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Sit down to a hearty meal in The Green Mountain State!


No Scheduled Airings

Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across Vermont in pursuit of the state’s most noteworthy foods. First, Taylor explores the cheese trail, where he learns to “hoop” the curds, preparing world-class cheddar cheese. Next, he learns how to tap a maple tree and gets his hands dirty folding dough to make time-honored common crackers. Then, he is introduced to a fiddlehead that’s meant for eating, and he sinks his teeth into an apple pie fit for a president. It’s a beautiful ride through the mountains of Vermont, where Taylor learns firsthand that everything does taste better with cheddar.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Cheese
Vermont Cheddar Cheese | Learn More

Entrée: Maple-Glazed Ham
Maple-Glazed Ham with Vermont Maple Syrup | Learn More

Side 1: Fiddleheads

Side 2: Vermont Common Crackers
Vermont Country Store |  Learn More

Dessert: Apple Pie
Ma Bean’s Pies |  Learn More


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