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This meal will send you straight to your happy place in The Peace Garden State!

North Dakota

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Explore the boundless bounty of North Dakota! Known as the Peace Garden State, this humble northern land is the United States’ top producer of many farm-to-table treats, and Taylor Hicks is out to try them all. He’ll harvest fresh clover honey and see what the buzz is about. He’ll have a fin-tastic time fishing for fresh northern pike. Then he’ll learn about not one, but two top exports: barley and sunflower seeds. Finally, he’ll discover the chokecherry – a North Dakota delicacy that is neither dangerous nor a cherry. It’s a farm-to-table feast on this episode of State Plate.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Honey
Danzig Honey Company  Learn More

Entrée: Northern Pike
Bry’s Guide Service | Learn More

Side 1: Barley Risotto
Town Hall Delicatessen 

Side 2: Chokecherry Sauce
Berry Dakota | Learn More

Dessert: Sunflower Pie
Coleman Farms

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