The honeybee may be the state insect of Nebraska, but right now, all the buzz is about singer and entertainer Taylor Hicks. In this episode of State Plate, he hits the road, and tastes his way across the Cornhusker State! His mission: to discover Nebraska’s most iconic, beloved traditional foods.

In a state known for its high-quality steak, Taylor discovers why connoisseurs love corn-feed beef, and he gets a tasty lesson in the differences in cuts of steak. You can’t be in the Cornhusker State without paying tribute to the sweet vegetable for which it’s named—corn. And Taylor does it as only he can behind the wheel of a corn topper during a sweet corn harvest. Taylor also discovers the story behind the state’s beloved cheese frenchee and gets baking tips as he prepares two of Nebraska’s favorite desserts – the popcorn ball and the kolache.

It’s an overflowing plateful of Nebraska cuisine filled with the stories and legends behind the state’s tastiest foods.

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Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Cheese Frenchees
Daniels Produce | Kelly Jackson | Learn More

Entrée: Steak
Johnny’s Cafe | Sally Kawa | Learn More

Side 1: Corn
Daniels Produce | Kelly Jackson | Learn More

Side 2: Kolache
Kolache Korner Cafe | Mark Nemec | Learn More

Dessert: Popcorn Balls
Daniels Produce | Kelly Jackson | Learn More

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