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You can never be blue in The Bluegrass State…not with these good eats!

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No Scheduled Airings

The Bluegrass State is serving up derby eats and down-home treats! Come with Taylor Hicks as he explores mouthwatering fare and the beautiful countryside of Kentucky in this episode of State Plate. First, he’ll sample a delicate derby favorite, the benedictine sandwich. Then, he’ll taste burgoo, a stew so unique that natives don’t agree on a recipe or how it got its name. He’ll sleuth out the secret recipe of the hot brown, Kentucky’s most famous late-night dish. And finally, he’ll sample the bourbon ball, a Kentucky candy favorite. It’s a world of unbridled flavor on this episode of State Plate.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Benedictine Spread
Hutcherson Family Produce

Entrée: Kentucky Hot Brown
The Brown Hotel | Learn More

Side 1: Burgoo
The Burgoo Festival| Learn More

Side 2: Spoonbread

Dessert: Bourbon Balls
Rebecca Ruth Candy Company

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