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Feast your eyes on this Buckeye State feast!


No Scheduled Airings

Called the Buckeye State, Ohio is nicknamed for a nut that spawned a look-alike candy treat. But what other foods are famous in Ohio? Taylor Hicks is on a mission to find out. In this episode of State Plate, he’ll take a trip into Amish country to uncover the historic origins of baby swiss cheese. He’ll scour chili-crazed Cincinnati to see how many ways they can serve it up. He’ll pick pawpaws – a state fruit so nice, they named it twice. And, he’ll seek out the American-roots of the Polish pierogi – a savory dumpling hearty enough to fill even the biggest state plate.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Baby Swiss Cheese
Guggisberg Cheese | Learn More

Entrée: Cincinnati Chili
The Chili Hut | Learn More

Side 1: Pawpaw
Integration Acres| Learn More

Side 2: Pierogi

Dessert: Buckeyes
Anthony Thomas Candy Company | Learn More


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