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What’s cookin’ in The Magnolia State?


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Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across Mississippi on a quest to discover the state’s most emblematic foods. Along the way, he visits the home of the blues to make the coolest food in the Delta: the “koolickle.” Taylor fishes the Mississippi River for fresh catfish without using a pole and grinds corn for homemade hushpuppies fried to golden perfection. He plants the delicious staple known as black-eyed peas and discovers how the decadent chocolate mud pie got its name. It’s an abundant plateful of Mississippi cuisine filled with the stories and legends behind the state’s tastiest foods.

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Appetizer: Koolicles

Entrée: Catfish
Tara Wildlife | Learn More

Side 1: Hushpuppies
Tara Wildlife | Learn More

Side 2: Black Eyed Peas

Dessert: Mud Pie

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