Episode 1: Bubba, Cody and Booger

It’s another busy week for the Alabama cowboys as Bubba races to get his house ready for his fiancée, Cody tries to carry on after selling his prized rodeo horse, and Booger mulls over a job offer in Texas that might be too good to refuse.

Episode 2: An American Tradition

The cowboys of Faith Cattle Company risk their safety while removing a rogue bull from their herd. Bubba and Kaley get ready for their newborn, Cody must put on a successful rodeo, and Booger tries to tame the wildest horse in the county.

Episode 3: Midnight Cowboys

Wayward yearlings end up on a baseball field, and the guys are called in to rope them. Bubba’s father-in-law offers him an office job; Cody considers a new house for his growing family, and Booger teaches a boy about the cowboy way of life.

Episode 4: The Friend Zone

A cattle delivery is in jeopardy when the truck gets stuck in a ditch. Bubba builds a custom grill in hopes of launching a new business, Cody must sell a horse to fund his dream home, and Booger goes on a date with his best friend Ashley.

Episode 5: Is it a Boy or a Girl?

After a colt goes missing, the guys search for the young horse before it is injured. Booger ventures into the world of internet dating, Bubba’s horse gets sick and is rushed to the vet, and Cody finds out if he’s having a boy or a girl.

Episode 6: Misty Makes a Match

Bubba and the guys are in for a busy week when they’re called upon to capture a wild hog that has been getting into a neighbor’s garden. Cody and Misty get serious about baby names, and Booger goes on a blind date that Misty arranges.

Episode 7: Frost Moves In

The guys need a bigger tractor to plant winter grass, so Bubba builds a horse stall for a neighbor in exchange for the use of his tractor. Has Booger found his soul mate? Cody moves forward with plans for his dream home.

Episode 8: An Extra Hand

The guys search for a new ranch hand that can help out when Bubba takes time off to be with his family. Bubba and Kaley take a trip to Mississippi to visit her family, and Booger makes a last-ditch effort to save some of his family’s land.

Episode 9: New Beginnings

Bubba and Kaley welcome their baby into the world, Cody is given a week to complete a big contracting job for a local rancher, and Booger introduces a girlfriend to his grandma. Finally, the whole gang gets to meet the new baby.

Episode 1: Bubba, Cody and Booger: Back in the Saddle

Back for a new season of riding horses and roping cows, cowboy trio Bubba, Cody and Booger undertake a huge cattle drive for Cody’s brother in-law in Mississippi. Bubba and
Kaley wager a bet on who can better handle the other’s workload: Bubba tries his hand at babysitting while Kaley does Bubba’s ranch chores. Misty wants to be a stay-at-home mom, but suffers an accident while trying to help Cody on the farm. As Booger and his girlfriend Jaclyn get more serious, Booger considers taking their relationship one step

Episode 2: Put a Ring on It

A cowboy’s day is never done. When an infection hits the herd, the boys must act fast to contain the contamination. While working to stop its spread, Cody, Bubba and Booger agree it’s high time Faith Cattle Co. had a permanent office. As Cody and Booger break ground on the new headquarters, their resident carpenter, Bubba, goes MIA. Torn between his work family in Alabama, and his family life in Mississippi, Bubba ponders what his future may hold. As one business grows faster than a young buck, Cody and Misty seek financial backing to get their new venture off the ground.  And with Jaclyn quickly becoming part of the family, Booger prepares to pop the question.

Episode 3: Tradition vs. Technology

Bubba, Cody and Booger know how to work hard and play harder. Needing to ensure that a shipment of cattle goes out on time, the boys will earn every penny when some of the herd doesn’t cooperate. Bubba uses his carpenter skills to finish construction on the office, while Cody and Booger challenge each other to a modern game of hide-and-go-seek. Jaclyn kicks off wedding preparations by taking the wives dress shopping, while Booger makes the boys compete to be his best man. And with Misty’s dreams becoming a reality, Cody embraces their new life by giving her a sweet surprise.

Episode 4: Bulls on the Beach

Being a cowboy is not for the faint-hearted. In this episode of The Cowboy Way, Bubba, Cody and Booger find out that even an easy job can be risky business when a cow goes rogue during sorting. Caught between two worlds, Bubba rolls the dice and starts a job with his father-in-law in Mississippi. But can he trade saddles for spreadsheets? Cody takes a big gamble to impress a potential sponsor of Bulls on the Beach. But when the bulls go missing right before showtime, he’s left wondering if it will pay off. And Booger tries his hand at dance lessons, but learns he’s more footloose than fancy-free.

Episode 5: Saddle Up or Settle Down?

A cowboy’s life is rarely tame. In this episode of The Cowboy Way, Bubba, Cody and Booger come face-to-face with a wild cow that doesn’t want to be wrangled. The boys must work quickly to subdue her before the herd becomes uncontrollable. When Bubba discovers how lucrative his father-in-law’s business can be, he wonders if he can let go of the unbridled cowboy lifestyle for an office life in Mississippi. With Misty eyeing his best horse, Cody must train a new one to be ranch-ready before Misty claims his horse for her own. And as Booger approaches his final days of bachelor freedom, the boys take him out for one last hurrah.

Episode 6: Tying the Knot

It’s time to take the plunge on The Cowboy Way! Booger and Jaclyn will finally say “I do” in a gorgeous Southern ceremony, filled with love and charm. There won’t be a dry eye in the house on this wedding day! But work must be done before the celebrations can begin, and Bubba and Cody will dive into the deep end of a pond to stop a cow that wants to swim. Misty will use all of her skills to negotiate the purchase of her first herd. And Bubba’s father-in-law offers him a profitable job that could make his life smooth sailing, but is he willing to let his cowboy days sail into the sunset?

Episode 7: All for One or One for Himself?

Things start to heat up on this episode of The Cowboy Way! After a picture perfect wedding, Booger and Jaclyn see sunny days ahead when they go to the beach for their honeymoon. In Alabama, Misty starts to feel the heat of running her own business, and asks Cody for a hand. But, with the future of Faith Cattle Co. looking uncertain, Cody wonders if he can shoulder more responsibility. When Booger returns, the boys sit down and talk about what’s best for their business. As commitments are called into question, the conversation gets heated and the boys must decide if it’s time to part ways.

Episode 8: Happy Trails

Things got heated in the last episode, as the guys faced decisions about their futures as husbands, fathers, business partners, best friends and cowboys. Now, Bubba, though pressured from all sides, makes right with Cody and Booger. And just in time! A big job comes in, and the boys saddle up to get it done the way they do it best—as a team. Meanwhile, Booger and Jaclyn make the big move to his ranch. Still the big question hangs in the air, and Bubba must finally decide: Hang up the spurs, and move to Mississippi to take over his father-in-law’s business? Or stay in Alabama, living the cowboy way.



It’s the rope-swinging Season Finale of The Cowboy Way! After their restaurant venture, each of the cowboys takes some quality time to reconnect with family and discuss their futures. Cody decides to make the ranch high-tech, but will it be a success or will he get his wires crossed? Bubba plays locksmith for Booger’s truck. A missing cow gets stuck in the woods. The guys use Booger’s annual horse clinic as a way to give back to the community. And get ready for matchmaking the cowboy way! When the boys set up a mixer for bachelors Frankie and Hodge, speed-dating turns into a literal horse race to win the ladies’ affections.


The cowboys are more at home on the range than behind a desk, so when lost paperwork results in lost income, they agree that they need to lasso in some secretarial help. Bubba’s back injury might keep him out of the saddle, but nothing can stop him from galloping ahead with making Andie’s first birthday unforgettable with a secret surprise. Booger jumps at the chance to rebuild his family legacy by buying back his granddaddy’s land, but is discouraged when his high-emotion offer is too low for the sellers. While Cody is eager to wow potential restaurant partners, his black-eyed peas—and just about everything else the guys dish up—get a big thumbs down from two chefs, threatening their plans for a pop-up steakhouse.


The cowboys team up to wrangle dangerous long-horned cattle for a fellow rancher. Working with Bubba’s feisty new colt, Booger schools his over-confident apprentice on the skills of training horses. The steakhouse plans gallop ahead with the cowboys taking lessons to learn more about the industry. Cody polishes his etiquette and studies the proper way to set a table, Bubba becomes “Chef Thompson” after a professional cook turns up the heat in the kitchen, and Booger partners with a butcher to sharpen his knowledge of beef. When their equipment fails, Cody and Misty unload new cow pens the old-fashioned way. When he gets the okay from his chiropractor, a relieved Bubba jumps back on his horse and rides off into the sunset with Kaley.

My Heart’s in Alabama

Cowboy trio Bubba, Cody, and Booger reunite in Alabama to help a fellow rancher with
a cattle drive. The renewal of Cody’s rodeo contract at the state fair is put in jeopardy
when a herd of steers gets loose in the parking lot, endangering the patrons. Jaclyn and
Matthew move in with Booger but find that his house is nowhere near family-friendly.
Jaclyn takes matters into her own hands, whipping the place into shape. Bubba’s
homesickness gets the better of him and he admits to Kaley he’s struggling with life in
Mississippi and wants to return to Alabama.

There’s No Place Like Home

Booger and Cody team up to pen a herd of cattle, but a stubborn cow takes refuge in a fishing hole, requiring some creative wrangling. The stress of maintaining a long-distance relationship leads Bubba and Kaley to move back to Alabama for good. Booger embraces his new role as a family man and enlists young Matthew to help surprise Jaclyn with a much needed home-improvement project. Cody helps Misty throw a beef-tasting party for potential buyers. As the guys ponder using their cowboy skills to open a steak house, they decide to get some on-the-job training by working a shift during the hectic dinner rush at a local eatery.

Man Down!

Bubba’s back in the saddle with the guys when his horse bucks and throws him on a bone-breaking fall, fractures his cowboy spirit and immobilizes his work with the cattle company. Booger enlists a bullfighter to help him wrangle his ornery Brahman cattle, and considers whether or not he has enough land to maintain the growing herd. Misty gives Cody a gift from the heart that captures both their past as a couple and honors their growing family legacy as ranchers. The guys pitch each other competing ideas for their future steakhouse, and Cody’s brainstorm stands out as the one with true cowboy vision… including a name for their venture.


Bubba’s in a pinch when Cody urges him to ease his aching back with acupuncture. Cody and Misty have to find out why their herd is losing so many stillborn calves before it threatens their new business. Booger discovers the ups and downs of “daddy duty” when he takes care of Matthew for the day. He draws on the bonding time he had with his own grandfather to make a special new memory. The cowboys put their steakhouse dreams on the line to recruit a business partner and are confronted with their next steps: developing a full menu and creating a “pop-up” restaurant.


The cowboys team up to get their new herd “feed-broke,” but a stuck truck means super-mom/super-secretary Kaley has to save the day. Horse expert Booger teaches a young polo player how to ride western style, but after she challenges him to join her on the polo field, who’s really getting schooled? Bubba and Kaley anxiously wait to share their daughter’s first steps. To get more family time, Cody and Misty do a drive-thru date on horseback, and he clears the family fishing hole to lift his ailing “Paw-Paw’s” spirits. And, after their crash course in cooking, one final taste test determines if Chef Bill will partner up with the cowboys to keep their restaurant dreams alive. They present their best dishes to some of the toughest critics they’ll ever meet: their wives.


The guys saddle up to rope in a renegade heifer before she tears up a neighbor’s field. Booger creates a birthday to remember for his 85-year-old grandma, including her first ride in a convertible, a photo shoot and a huge surprise party with a special guest. Cody goes on a personal publicity tour to promote the opening of their pop-up restaurant. On the eve of their big opening, the neglected details could turn the cowboys’ restaurant dream into a nightmare. Bubba forgets a key ingredient, Cody’s efforts bring in an unexpected number of hungry customers, and they run out of their signature steak. It’s a night to make the guys wonder if they’d be better off just sticking to The Cowboy Way of life they love.

Episode 1: BIG DEAL

The guys are back in the saddle on The Cowboy Way! Their dreams of making it big have finally arrived with a million-dollar business opportunity, but only if they can come up with half the cash. While the cowboys struggle with how to raise the money, Bubba is torn if he should ask his father-in-law for help. Booger teaches Matthew to be a real cowboy and gives him his first pony! But when Jaclyn misses this big milestone, she questions if her demanding job is keeping her from her family. And finally, Cody’s mission to teach kids about the importance of ranching leads him to take on the Cattlemen’s Association. How far will he go to make his point?


It’s back to basics on The Cowboy Way as the guys work to rotate cattle off a lightning-struck field to fresh grass, but the routine wrangle suddenly heads south as the herd scatters, jumping and taking down part of a fence. Kaley wonders about finances and if she should find work, while Bubba invests in a starter herd for daughter Andie’s Cowgirl College Fund. Jaclyn rushes to prepare for Matthew’s 4th birthday party and anxiously waits for news after a job interview. Booger’s parents have a special birthday surprise for Matthew. As the Cattlemen’s Association Ambassador, Cody gets a call from a local farmer and meets their autistic son Tristan. Misty gives Cody an idea how to share the cowboy way lifestyle with this special boy.

Episode 3: A NEW CHAPTER

These guys can wrangle any bull, but can they tame a wild bulldozer? In this episode of The Cowboy Way, the guys decide to build a new barn for a local rancher but it’s man versus machine when Bubba’s dozer breaks a pipeline, releasing a torrent of water. Jaclyn admits to her boss she’s been looking for a job closer to home, then worries it might get her fired altogether. Will her family have to survive on one income? Cody decides to write a book about the cowboy way of life, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew. The cowboys struggle to get the barn raised in time to process the first shipment of the herd and might have to call in some favors to do it.


It’s The Cowboy Way’s first road trip ever! Bubba, Cody and Booger cut loose and head north to enter a big chuck wagon race.  But they quickly discover this race is not for amateurs.  Loose wagon wheels, knee-deep mud and professional-grade competition raise both the stakes, and their concerns.   Will the guys risk life and limb to race and win?  And while the cowboys are away, a surprise shipment of cattle comes in days early and their wives must jump into action.  But this drop off is anything but routine when Kaley and Misty discover one heifer has an infection that could threaten the entire herd.


Booger goes back to school! The cowboys visit the Montgomery Stockyard to research cattle prices and Booger gets bitten by the auctioneering bug. Will his auctioneering classes pay off? Back at the ranch, the guys catch heat from a neighbor when their herd escapes into his field, and a rebellious heifer takes them on one heck of a ride. Misty’s brother-in-law, Chip, stops by and gives Cody an earful that his feeding pasture has turned to dirt. And when the cattle stock market takes a nosedive, the cowboys’ million-dollar business partner calls the gang into his office for a tough talk.


The cowboys head west to Louisiana! The boys hit the road to find the perfect bull for their herd, if Booger’s backseat antics don’t drive them all crazy first. They discover a ‘cowboy candy store’ where a famous saddle maker fits Bubba’s horse for a custom saddle. Cody gets challenged to a roping contest by some teenagers. And when they accidentally find themselves in the fanciest restaurant in town, the guys test their cowboy palate with fine French cuisine. Escargot anyone? Back home Jaclyn and Kaley try hot yoga for their first and maybe last time, and Misty takes a shine to modeling.


On this episode of The Cowboy Way, the road trip concludes as the cowboys learn how to round up cattle Louisiana-style. The guys jump into airboats and dodge gators to move a herd out of a marsh. Back home, Cody brings the boys to the Montgomery History Museum to do some family research, and discovers Bubba shares the same last name as Booger’s mother! Are Booger and Bubba… related? When Jaclyn signs Matthew up for tee-ball, Booger jumps in to coach — and discovers it’s probably easier herding cattle than 4-year olds. Kaley and Bubba get the whole gang together for a much-needed day of family fun at the lake.

Episode 8: GET OFF MY LAWN!

Misty surprises Cody with the gift of a thrilling ride on an aerobatic glider — only problem is, Cody is terrified of heights! Back on solid ground, some of the herd escapes into a neighboring trailer park. Can the guys wrangle the rogue cows before they do any real damage? Jaclyn starts the search for a new family home, but a rough dirt-road stands between them and their dream house. And it’s down to the wire for the cowboys’ cattle deal as the guys try to find a buyer before their million-dollar herd runs out of grass.

Episode 9: DONE DEAL

Bubba, Cody and Booger close their biggest cattle deal ever on the Season Finale of The Cowboy Way! The million-dollar herd is ready to ship, but moving all that cattle into trucks becomes a race against the clock for their much-needed final paycheck. The cowboys help a woman remove cattle from her family’s land when she is forced to sell the property after the passing of her parents. Having been through a similar situation, Booger is inspired to fix-up his family’s old homestead as a special surprise for his grandma. Cody’s book is finally finished, but as Misty plans the book-signing event, a missed shipment could derail the whole party. The Cattlemen’s Association invites the guys to their annual ball, with a very special honor in store.


It’s a special Christmas Episode of The Cowboy Way.  The holidays are always hectic, but for cowboys it’s especially busy because it’s also calving season. Time for the birth of new baby calves to join the herd. Bubba, Cody, and Booger must monitor their heifers around the clock and still find time to shop for gifts, decorate for Christmas, and enjoy time with their families. Booger helps Matthew pick out an extra-special gift to top Grandma’s Christmas tree. Cody looks to buy Carter the perfect cute new puppy. Kaley enlists the wives to help prepare for the Thompson’s annual holiday party. But, when a heifer who’s in labor goes missing one night, the cowboys frantically search for her while trying to keep from missing the big event.


Tough jobs and shady business deals force the cowboys to work smarter, not harder. A local rancher asks the guys to remove an ornery bull from his property, but this one is as bullheaded as they come—and takes longer than expected. Tired of scrapping for day wages, the cowboys decide to put their hard-earned experience to use: instead of working cattle for others, they’ll start brokering herds themselves. After sifting through his grandmother’s old photos, Booger reconnects with his past, then looks to the future by passing on “the cowboy way” to four-year-old Matthew. While Bubba confides in Kaley that the cowboys are reevaluating their business, Cody gets bad news about his upcoming rodeo, which is even worse news for his bank account.


The cowboys head to Texas! A simple wrangling job leads to the perfect cattle trading opportunity. The guys plot a course for Texas to capitalize on a buyer’s market. Cody forgets his saddle on a routine roundup, and the only thing sorer than his backside is his ego when Booger and Bubba don’t let him live down his mistake. After months of searching, Jaclyn and Booger finally find a piece of land perfect for settling down. But can they pull the trigger on the property before someone else swoops in?  Bubba gets in hot water with Kaley when he tells Andrew, a long-term friend and ranch hand, that he can crash at their place—but without asking her first. Still licking his wounds from a double-cross, Cody weighs the pros and cons of holding his own rodeo. As their wives juggle life back home, the cowboys hit the road to broker their first big deal. They hope to find the crossbred cattle their buyer is looking for in the Lone Star State.


The cowboys are deep in the heart of Texas! In this episode of The Cowboy Way, the guys try to cash in on a cattle bounty roundup: hard cash for each cow they catch. But this money ain’t easy thanks to a sprawling 500-acre ranch covered in mesquite brush with razor-sharp thorns. Just when the cowboys think they’ve found a promising Texas cattle connection, Booger makes a big mistake that could jeopardize their first meeting with a hard-nosed rancher. Back in Alabama, Bubba and Kaley’s house guest is beginning to overstay his welcome. As they try to teach Andrew the Thompson house rules, he commits the biggest cowboy sin of all — messing with Bubba’s grill! Booger, Jaclyn, and Matthew care for a new-born calf. Misty has a special surprise for Cody. An offer to travel back to Texas for another cattle drive doesn’t thrill the cowboys, but they begin to consider the networking potential and how it might make their cattle-trading dreams come true.

Episode 4: CASH COWS

First, the cowboys need to track down one of Bubba’s most troublesome heifers before she can bust through his fence again. After briefly tending to business and family in Alabama, the guys head back to the Lone Star State to try and expand their network of contacts. Bubba, Cody, and Booger help their new friend Cash with a big Texas cattle drive in the hopes of both leading the herd to greener pastures and finding the big cattle deal they came west for. On the range they forge deeper bonds with their Texas counterparts, swapping cowboy stories around the campfire. But things take a turn for the worse when the herd overheats, and the creek they’re all counting on has run dry as a bone. Back home, Jaclyn and Matthew are learning to love life on the ranch. Houseguest Andrew’s disgusting habits have Kaley seeing red. And just as Misty gets back in the barrel-racing saddle, she starts to butt heads with her high-strung mare.


Bubba, Booger and Cody take an important step toward becoming big-time cattle brokers! The guys are roping and doctoring yearlings on the Texas range. But when Booger’s most reliable horse Studly trips, smashing both horse and rider to the ground, Booger must rush out to find a vet and tend to his injured horse. Just as the cowboys are about to leave Texas, a local rancher makes them an offer they can’t refuse. Will the guys gamble on a cattle deal, taking on a herd before they have a buyer lined up? Back home in Alabama, Kaley’s patience reaches a breaking point as houseguest Andrew tracks in mud and expects a free lunch. To top it off, he then asks if his whole family can crash there while he searches for a permanent residence. Misty finds some extra help with her troublesome barrel-racing horse. Booger and Matthew are on the hunt for the perfect one-year anniversary gift for Jaclyn. But Booger may have a special surprise up his sleeve.

Episode 6: STORM’S A-BREWIN’

A storm is coming to The Cowboy Way! Cody visits his cousin Bo to secure steer for his upcoming rodeo, leaving Booger and Bubba to ear-tag some yearlings by themselves. Bubba takes the opportunity to put houseguest Andrew to work. Misty continues to try and shake off her barrel-racing rust, and comes to a serious crossroads with her misbehaving mare. Jaclyn presses Booger to put a timeline on finding them a permanent home. Bubba sets out on a solo trip back to Texas to check out a lead on a big herd of Tigerstripe cattle. But just when he’s about to cross the state line, a devastating category 4 hurricane barrels down on Alabama. All the cowboys’ best-laid plans come to a screeching halt. Bubba must decide whether to turn around and head home, or push through for the big deal. Finding themselves directly in the path of the hurricane, everyone scrambles to prepare their ranches for the worst. Can the cowboys and their families safely ride out the storm?


Cody’s rodeo is fast approaching and time is running out, so the cowboys head out to scout talent for the team-roping event. Misty’s new barrel-racing horse has taken her training to a whole new level. So when Booger starts teasing her, she challenges him to a one-on-one race: cowboy vs barrel racer! Misty also comes up with a potential rodeo venue, so Cody heads out to Bay Minette, AL to lock down a site. Bubba and Kaley prepare for houseguest Andrew’s family to arrive. Will Andrew finally find his own place, and get out of Kaley’s hair? Meanwhile, the guys’ reputation as cattle brokers starts to flourish. Booger gets a lead on a healthy herd of cattle in Texas, and the guys consider if they should go all-in and buy the entire herd. Booger heads back to the Lone Star State and strikes a deal that seems to be a win-win. But just as the guys get the ball rolling with another big deal, a phone call from their buyer puts everything in jeopardy.


The cowboys step a little outside of their comfort zones. Looking to offload their new herd, the guys head down to the local stockyard to hone their bartering skills. Cody bounces a crazy rodeo idea off the boys—then uses them guinea pigs. Bubba plans a short getaway with Kaley, but there’s a big catch: Booger’s been tapped as the babysitter, with Jaclyn lending a helping hand. Kaley wonders if Booger is up to the challenge. His first attempts to feed and dress little Andie suggest he most certainly is not! While Bubba and Kaley aren’t sure they’ll return home to find everything in one piece, they do get some great news from houseguest Andrew. Cody is desperate to find the final missing piece for his rodeo: an announcer. While Booger adamant that he’s the perfect man for the job, Cody has to resort to using reverse psychology on his old friend to avoid disaster.

Episode 9: RIDE ‘EM HIGH

Will all the hard work the cowboys put in this season finally pay off? Cody is hoping the people of Bay Minette will come out in droves to make his rodeo a rousing success, while Misty puts on her game face to take another shot at barrel-racing glory. Andrew’s bags are finally packed and he’s clearing out. Though Bubba and Kaley hate to see him go, they also love watching him leave! Since the cowboys have been buying cattle left and right, word’s gotten out about the Faith Cattle Company’s trading business. This leads to Booger and Bubba boarding a private jet to meet some Texas investors looking to place a make-or-break order. As the guys hustle to gather all the cattle in time, they find themselves bidding against an old friend at the sale barn. Rodeo night brings all the families together—and even Andrew makes a surprise appearance. As the season draws to a close, the cowboys have everything on the line: their own money, as well as their reputations.


A ranching job in Texas inspires Cody to try and modernize their business with the help of technology, but Booger and Bubba are hesitant that it will be successful. Booger visits Matthew’s school during parent’s week to teach his classmates about cowboying. Bubba struggles with being away from his family for work and feels the pressure to keep their business close to home. A life-changing opportunity for Booger to compete at a world-renowned colt-starting competition leaves Cody and Bubba excited for their friend, but nervous about what it will mean for their business.


With no plans on how to expand their business in sight, the cowboys head to Texas for work. After attending a specialty cattle sale for Misty’s business, Full Moon Cattle, Cody comes up with a possible new business venture. Booger begins training for the Road to the Horse competition, but things don’t go smoothly. Feeling like he’s in over his head, he receives good advice from an unexpected source. A hand injury affects how much work Bubba can do, but he uses the downtime to build a mock obstacle course for Booger. Kaley tells Bubba about her desire to get into real estate and encourages him to think about a possible career change. Booger challenges Misty to compete against him in the obstacle course, and Jaclyn receives a crash course in barrel racing.


Booger heads to Austin to work with a former contestant in preparation for the Road to the Horse competition. He quickly realizes that there’s more to this competition than handling a colt, and presentation has a lot to do with his score. Cody finds the perfect herd to start a specialty cattle sale and shares his idea for the business with Bubba, but he is hesitant. Once Booger is back, the cowboys meet to discuss the future of their business, but they don’t all see eye-to-eye. Cody and Bubba want to be supportive of Booger but are frustrated that his dedication to the Road to the Horse competition has taken priority over their business. The lack of direction causes tension between the cowboys. Feeling divided, they all start to question the future of their business.


The cowboys are unable to decide on exactly how they want to move their business forward. In the meantime, they continue to take day jobs to stay afloat. With Cody still fixated on the specialty cattle sale, Misty encourages him to do it on his own, without the help of Bubba and Booger. A new opportunity falls in Bubba’s lap to operate a ranch for a group of organic feed investors. While it seems to be a dream role for Bubba, he struggles with the fact that it would require him to move his family north and away from the other cowboys. After much anticipation and practice, Booger heads to Kentucky for the Road to the Horse competition, where he faces the challenge of managing an unruly horse.


With Booger still at the Road to the Horse competition, Cody and Bubba are left to do the day-to-day work. Bubba surprises Cody with news that he has to head to Mississippi to help his father-in-law. Cody has to take care of the ranch by himself, adding to his frustrations with the business. Luckily for him, Misty steps in to help. Bubba breaks the news to Kaley’s parents that they might be moving north for a new job opportunity. After a bit of hesitation, they show their support – just in time for Bubba and Kaley to check out a ranch that could potentially be their future home. Cody visits possible sites for his specialty cattle sale and feels discouraged until he comes across the perfect location. Meanwhile, Booger starts the second round in the Road to the Horse competition, and things don’t go as planned. In the end, he makes a tough decision and puts what’s best for the horse ahead of winning.


While volunteering with kids in the community, Cody makes a connection with a possible buyer for his specialty cattle sale. With Booger still away at the Road to the Horse competition, Cody and Bubba recruit a friend to help with the work on the ranch. Cody rushes to finish up for the day, determined to make it home in time for his son’s first haircut, but in his haste, he ends up hurting himself. Bubba visits an organic ranch in Texas to learn more about the organic business. To test the product, he cooks up store brand and grass-fed steaks to compare the taste and make sure it is something he can get behind. Booger finally gets home after the competition and immediately receives an opportunity to train horses in Austin. After spending some time apart, the cowboys come together to talk about the future of their partnership. Things take a turn for the worse when the meeting between friends gets heated, leaving the fate of their business up in the air.


When their conversation about their partnership hits a wall, each cowboy decides to branch out and focus on their individual pursuits. Booger completes a job for an acquaintance who asks him to find a horse for his teenage granddaughter. The search for the right horse proves to be challenging, but he finally finds one gentle enough for an amateur rider. The experience reminds Booger of how passionate he is about working with horses, and he decides to accept the offer to train them in Austin. Struggling to find buyers for his specialty cattle sale, Cody meets with the Cattle Association Board to pitch the specialty sale to them and secure buyers. Bubba heads north to show the investors a location for the organic ranch, but when they don’t show up, he starts to wonder if this deal was a big mistake. Booger, Cody, and Bubba meet up and decide to sell off their entire herd, officially putting their partnership on hold. Jaclyn comes up with a plan to mend Booger and Cody’s friendship.


While visiting family in Mississippi, Cody secures prize cattle for his specialty sale, but one small mistake puts the deal in jeopardy. In anticipation of their move north, Bubba and Kaley visit their favorite places around town and take a trip down memory lane. Bubba breaks the news to his mother about the organic farm. After he catches her up on his current situation with the other cowboys, she encourages him to make things right. Booger heads to Austin, where he learns how to work with English-style horses and receives an offer to train horses for the entire summer. Booger returns home and gets a big surprise when Jaclyn introduces him to their newest family member. Cody reaches out to Booger and Bubba to get them all together so they can make amends and work out their differences. The cowboys consider taking a big job in Texas and working together again.

Episode 9: A PEA IN THE POD

After all the time and effort Cody and Misty spent on preparing and organizing, the day of their specialty cattle sale finally arrives and proves to be a huge success. Jaclyn is hesitant about Booger spending the summer training horses in Austin. Following Misty’s advice, he decides to take Jaclyn and Matthew on a trip to the Lone Star State so he can show them what a great experience it could be for the entire family. Bubba’s deal to start an organic ranch up north falls through, but with the investors still interested in working with him, a new opportunity presents itself. Cody, Booger, and Bubba get back in the swing of things and head to Texas for a grueling cattle drive. With the help of Booger, Kaley surprises Bubba with an exciting announcement that could change their lives.

Episode 1: Saddle Up, Partner

The cowboys’ roping skills are tested when they help a friend catch some wild hogs. Bubba and Kaley throw a gender reveal party for their new baby. Booger looks for new opportunities in Florida. Cody surprises Misty with blueprints for a new home.

Episode 2: Trigger Happy

The cowboys join a round up in South Florida that leads to a new business venture. Bubba rustles up some strange foods for Kaley’s pregnancy cravings. Misty’s health scare has Cody worried. Booger’s family says goodbye to Matthew’s treasured pony.

Episode 3: This Is My First Rodeo!

A downed fence interrupts the cowboys’ plans to house a herd of Florida cattle for the winter. Bubba assembles a portable stall to protect his horse in the field. Misty’s surgery has Cody worried. Booger preps Matthew for his first rodeo competition.

Episode 4: A Dying Breed

The cowboys head back to Florida for an overnight cattle drive led by an old friend of Booger’s grandfather. Booger is inspired to lead his own cattle drives. Kaley struggles at home while Bubba is away. Cody and Misty throw a groundbreaking party.

Episode 5: A Dying Breed

The cowboys head back to Florida for an overnight cattle drive led by an old friend of Booger’s grandfather. Booger is inspired to lead his own cattle drives. Kaley struggles at home while Bubba is away. Cody and Misty throw a groundbreaking party.

Episode 6: Keep Them Doggies Rollin’

The cowboys make a second attempt at rounding up their neighbor’s unruly herd. Everyone pitches in to help Booger pull off an old-fashioned cattle drive right through the center of town, and Grandma gives all of the wives a lesson in cowgirl cooking.