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We, the people of the United States, in order to delight the taste buds, do ordain this mouthwatering menu from The Constitution State.


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Nicknamed The Constitution State, Connecticut knows how to start traditions. On this episode of State Plate, Taylor Hicks gets schooled on classic eats with Connecticut flare! First, Taylor eats a piece of apizza, a Connecticut take on an Italian staple that swaps sauce for seafood. Next, he’ll snack on a cold sandwich with a temperature twist, as he dives into a hot lobster roll. Then, he’ll chow down on a burger so unique that it’s picking up steam – the steamed cheeseburger. Finally, he’ll cool down with an ice cream float and learn that this sweet treat has a history as flavorful as Connecticut’s. So come explore new traditions and one-of-a-kind treats on this episode of State Plate!

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Oyster on the Half Shell
Noank Aquaculture Co-Op | Learn More

Entrée: Steamed Cheeseburger
Ted’s Restaurant | Learn More

Side 1: Hot Lobster Roll
Ford’s Lobster Restaurant | Learn More

Side 2: White Clam Pizza
Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana | Learn More

Dessert: Ice Cream Soda
Avery’s Beverages | Learn More


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