabeth discovers a perfumed handkerchief in her husband’s pocket, she suspects the worst of Ike.
Starlet, The When Erin gets involved with a documentary film being made at the Pickett Defense Plant, she is led to believe that she can become a star in Hollywood.
Journal, The John and Olivia must make a decision about publishing a manuscript John-Boy wrote while overseas.  Jeffrey becomes very attached to the dog, Reckless, which is suffering from old age.
Lost Sheep, The Home on leave from his ship in the South Pacific, Ashley Longworth, Jr. asks Erin to marry him immediately.  Erin is thrilled, but begins to have doubts when Ashley tells her he has vowed never to enter a church again.
Violated, The While the Waltons wait for news about John-Boy, who is missing in action in Europe, Olivia does volunteer work for the Red Cross.  A young GI’s wife is raped, and Olivia tries to comfort her.
Waiting, The While John-Boy lies in a coma, Olivia accepts a job as a Red Cross volunteer, never losing faith or patience for a sign of his recovery.
Silver Wings Encouraged with his dreams of flying, Jim-Bob finds himself in love with a young married woman whose husband is overseas as a pilot in the air corps.
Wager, The Erin and Mary Ellen enter a “Run and Ride” race, challenging a traditionally all-male domain.
Spirit, The Small, seemingly unrelated thefts occur around Walton’s Mountain. Jeffrey makes a new and mysterious friend who revives his Christmas spirit.
Fastidious Wife, The When Cindy is introduced to the book The Fastidious Wife, she follows its instruction exactly and almost goes into premature labor due to exhaustion.
Unthinkable, The Jason discovers a cruel prejudice against people who are different.
Idol, The Elizabeth’s favorite teacher and good friend Hazel must reveal that she is dying of a fatal illness, and Elizabeth must learn to live with another loss — and learn to forgive Hazel.
Prodigals, The A plan to make some easy money turns into trouble for Jeffrey and his friend Josh Foster.
Remembrance, The Zadok Walton, Grandpa’s cousin, arrives unannounced to keep a date he made with Zeb twenty-one years ago.
Inspiration, The Miss Mamie Baldwin struggles with a decision that will affect her life, until John brings home a secret weapon, Grandma.
Last Straw,  The The pressures of wartime and changing values finally affect John Walton.  Jeffrey suffers a disappointment over the Soapbox Derby.
Traveling Man, The Mr. Stanley Perkins, a traveling salesman, arrives on Walton’s Mountain and nearly changes Aunt Rose’s life.
Furlough, The John-Boy returns home on furlough to rest from his ordeal, only to find that his past remains unresolved.
Medal, The Mary Ellen and Corabeth both encounter men who bring romance into their lives.
Valediction, The In the final show of the season, Jim-Bob, valedictorian, graduates from high school just as the Allied Forces invade France.  He joins his three brothers as all of them march off for duty overseas.
Outrage Part 1, The Racing against time, John tries to help a man accused of a crime he never committed.
Outrage Part 2, The At the White House, John’s impassioned plea for Harley’s innocence prompts a look at Harley’s file.
Pledge, The When a favorite patient dies, Mary Ellen decides to become a doctor.  Meanwhile, the Waltons plan birthday gifts for Jason in France.
Triumph, The While the home front copes with shortages and regulations, Jason and a member of his squad must deal with the question of killing as the war in Europe draws to a close.
Premonition, The In the process of writing an important article for “Stars & Stripes,” John-Boy falls in love.  Cindy has a premonition about Ben.
Pursuit, The When Jim-Bob comes home on furlough, he is soon followed by Kathy Seales with the news that he will be a father.
Last Ten Days, The The Walton family awaits word of the Japanese Army’s surrender.  Jason, home on leave and believing he will soon be sent to the South Pacific, alienates his girlfriend.  Ben and his buddy Norm are prisoners of a fanatic Japanese guard who uses them to gain his own freedom as the war comes to an end.
Move, The Ben returns home from the service with plans to study engineering.  Erin’s vacation is disrupted when she gives Cindy her gas stamps and when J.D. Pickett claims he can’t handle the business without her.
Whirlwind, The Mary Ellen is about to give up school to marry a restless young veteran when she gets the shattering news that her husband, Curt, is still alive.
Tempest, The Mary Ellen goes to Florida to find her husband Curt, but the man she meets is not the one she remembers.
Carousel, The The death of Cindy’s father reveals she was adopted, and a search for her real parents begins.  Due to the lack of attention from Drew, Elizabeth looks elsewhere for romance.
Hot Rod, The Released from the service, Jim-Bob and his friend, Jody, refuse to settle down, until an accident forces them to see things differently.
Gold Watch, The Rose’s former beau returns to Walton’s Mountain, carrying a strange secret.  Jason and Toni  hire a Country Western singer to gain customers for the Dew Drop.
Beginning, The A new minister comes to Walton’s Mountain church and almost literally shakes up the community.  Soon he becomes an important member of the community, especially as he helps Jason and Toni make an important decision about marriage.
Pearls, The While Corabeth is out of town, her sister comes to visit Ike.  Elizabeth, feeling left out of the lives of her family, decides to run away from home.
Victims, The A local girl is brutalized by her husband, and Mary Ellen and Erin are soon involved.  Jim-Bob schemes to make money by selling war surplus goods.
Threshold, The Jim-Bob builds a television set so that the family can see John-Boy’s experimental television project.  Rose’s crash diet raises complications for herself, the family and friends.
Indiscretion, The Ike is served divorce papers and learns the grounds are adultery.  Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s romance becomes difficult.
Heartache, The Rose’s  wedding is nearly canceled when she discovers that she has a heart condition.  Cindy takes a job and finds that she’s happier at home.
Lumberjack, The Erin falls in love with a young lumberjack with a mysterious past.  Ike and Jim-Bob hunt for uranium on Walton’s Mountain.
Hostage, The Elizabeth is held hostage in exchange for a young mountain girl, and the Baldwins have an exciting visit with their cousin, Octavia.
Revel, The John-Boy goes to New York to pursue his writing career.  The Baldwin sisters plan a fancy dress ball.  Both plans go awry.