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You’ll think the food is Number One in The First State.


No Scheduled Airings

Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across Delaware, in search of the state’s most iconic foods. First, he takes a low ride to plant a field of watermelons. Next, Taylor visits Delaware State University to herd a brood of chickens. Then, he tastes-tests lots of lima beans to judge the most-favored, baby Lima. Later, Taylor visits Rehoboth Beach and fries up a beach-bum favorite: Boardwalk fries. Finally, he learns the tedious task of thinning peach trees and tastes a crumbly peach pie. It’s a heaping helping of a Delaware, as we taste The First State’s most celebrated foods.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Watermelon
Lakeside Farms | Learn More

Entrée: Slippery Chicken Dumpling

Side 1: Lima Beans
University of Delaware Research & Education Center

Side 2: Vinegar French Fries
Gus & Gus Place

Dessert: Peach Crisp
Fifer Orchards  | Learn More