From the sandy beaches to the…well, swampy swamps, host Taylor Hicks hits the road to The Sunshine State seeking out Florida’s most popular and emblematic foods!

With the help of iconic actress Maureen McCormick, Taylor uncovers the stories and legends behind the Sunshine State’s traditional cuisine. Not only do they enjoy some tasty tidbits, but they also dive into some unique Florida experiences.

Join Taylor as he learns how to harvest a local favorite called swamp cabbage, and Maureen heads out to sea to fish for stone crab.

They also sample alligator bites and a Florida fruit that is almost as popular as the orange: the Kumquat. And, of course, they can’t leave the great state of without indulging in Florida’s a savory slice of key lime pie.

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Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Gator Bites
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Entrée: Stone Crab Claws
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Side 1: Swamp Cabbage
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Side 2: Kumquat Marmalade
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Dessert: Key Lime Pie
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