What does American Idol winner Taylor Hicks do when he’s not touring the country singing and entertaining? He goes back on the road, only this time it’s to seek out the America’s most delicious foods—state by state!

So let’s hear it for some Georgia pride! Because this week, Taylor tastes his way across Georgia on a quest to sample the state’s most emblematic foods. With the help of iconic actress Maureen McCormick, Taylor uncovers the stories behind Georgia’s traditional southern dishes.

Join Taylor as he hauls in boatloads of shrimp at a seaside dock, and Maureen learns how to mill corn into grits. They also sample boiled peanuts at a roadside stand and discover why Georgia onions are among the sweetest in the country. For a perfect ending, they visit a pecan orchard for pecan pie and a peach orchard for peach ice cream.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Boiled Peanuts & Shrimp
Davis Produce Stand | Sherry Davis |
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Ambos Seafood | Drew Ambos | Learn More

Side 1: Vidalia Onions
Ronnie Mathis | Mountain Earth Farms |
Learn More

Side 2: Grits
Anson Mills | Glenn Roberts |
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Dessert: Pecan Pie & Peach Ice Cream
Pearson Farm |
 Al Pearson | Learn More
Lane Packing, LLC Mark Sanchez |
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