Did you know ice cream sundae was given its name in Evanston, Illinois? Well, this week, singer and entertainer Taylor Hicks enjoys a few scoops of the creamy confection as he tastes his way across Illinois looking to discover the state’s most emblematic foods.

Come along as he visits the cornfields that produce the official state snack: popcorn. He also learns how to bake the perfect bread for the famous Italian beef sandwich, and he heads to the windy city to get the low down on deep-dish pizza and the Chicago-style hot dog.

To top it all off, Taylor visits the birthplace of the ice cream sundae. It’s a plateful of Illinois cuisine filled with the stories and legends behind the state’s tastiest foods.

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Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Popcorn
Von Bergen’s Country Market | Mike Von Bergen | Learn More

Entrée: Italian Beef Sandwich
D’Amato’s Bakery | Rosanna & Nick D’Amato | Learn More

Side 1: Deep Dish Pizza
Gulliver’s Pizza & Pub | Dino Karageorgis | Learn More

Side 2: Hot Dog
Kim & Carlo’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs | Kim Basile | Learn More

Dessert: Ice Cream Sundaes
Hartigan’s Ice Cream Shoppe | Marcia Hartigan | Learn More

Kris Hartzell | Kris Hartzell | Learn More

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