Little House on the Prairie


A Harvest of Friends The Ingalls family settles on the banks of Plum Creek in Walnut Grove. Once their house is built, Charles faces the difficulties of working multiple jobs in order to pay for his farming equipment and an accident may make that impossible.
Country Girls As Laura and Mary prepare to go to school for the first time in their lives, they are afraid the other children won’t like them. The other youngsters taunt them because they’ve outgrown their dresses. The chief trouble-maker is Nellie Olson, daughter of the owners of the Walnut Grove store.
100 Mile Walk When a hailstorm leaves the Ingalls family’s crops in ruin, Charles and some neighbors work on a dangerous railroad blasting job. Meanwhile, Caroline rounds up the farmers’ wives to salvage what’s left of the crops while trying to remain optimistic in the face of the trial.
Mr. Edwards’ Homecoming Charles meets up with his former Kansas neighbor Mr. Edwards, and brings him home to the homestead.  All the Ingalls girls are delighted to see him, and Caroline quickly sets her mind to finding Mr. Edwards a potential wife.
Love of Johnny Johnson, The Laura has a crush on a new boy in school named Johnny Johnson.  However, Johnny is interested in Mary, who finds no interest in him. Laura believes Mary is trying to steal him from her and they fight about it while Charles tries to keep the peace.
If I Should Wake Before I Die Certain that only her funeral will bring her distant children and grandchildren to Walnut Grove for a long overdue visit, Amy Hearn convinces Doc Baker and the Ingalls to fake her death and happily makes plans to celebrate her eightieth birthday… at her wake.
Town Party, Country Party Laura befriends a crippled girl named Olga, who bears the teasing of Nellie and is often left out of the other children’s games. When Charles comes up with a way to help Olga walk more normally, he meets unexpected resistance… from her concerned father.
Ma’s Holiday While on a second honeymoon trip with Charles in Mankato, Caroline can’t help worrying about what’s happening back home in Walnut Grove where old friend, Mr. Edwards, is finding that babysitting three active little girls is not as simple as he thought it would be.
School Mom When Caroline’s substitute teaches for Miss Beadle, she tries to help a shy, older boy to read. Her efforts are in danger of being ruined when a mean-spirited Mrs. Oleson humiliates the boy in front of the class and he vows never to return to school.
Raccoon, The When the Ingalls’ dog Jack discovers an orphaned baby raccoon, Laura begs to keep it. After Charles and Caroline see the raccoon turn rabid, they learn that it has bitten Laura and Jack.  Now, they feel their only hope against infection is prayer.
Voice of Tinker Jones, The Reverend Alden stirs a hornet’s nest in Walnut Grove when he asks for donations toward a church bell.  When quarreling starts, Reverend Alden convinces himself he must leave town. Now, only the help of a coppersmith, Tinker, can save the day.
Award, The When the schoolteacher, Miss Beadle, announces a special exam and promises a beautiful dictionary to the best score, Mary vows to win it.  To study in private late at night, she takes her lantern and books to the barn with terrible consequences.
Lord Is My Shepherd Part 1, The Guest Star Ernest Borgnine –  Jealous of the attention Charles showers on his newborn son, Laura longs for the place she believes she’s lost in her pa’s affections and angrily refuses to pray for her little brother to get well when the baby becomes seriously ill.
Lord Is My Shepherd Part 2, The Believing that her jealousy was responsible for her infant brother’s death, Laura climbs a hill, hoping to get close to God and ask Him to trade her life for her brothers. While praying she meets a stranger.  Has he been sent to guide her through the trial?
Christmas at Plum Creek Each member of the Ingalls family decides what to get the others as Yule gifts, but each is short of cash. Laura has the biggest plan of all, but no way of carrying it out… until Nellie unintentionally helps.
Family Quarrel Divorce looms when Nels and his dog storm away from Harriet and the mercantile after the Olesons quarrel over the price of eggs.  But the situation only gets more muddled when the townsfolk try to help them reconcile, prompting Harriet to pack her bags.
Doctor’s Lady Guest Star Anne Archer – When Harriet’s niece Kate comes to visit, she and Doc Baker fall in love with each other. However, after seeing how Kate plays with Mary and Laura at dinner one night, the doctor realizes that he is too old for her.
Plague After several people in Walnut Grove become mysteriously ill, Dr. Baker suspects they may be fighting a plague. Soon the church becomes quarantined as the still healthy members of the community seek to find the source of the deadly disease before all are lost.
Circus Man O’Hara, who is a traveling circus man, comes to Walnut Grove and wants everyone to believe that he has powers which can heal anything. When Mrs. Oleson becomes deathly ill after taking some of the powder instead of having the prescribed operation, O’Hara faces the wrath of the town.
Child of Pain Caroline takes care of a young boy named Graham after it’s discovered his father beats him on a regular basis. Charles works with the boy’s father to try and get him sober and face the root of the anger that drives him to drink and hurt the son who loves him.
Money Crop A young farmer and his expectant wife convince Charles and others to plant a special breed of corn as a money crop. All give the farmer their money to purchase seed in Minneapolis. When he fails to return, the desperate farmers turn on Charles and the young wife. Charles frantically looks to find answers.
Survival When the Ingalls are caught in a blizzard, Charles finds shelter, goes out hunting and loses his way. He is rescued by an Indian.  After being reunited with his girls, Charles is faced with turning over his Indian friend to the U.S. Marshall or risk prison for helping the wanted man escape.
To See the World At Mr. Edwards’ urging, Johnny Johnson drops out of school in order to see the world. However, when Johnny goes to Mankato with Mr. Edwards to begin his journey, he meets a young girl intent on taking Johnny’s traveling money.
Founder’s Day When Walnut Grove’s Founders Day celebration comes around, the entire town is looking forward to all the games and activities. However, as the day wears on, the citizens of the town are about to see how competitive Charles and an aging stranger can be.
Richest Man in Walnut Grove, The When Lars is unable to pay Charles two months’ back pay, the Ingalls family is forced to work together and sacrifice to pay their bills. Mary sews to earn money, Caroline helps with the farm work, and Charles finds work digging a well.
Four Eyes After having problems seeing the blackboard at school, Mary gets a pair of glasses. She loves her glasses, but is soon teased by some of the children at school. Mary decides to remove and hide her glasses, but something she sees may change her mind.
Ebenezer Sprague Mr. Sprague, a local banker, won’t give Charles a loan. At a fishing pond, Laura and Mr. Sprague meet and become friends.  When Mr. Sprague learns that Laura is the daughter of a man he refused, their friendship is in danger of dying.
In the Big Inning Walnut Grove is hoping for a big win in their annual baseball game thanks to a great new pitcher. The excited townsfolk begin wagering bets on the outcome. When the pitcher’s wife learns of the gambling, she forbids him to play.  Caroline is left to find a solution to help Walnut Grove claim victory.
Haunted House Although many in Walnut Grove think he’s a homicidal maniac who lives in a haunted house, brave Laura Ingalls befriends mysterious hermit, Amos Pike, and is determined to discover the truth behind both the rumors and the old man’s solitary life.
Spring Dance, The Caroline is puzzled when her plan to provoke Isaiah Edwards to jealousy doesn’t result in an invitation to the annual spring dance for his anxious gal, Grace Snider, until Charles reminds her what happened when she tried the same tactic with him years before.
Remember Me Part 1 Guest Star Patricia Neal – A widow tries to find a home for her three young children when she learns that an incurable disease will soon take her life. The widow calls on Charles and Caroline Ingalls to help with her task before she passes.
Remember Me Part 2 Charles Ingalls is heartbroken when it looks as though he must separate three young children orphaned by the death of their widowed mother.  The predicament angers a gruff Mr. Edwards, prompting him to make a surprise announcement.
Camp Out, The The Ingalls family’s plan to take a long-awaited camping vacation is complicated when Mrs. Oleson decides that she and her family should go along on the trip. The Oleson family learns a painful lesson about poison ivy, and when Laura tries to help Nellie, a raging river carries both away.
At the End of the Rainbow When Laura Ingalls thinks she has discovered gold, she dreams of giving her family a wonderful new way of life, including a royal coach and white satin clothes. Her hopes and dreams are all at stake when Laura’s nugget has to pass the mineral test.
Gift, The In order to afford a nice birthday present for Rev. Alden’s birthday, Laura and Mary decide to invest the Sunday School funds in patented medicines, hoping to sell them to their neighbors. The girl’s plan seems profitable but it soon runs into trouble.
His Father’s Son The joy of his new family is shattered when Mr. Edwards tries to make a hunter out of his bookish adopted son. Edwards’ pride is hurt when the boy fails to appreciate an expensive rifle given as a birthday gift, and the lad’s efforts to connect with his father don’t seem to work.
Talking Machine, The It is the beginning of a new age in Walnut Grove and little Laura Ingalls is embarrassed to tears when a new-fangled invention which records the human voice is used to broadcast her love for Jason, the new boy in town.
Pride of Walnut Grove, The Laura and Mary face severe pressures when they undergo separate and special tests. Ma and Mary travel to Minneapolis where Mary takes part in the state arithmetic championship and Laura has a difficult time filling her mother’s shoes during their absence.
A Matter of Faith Caroline Ingalls is alone at the farm when she suffers a minor scratch that flares into a deadly infection. Unaware of Ma’s peril, Pa and the girls await her arrival in the woods for what was to have been a family camp-out.
Runaway Caboose, The Mary, Laura and Carl accidentally release a caboose from a train while still inside.  Charles Ingalls and Mr. Edwards engage in a desperate race to catch up with the runaway caboose before it jumps the tracks and sends the Ingalls girls to their death.
Troublemaker Guest Star Richard Basehart – The schoolteacher, Miss Beadle, is suddenly dismissed and her replacement takes an instant dislike to Laura.  Mr. Applewood, a strict teacher, decides to expel Laura from school and now must face the wrath of Pa Ingalls.
Long Road Home, The When their grain doesn’t sell for enough to see their families through the winter, Charles and Isaiah hire on with the railroad to haul a wagon-load of highly explosive nitroglycerin over a treacherous mountain road.   They find themselves dealing with situations almost as volatile as the freight they so carefully carry.
For My Lady Guest Star Mariette Hartley – Caroline and the girls can’t help but think the worst when Charles begins to behave mysteriously and later lies about the amount of time he has spent doing carpentry work for their lovely, young neighbor, the widow Elizabeth Thurman.
Centennial A newly arrived immigrant family provides an example of true thankfulness and a reminder that freedom isn’t free after a property tax increase leaves most of the citizens of Walnut Grove in no mood to celebrate the United States’ 100th birthday.
Soldier’s Return Coming home after 12 years of performing with a busy Philadelphia orchestra, Mrs. Whipple’s troubled son, Granville, hopes that the peace of Walnut Grove will help him shake the nightmares and the morphine addiction that resulted from an incident during the Civil War Battle of Shiloh.
Going Home Overwhelmed by the random destruction left in the wake of a devastating tornado, a weary Charles Ingalls convinces himself to give up trying to make a life for his family on the prairie, puts the farm up for sale and prepares to move back to the big woods where he was born.
Collection, The Guest Stars Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash – When Rev. Alden falls ill while collecting, ex-convict Caleb Hodgekiss offers to collect the money himself.  However, Hodgekiss is actually scheming to keep the money for himself, until he sees how the money is intended to be used.
Bunny Following an argument with Laura, Nellie is knocked from her horse and pretends to be crippled, then uses Laura’s guilt about the accident to turn her into her personal servant. When Nellie discovers that the whole town will do anything for the poor little “cripple” she uses her faked illness to control everyone.
Race, The After earning money to have her horse shod for the annual race, Laura learns that the Oleson’s have purchased an expensive racehorse for Nellie.  On the day of the big race, everyone else withdraws because of the Oleson’s animal, leaving Laura and her tired horse to race Nellie and her high-stepping speedster.
Little Girl Lost Guest Star John Ireland – The entire population of Walnut Grove rushes to the aid of the Ingalls family in their desperate struggle to save their child, but a drunken ex-miner may turn out to be the only person capable of rescuing tiny Carrie Ingalls who is trapped in a deep hole.
Monster of Walnut Grove, The A comedy of misunderstandings results when Laura sees Nels accidentally beheading what is actually a mannequin from his store.  Laura reports what she had seen to Nellie and Willie, who decide to play along so Nellie can have some fun at Laura’s expense.
Journey in the Spring Part 1 When Charles’ mother passes away after a long illness, he travels back to Wisconsin to handle the funeral arrangements.  Charles talks his despondent father into coming to Walnut Grove, where he forms a special bond with Laura.
Journey in the Spring Part 2 Laura reminds her grandfather with fond memories of his deceased wife and their relationship continues to grow.  When a disagreement about Laura’s beloved horse arises, her relationship with her grandfather is in danger of crumbling.
Fred Laura goes to work for a farmer to earn some extra money, but chooses to be paid by getting the farmer’s billy goat instead. The goat quickly wreaks havoc on Walnut Grove, eating the Ingalls family crops, butting Reverend Alden in the backside and more. Charles soon presses to make a decision about the animal’s future.
Bully Boys, The Following Reverend Alden’s lead, the Walnut Grove townsfolk try to turn the other cheek when the bad behavior of the recently arrived Galender brothers causes tempers to flare, until a series of incidents begins to reveal the trio’s more sinister nature.
Hunters, The Charles is badly wounded on a hunting trip when Laura knocks over a gun and it discharges. Laura desperately searches for help, and convinces a blind man and his son to help them. When the son leaves Charles alone in the cabin, Laura and the blind man are forced to work together to find their way out of the woods and get a doctor.
Blizzard Miss Beadle dismisses school early on Christmas Eve, unaware that the light, uneventful snowfall is about to quickly become a monster blizzard. The children become stranded halfway home, leading the fathers of Hero Township to brave the worsening weather conditions to find them and lead them back to the schoolhouse.
I’ll Ride the Wind Charles and Caroline give their reluctant approval when they discover that their eldest daughter, 13 year-old Mary, has accepted a neighbor boy’s proposal of marriage.  All wonder if the marriage plan is the best for the couple when they learn the boy has decided to refuse a longed-for college scholarship to wed Mary.
Quarantine The citizens of Walnut Grove are seized with fear when Mr. Edwards brings a deadly fever to town. When Edwards realizes he has passed the fever to his small daughter, he takes the child to a mountain cabin to nurse her, and to isolate himself from others—but Laura Ingalls makes the dangerous mistake of trying to help.
Little Women The children of Walnut Grove decide to put on a play, but when Mrs. Oleson and her daughter, Nellie, get finished rewriting the script, Nellie has all the lines. Meanwhile, Della Clark continues to rebuff romantic advances by Harold Mayfield until her young daughter takes drastic action to try and get the pair together.
Injun Kid Charles Ingalls and his family do their best to help a young boy who is rejected by the townsfolk. The lad, Spotted Eagle, is proud of his Indian heritage and faces the hostility of the citizens of Walnut Grove.
To Live with Fear Part 1 When Mary is severely injured by a horse, and her condition deteriorates, it becomes clear she needs an expensive surgery to save her life. Charles and Mr. Edwards are forced to take dangerous dynamiting jobs for the railroad to fund the surgery.
To Live with Fear Part 2 Mary desperately needs more surgery to restore her health and Charles works feverishly to earn enough money for his daughter’s operations.   A fatigued Charles soon causes an accident that traps both him and a co-worker in a mountain tunnel.  Now, only Mr. Edwards can save the two men.
Wisdom of Solomon, The A young African-American boy offers to work for Charles for his whole life in exchange for an education. When the boy moves in with the family and begins to attend school, he soon learns that even an education may not overcome prejudice.
Music Box, The When Laura is forced to join in a plan to embarrass and humiliate a girl from school because of her own bad behavior, it takes the help of her sister Mary to speak the truth, make things right and set herself free from blackmail.
Election, The The election of the class president is a three-way contest with Mary Ingalls and Nellie Oleson pitted against each other and a slow-witted boy, Elmer Dobkins.  After nominating two girls and effectively splitting the female vote, the boys set out to prove that any boy can beat a girl.
Gold Country Part 1 Ruined crops and a financial depression force Charles Ingalls and his family to leave Walnut Grove to try their luck in the gold camps. The Ingalls family, joined by their friends the Edwards’, pack up and move into the rough, dangerous, and greedy world of gold seekers.
Gold Country Part 2 The temptations of being rich soon turns everyone from Walnut Grove against each other, until Laura and Carl visit with an ex-miner who has seen the ill effects of gold mining and shares with the families. Charles and Mr. Edwards realize they are already rich, but is there any way to reverse course?
Castoffs When an eccentric old woman sets up her “house” in the center of town and a stray dog bonds with Laura, they both help her through the loss of an old friend and teach Laura and the rest of Walnut Grove lessons in love and acceptance.
Times of Change Mary Ingalls accompanies her father to the Chicago Grange Convention to surprise her true love, John Edwards, by accepting his invitation to a cotillion in person. But surprises are in store for everyone as both Charles and Mary experience a trip very different from the one they each expected.
My Ellen When a neighbor girl accidentally drowns while swimming with the Ingalls girls, her grief-stricken mother first blames Laura for asking Ellen to go to the pond with them.  Unable to accept the reality of her little girl’s death, she then begins to imagine that Laura is her daughter.
Handyman, The When Charles is called out of town to work on a lumber contract and a handsome itinerant handyman stays in the Ingalls’ barn while helping Caroline with a kitchen addition, Mrs. Oleson begins to gossip and question Caroline’s integrity.
Wolves, The When Caroline and Charles are called out of town and leave Mary in charge of the Ingalls’ family homestead, the children’s lives are threatened by a pack of hungry wild dogs . Now, Mary must find a way to outwit the canines and save her sisters.
Creeper of Walnut Grove, The Foul behavior is in the air and junior detectives Andy and Laura take tips from a fictional sleuth of Scotland Yard to track down the mysterious Walnut Grove chicken thief, ruffling a few feathers of their own along the way.
To Run and Hide After a patient dies, Doc Baker retires and arranges for an East Coast physician to take over his practice.  When the new doctor decides to go on a hunting trip, he leaves a pregnant widow in grave danger when her labor pains begin.
Aftermath, The When Jesse and Frank James come to town and assume false identities, they hire Mary Ingalls to run errands for them.  The James boys have a posse on their tails. Now, Mary and the rest of Walnut Grove find themselves in the middle of a deadly showdown.
High Cost of Being Right, The When Jonathan Garvey’s crops fail and he suffers a lack of work at the mill, his wife Alice insists on helping the family’s poor financial situation.  When Jonathan announces he wants a divorce, the split leaves the Ingalls family torn between their friends and seeking a way to help the couple.
Fighter, The A prizefighter appears in town to take on all challengers and Jonathan prepares to fight him, but he injures his fist while training. Unwilling to lose his entry fee, Jonathan convinces Charles to fight in his place.  All are shocked by the terrible outcome.
Meet Me at the Fair The Oleson and Ingalls families travel to a fair in Mankato, where Mary hopes to spend time with a boyfriend. Meanwhile Nels and Charles enter a donkey-riding contest, and Laura has a horrible time keeping an eye on Carrie.
Here Come the Brides When Nellie becomes smitten with Luke Simms, Mrs. Oleson orders a halt to the relationship and insists that Miss Beadle talk to Luke’s father. The well-meaning Miss Beadle discovers, however, that the handsome widower hog farmer has love and marriage on his mind, too.
Freedom Flight When an Indian boy comes to Walnut Grove seeking help for his sick father, some of the townspeople of Walnut Grove become fearful of more conflicts like the past and are hostile toward the Indians.  Now, Charles must step in to help them leave town and calm everyone down.
Rivals, The While stalking frogs with Jimmy Hill,  Laura suddenly realizes that she’s madly in love with her old pal, pitcher, and fellow fisherman. Meanwhile, Charles and Jonathan Garvey try to establish a freight business by entering a cross-country hauling contest against two hard-nosed rivals.
Whisper Country When Mary is hired as a teacher in a small backwoods community called Willow Run, she is met with pure hatred from its town leader, Miss Peel, an elderly woman who is fiercely opposed to the school. Miss Peel’s determination to drive Mary from town proves to be a severe test to the Ingalls girl’s resolve and character.
I Remember, I Remember Charles Ingalls struggles with a broken wagon wheel and bad weather while traveling to get home to celebrate his wedding anniversary.  Meanwhile, Caroline entertains the girls with a story about another time she was kept waiting for Charles and also sharing how she and their father first met.
Be My Friend After finding bottles containing messages and a picture from a mysterious girl upstream, Laura takes a hike and finds an abandoned baby. Laura takes the child in and cares for it like it was her own, not knowing it belongs to a timid young woman in trouble.
Inheritance, The When the Ingalls’ friends and neighbors hear of Charles’ impending inheritance, they convince him to make purchases on credit from Oleson’s store and make donations to the church and school.  Charles soon receives bad news about his windfall and faces the potential loss of his farm.
Stranger, The When young Peter Lundstrom is expelled from his private school for petty theft, his father sends the boy to stay with his cousin Nels Oleson in Walnut Grove for a lesson in values.  When Nels has trouble communicating with the boy, Charles offers to help.
A Most Precious Gift Despite the happiness of her family over the impending birth, Caroline’s excitement turns to worry when she senses that Charles wants a boy.  Frustrated, Charles decides to send his daughters to a friend, giving him a chance to talk privately with Caroline.  When birth-time suddenly arrives, Ma and Pa Ingalls are left alone without a doctor.
I’ll Be Waving as You Drive Away Part 1 Just as Mary falls in love with newcomer Seth Barton, her eyesight begins to worsen. Charles takes her to an optometrist but learns Mary will soon go blind.  Charles struggles to tell his daughter the bitter news.
I’ll Be Waving as You Drive Away Part 2 Mary is sent to a blind school in Iowa, where she meets her husband-to-be, Adam Kendall. Mary refuses to accept Adam’s help at first, but he eventually helps her learn to deal with her blindness.
As Long as We’re Together Part 1 Hard times force Charles to move his family from their quiet farm at Plum Creek.  They settle in a noisy western town near where their daughter, Mary, lives and teaches at a  school for the blind.
As Long as We’re Together Part 2 The Ingalls and their former neighbors discover that life in Winoka is much different as they settle into new jobs. But there are problems which make them yearn for the quiet and dignity of their former way of life. Charles begins to help his new friend, a troubled boy named Albert.
Winoka Warriors, The Guest Stars John Ireland, Merlin Olsen, and Patrick Laborteaux – Young Tom Carlin is convinced that his blindness makes him useless, and his father, Frank, played by John Ireland, sees no reason to educate the lad – until he takes part in one of history’s strangest football games between rich kids and poor kids.
Man Inside, The Laura’s innocent joke about a fat man leads to grave consequences when she learns that the fellow she was making fun of is her best friend’s father. When Mr. Bevins learns that his daughter, Amelia, is embarrassed by his obesity he tries to hide from public view and then struggles to find a reason to live.
There’s No Place like Home Part 1 When Charles Ingalls and Jonathan Garvey become more and more disenchanted with city life and their heartless employer, they quit their jobs and announce that the families are returning to their homes in Walnut Grove.
There’s No Place like Home Part 2 The Ingalls, Garveys, and Olesons return to their homes in Walnut Grove, but the joy of returning to the quiet farm community turns to dismay when they discover the conditions of life in the town and the morals of the few remaining inhabitants.
Fagin Laura fights jealousy and anger when her father spends all his time helping his adopted son, Albert, raise a new calf. When Caroline tells Charles that Laura has been hurt by his lack of attention, Albert considers running away from his new home.
Harriet’s Happenings Walnut Grove finally gets a newspaper, but when the editor allows Mrs. Oleson to write a gossip column, the community is shocked at what they read about themselves and their neighbors as she uses her column to praise her family and punish her enemies.
Wedding, The Mary joyfully accepts the marriage proposal of Adam Kendall. Charles and Caroline Ingalls arrive in Winoka for the wedding, but discover that Mary, who has doubts that two blind people can safely raise children, is having second thoughts about the marriage.
Men Will Be Boys When Albert Ingalls and Andy Garvey insist they are “men” and should be allowed to take outside jobs for pay, their fathers come up with a plan that sends them on a wild goose chase – which is supposed to prove to them they are still little boys.
Cheaters, The The school teacher’s son accepts Nellie Oleson’s offer of tutoring, only to learn the she expects him to swipe the answers to his mother’s school examinations. He supplies the answers once and then learns that Nellie will use blackmail to make sure he continues to do so.
Blind Journey Part 1 When Charles learns that the school in Winoka for blind children has been closed, he arranges for a new school in Walnut Grove and sets out to help guide the sightless students on their trip. Mrs. Oleson insists on coming along.
Blind Journey Part 2 Charles Ingalls leads 25 blind children through the woods to their new school in Walnut Grove and Adam confesses cowardice to his new wife, Mary, when he panics at the dangerous river crossing in the woods.
Godsister, The With her father away from home on a job, Carrie craves attention from other members of the family who are too busy to for her. She then creates an invisible friend who turns her lonely hours into exciting and imaginative experiences.
Craftsman, The Young Albert is hurt, both emotionally and physically, when he is beaten up by some of his acquaintances, simply because he refuses to turn his back on a lonely woodcarver. The man sets out to teach Albert about the pride of workmanship and explain the mysteries of Jewish traditions.
Blind Man’s Bluff A local boy has an accident in which he suffers a temporary loss of sight.  When he learns that his parents have now postponed their divorce, he fakes permanent blindness in order to keep them together, but Laura Ingalls discovers his secret and is confused and unsure of what to do next.
Dance with Me When Laura and Albert decide to play cupid, their efforts to spark a romance between an aimless wanderer and prim and proper Amanda Jane Cooper run into problems. The man’s wish to remain unemployed and drinking paired with the woman’s prudishness and firm independence pose a formidable challenge to love.
Sound of Children, The When Mary Ingalls Kendall learns that she is pregnant, she sets out to reconcile her husband with his estranged father—a rift created when the old man rejected his son at the time the boy was blinded.
Lake Kezia Monster, The When Kezia looses her rundown home in the woods to Mrs. Olesen,  the Ingalls children start a rumor about a Loch Ness-type monster living in the nearby lake to scare Mrs. Oleson back to town for good and recover Kezia’s home and land.
Barn Burner Judd Larrabee finds himself on trial for burning the Garvey family’s barn and assaulting a Garvey child.  Andy Larrabee is insistent on his father’s innocence and is enraged by the trial, while jury foreman Charles Ingalls pushes hard for a guilty verdict – unaware of the secret kept by young Andy Garvey.
Enchanted Cottage, The The Ingalls family is thrilled at the prospect of Mary regaining her sight when she suddenly announces that she can distinguish dark from light. Charles Ingalls rushes her to an examination by an eye specialist unaware that Mary’s husband, Adam, has fallen into a deep depression over the news.
Someone Please Love Me Away from home on a buying trip, Charles Ingalls faces a problem when a lonely woman and her two small children turn to him for affection because the family’s rancher father has let drinking turn him into a brusque, uncaring father and husband.
Mortal Mission When the town of Walnut Grove and members of the Ingalls and Garvey families fall ill during a deadly outbreak of the anthrax virus, Charles Ingalls and Jonathan Garvey set out on a frenzied and desperate search for medicine.
Odyssey, The Laura and Albert run away from home to help a dying boy realize his lifelong dream of seeing the ocean. Charles Ingalls, who sets out to stop them, winds up joining their caravan to the sea—where they get some unexpected help from a young journalist named William Randolph Hearst.
Back to School Part 1 When Laura meets and falls in love with the man she wants to marry, she has competition from Nellie Oleson. Laura sets out to put her childhood behind her and convince Almanzo that her feelings for him are much more than puppy love.
Back to School Part 2 Laura Ingalls and Nellie Oleson continue their battle for the romantic attentions of Almanzo Wilder, and Charles makes an embarrassing mistake in judgment when he hears that the young man has actually kissed his daughter Laura.
Family Tree, The When Albert tells Charles Ingalls that he doesn’t really feel like part of the family because he hasn’t been legally adopted, the Ingalls try to please the lad by going to court.  All are amazed to learn that Albert’s real father has developed a sudden interest in him and demands he be returned to his custody.
Third Miracle, The When their stagecoach overturns in an accident, an expectant mother must depend on blind Mary for help. When the woman shows signs of labor, a frantic Mary sets out in search of aid to save the life of her unborn child.
Annabelle Laura Ingalls’ growing love for Almanzo Wilder is put to the test when she learns he is dating another girl, and Mr. Nels Oleson is shocked to learn that the Large Lady in the visiting circus is actually his long-lost sister.
Preacher Takes a Wife, The When Mrs. Oleson discovers that a woman has spent the night in the home of Walnut Grove’s beloved minister, she brands him a disgrace and sets out to have him removed from his church.
Halloween Dream, The During a nap prior to a Halloween costume party, Albert dreams that he and his sister Laura have been captured by Indians who mistake him for the son of a famous chief—and expect him to help lead an attack against the U.S. Army.
Return of Mr. Edwards, The Charles Ingalls and his daughter Laura rush to the aid of their old friend Edwards when they learn that a crippling accident has destroyed his will to live. Charles is shocked to discover that the happy-go-lucky former mountain man is now filled with rage, anger, and hatred.
King Is Dead, The When a con artist and an aging wrestler set out to cheat Walnut Grove residents out of their money, they convince Jonathan Garvey that he’s good enough to become the next world champion wrestler. Garvey then persuades his neighbors to risk their money betting he can win.
Little House Years Part 1 of 3, The When the Ingalls’ get together for Thanksgiving, the family shares stories of their favorite memories. This episode is filled with many flashbacks of Little House on the Prairie’s greatest, most memorable moments.
Little House Years Part 2 of 3, The The walk down memory road continues as the Ingalls family shares stories of their favorite memories. This episode also shares many flashbacks of Little House on the Prairie’s greatest, most memorable moments.
Little House Years Part 3 of 3, The At Thanksgiving, the Ingalls family shares stories of their favorite memories. This show contains flashbacks of Little House on the Prairie’s greatest episodes. With all the stories fresh in her mind, Laura mentions that she hopes to write a book about her special memories.
Faith Healer, The When a traveling preacher claiming to have a special gift stops to preach in Walnut Grove, the townspeople slowly turn away from the gentle teachings of the Rev. Alden. The sudden, strange death of a young parishioner causes Charles to investigate the dynamic preacher’s background.
Author, Author When Mary becomes pregnant again, Caroline’s parents arrange a visit to witness the birth of their great-grandchild. Unfortunately, when Caroline’s mother dies en route, she is left to deal with her father’s pain.  When he begins to share his stories of growing up in the big woods, the whole family encourages him to write an autobiography.
Crossed Connections When a telephone line is set up in Walnut Grove, Harriet Oleson is put in charge of the switchboard. Mrs. Oleson begins to eavesdrop on everyone’s conversations. When she hears and spreads something private about Alice Garvey, it creates serious trouble in Alice’s marriage.
Angry Heart, The An angry teenager with a troubled childhood arrives in Walnut Grove to spend time with his grandparents. When he quickly runs into trouble and lands in jail for stealing, Charles hires him as a farmhand to teach him some values.
Werewolf of Walnut Grove, The When a couple arrives in Walnut Grove with their teenage son, he soon causes serious trouble at the school. The school board can’t agree on a solution, causing Miss Wilder to leave.  With the town at odds and the teacher gone, Laura and Albert must decide if they should take on the problem.
Whatever Happened to the Class of ’56? When Charles and Caroline take a trip to Milwaukee for a school reunion, they are disappointed to learn what has become of their former classmates. While in town, Charles takes the time to visit a farmers’ convention, where he butts heads with some more experienced farmers.
Darkness Is My Friend Laura decides to spend the night with Mary at the blind school.  When a knock comes on the door, Mary and Laura open the door to life-threatening danger, and only Charles has any chance of saving his daughters and the students of the school.
Silent Promises Laura Ingalls’ joy turns to sorrow when she sets out to teach sign language to a deaf boy, then learns that he has fallen in love with her. When she tells the boy that she’ll never be more than his friend and teacher, she is not prepared for his dramatic reaction.
May We Make Them Proud Part 1 A roaring fire takes two lives as it burns Mary’s Walnut Grove School for the Blind to the ground, bringing tragedy and change to the stunned residents of the small farm community.
May We Make Them Proud Part 2 As Mary snaps out of her shock from trauma and loss, Albert learns his carelessness caused the fire that took two lives.  Soon, Albert runs away, leading Charles and a reformed Jonathan on a frantic search for him.
Wilder and Wilder Almanzo’s younger brother, Perley, comes to town. Knowing that Almanzo’s affections in a much younger Laura have deepened, Charles is convinced that Perley is a better match for his “Half Pint.” However, Charles’ sentiments may quickly change.
Second Spring Angered by his wife’s constant nagging and complaining, Nels Oleson decides to escape for a while by taking a “traveling store” into the countryside, where he meets a delightful woman and discovers that he’s slowly falling in love.
Sweet Sixteen Laura passes the state examinations and gets her license to teach just in time to take over for an ailing teacher in a nearby town.  Meanwhile, Almanzo begins to notice he has gained more respect and affection for Laura.
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Part 1 Laura is delighted when Almanzo finally proposes, but when Charles wants them to wait for two years, Almanzo insists Laura marry him right away or else!  Meanwhile, an unexpected tragedy puts the future of Mary and Adam’s new blind school in jeopardy.
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Part 2 To keep her mind off Almanzo’s extended absence, Laura decides to help at Mary and Adam’s new blind school.  Meanwhile, in an attempt to conceal a secret from Laura and her family, Almanzo falls dangerously ill.
Laura Ingalls Wilder Part 1 Upon being sold a generous piece of land, Almanzo is eager to begin building a home for himself and his fiancé Laura. He hires his friend Harv Miller to assist him with his crop and also help take care of his sister, Eliza Jane’s, house.
Laura Ingalls Wilder Part 2 Almanzo’s dreams of building a home do not go quite as planned, forcing him to postpone the wedding until he can get back on his feet. Laura suggests an idea for them to earn some money, but it may drive a wedge into their relationship.
A New Beginning Jonathan and Andy Garvey move to Sleepy Eye in a quest to rebuild their lives. Jonathan decides to become a deputy sheriff to clean up the town of crime, but his job is a dangerous one that ultimately threatens his young son.
Fight Team Fight! A former football star settles back into his childhood town of Walnut Grove with his wife and son, and he shows an active interest in coaching the boys’ football team. Although his intentions are good, his win at all costs philosophy may prove dangerous to the children on the team.
Silent Cry, The Houston, the caretaker at the School for the Blind, hides a frightened mute boy and his brother who are in danger of being separated, and sets out to become a respectable farmer and gain enough respect to adopt them.
Portrait of Love When a beautiful adopted girl exhibits a gift for painting, despite her physical blindness, a man who owns a string of art galleries provides a public art exhibit in Sleepy Eye. However, the young artist’s work suddenly turns dark and troubled, reflecting her troubled past.
Divorce, Walnut Grove Style Laura suspects that her newlywed husband Almanzo is being unfaithful to her and decides to leave him. Meanwhile, Charles is the proud owner of a beautiful new glass window, but installing it is a little more challenging than he anticipated.
Dearest Albert, I’ll Miss You To sharpen writing skills and broaden their horizons, Laura arranges for her students to correspond with children from other areas. Albert connects immediately with his pen pal, but as it turns out, they are both going to harmful lengths to impress each other.
In Laws, The Charles Ingalls and his new son-in-law, Almanzo Wilder, become partners in a new freight company and quickly get into an argument about the shortest route to the next town. They decide to settle the argument with a race, which leads to both comic and dramatic adventures along the way.
To See the Light Part 1 When Adam regains his sight following a head injury, his blind wife, Mary, is happy for him but troubled about what the change will do to their marriage. Charles and Caroline share their son-in-law’s excitement, unaware of their daughter’s fears.
To See the Light Part 2 Adam decides to leave his position as a teacher at the School for the Blind to seek a career as a lawyer, unaware that the change is frightening blind Mary, who now thinks she is becoming a burden to her husband.
Oleson vs. Oleson An advocate of women’s rights comes to town, asking local men to sign a petition to give women shared property rights. When local men are reluctant to sign the paper, it leads to a battle of the sexes, Walnut Grove style.
Come Let Us Reason Together Nellie and her husband, Percival, are excited and ready for the birth of their first child, until his parents arrive in Walnut Grove and get into a roaring argument with Mrs. Oleson about the child’s religious future.
Nephews, The Laura and Almanzo soon realize they made a big mistake when they agreed to babysit his brother’s two young sons. When the two wild boys almost destroy the Wilder’s home and marriage, Laura sets out to teach them a lesson in manners.
Make a Joyful Noise Joe Kagan finally works up the courage to sell his farm and move to town to do some serious courting of the blind school’s teacher, Hester Sue, only to learn that she is planning to marry someone else.
Goodbye, Mrs. Wilder When Laura gets frustrated and quits her teaching job, Mrs. Oleson takes her place and makes a “model school” complete with instruction in French, art appreciation classes, and a dress code that requires all the kids to wear uniforms.
Sylvia Part 1 Several Walnut Grove boys tease an innocent 14 year-old girl named Sylvia. Young Albert Ingalls soon apologizes for joining with the boys and their teasing and begins to fall in love with the girl, unaware that she is living in a world of fear and humiliation after being assaulted.
Sylvia Part 2 Albert is plagued by the continuing gossip and confusion about his friend Sylvia.  When he learns that Sylvia may move to another state, Albert takes a job with the local blacksmith and plans to save enough money to make Sylvia his wife.
Blind Justice When Adam and Mary Kendall happily return to Walnut Grove and set up a law practice for Adam, his friends and neighbors react with shock and anger because he defends a man accused of cheating people and taking their land.
I Do, Again Caroline and her daughter, Laura, bring joy to their husbands when they announce, at the same time, that each is pregnant.  But Caroline gets some unwanted news when she visits the town doctor for a thorough examination.
Lost Ones Part 1, The When Charles and Albert witness an accident that takes the lives of James and Cassandra Cooper’s parents, Charles feels obligated to find them a good home. No one accepts the youngsters and Charles is forced to consider sending them to a distant orphanage.
Lost Ones Part 2, The A local couple agrees to adopt James and Cassandra Cooper, but no one is aware of the cruelty in the children’s new home. When the frightened youngsters run away from their new home, Charles is forced to make a difficult choice about their future.
Reincarnation of Nellie Part 1, The Mrs. Oleson is shattered by the news that daughter Nellie has moved to New York to live. In an effort to bring her out of her depression, her husband talks her into “shopping” at an orphanage to find a replacement for Nellie.  Mrs. Oleson’s choice is a surprise to everyone.
Reincarnation of Nellie Part 2, The Mrs. Oleson’s newly adopted daughter, Nancy, plots to become the star of the school’s annual festival.  When nasty Nancy’s conniving actions drive a wedge between Mr. Oleson and his wife, he teams up with Charles and others to teach Nancy a lesson in manners and behavior.
Growin’ Pains When James begins feeling insecure about his place in the Ingalls family, he tries a little too hard to imitate his older brother, Albert.  James is caught with a shaving blade stolen from the mercantile and runs away, leaving Albert to go find him.
Dark Sage When a new doctor arrives in Walnut Grove, the only friends he finds are the Ingalls family.  The new doctor is black, and even Doc Baker is unable to get past his prejudice.  After the new doctor saves a young pregnant woman and her newborn, all begin to reconsider their feelings.
A Wiser Heart Laura attends a writing seminar in Arizona, but the experience is marred by a rude professor who suggests that her grade will depend on her reaction to his romantic overtures.  And a reunion with her sister-in-law, Eliza Jane, turns sour when she finds herself in the midst of a triangle between Eliza Jane and two men.
Gambini the Great A visiting  and aging circus daredevil Gambini the Great has a hypnotic effect on all the children of Walnut Grove, especially Albert and Willie. A tragedy during one of Gambini’s stunts will provide a chilling lesson in hero worship.
Legend of Black Jake, The Mr. Oleson sets out to get revenge on his wife when he is taken prisoner by two bumbling kidnappers and Mrs. Oleson refuses to pay the $100 ransom. Infuriated by his wife’s cheapness, Nels Oleson teams up with the kidnappers and others to set his wife straight.
Chicago Charles travels to Chicago to comfort his grief-stricken friend, Mr. Edwards, after his son John Jr. dies in what seems to be a tragic street car accident. When John’s boss reveals that he was about to publish a story about business corruption, Charles and Mr. Edwards become suspicious and soon realize that John Jr. was marked for murder.
For the Love of Nancy When a young, overweight boy named Elmer Miles is mercilessly teased at school, Nancy goes easy on him because she actually seems to like him.  Nancy has plenty of hurtful plans up her sleeve once she gains Elmer’s trust.
Wave of the Future A fast-talking salesman convinces Mrs. Oleson she can become rich by making her family restaurant a “fast-food” franchise. When her success threatens to wreck the home life of Charles Ingalls and Nels Oleson, they set out to ruin business at the new eatery.
A Christmas They Never Forgot When a sudden, fierce snowstorm traps all the members of the Ingalls family inside the little house on Christmas Eve, they pass the time by exchanging stories about their favorite Christmases from years past.
No Beast So Fierce James joins his father on a long journey after causing his new friend Gideon to run away from home.  Father and son meet a half-wild dog who takes a liking to young James but dislikes Charles. The fierce dog brings both fear and gratitude into their lives.
Stone Soup With both her father and husband out of town, Laura endangers her health and the life of her unborn child when she fights to keep a newly planted fruit orchard alive and the farm running smoothly despite a searing drought.
Legacy, The After spending time with a man who ends up dying of a sudden heart attack, Charles starts thinking about passing on a legacy for future generations. He decides to trade in his farming lifestyle for a career in building tables.
Uncle Jed An elderly relative of James and Cassandra’s, who rejected them immediately after their parents’ deaths, arrives unexpectedly in Walnut Grove to get better acquainted with the children. The three of them hit it off immediately and all is going beautifully.  But Jed, who is now a wealthy man and would like the kids for companionship, places them in a position to choose.
Second Chance When a kind African American man arrives in Walnut Grove looking for his ex-wife Hester Sue, she refuses his obvious attempts to rebuild their relationship.  In time, she agrees to a friendship, which blossoms into rekindled love. However, Sam is keeping a secret that may cause Hester Sue’s love to go cold once more.
Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow Part 1 The Wilders’ budding marriage is put to the test when Almanzo neglects his health after having diphtheria and ends up having a severe stroke. As Laura does her best to help him through, friction between husband and wife is aggravated by an unexpected visitor with a shocking offer.
Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow Part 2 As Almanzo’s attitude worsens from the risk of losing the farm, his sister pursues an office job for him in town.  Just as Laura feels that her marriage is slipping away, a tornado brings the Wilders to an all-time low.  But the storm may be a blessing in disguise.
A Promise to Keep Mr. Edwards arrives back to Walnut Grove a troubled and broken man. His inability to stay off the bottle nearly destroys his long friendship with Charles due to an accident that nearly kills Albert. Now, Charles is faced with turning his back on an old friend in order to protect his family.
A Faraway Cry Caroline travels to a mining camp with Dr. Baker in an attempt to help an old friend who is pregnant and desperately ill.  When her friend passes away, Caroline considers her deathbed request to give her child a good home.
He Was Only Twelve Part 1 During a trip to Sleepy Eye, James and Albert walk into a bank robbery. When James is shot and left for dead by the robbers, a grief-hardened Charles enlists Mr. Edwards to track down the men responsible.
He Was Only Twelve Part 2 When James continues to linger in a coma after being shot in Sleepy Eye, Charles refuses to believe his son will not recover. Unwilling to give up, Charles takes his adopted son away with him to pray.
Times Are Changing Part 1 Charles bids a tearful farewell to Laura when the Ingalls have to move to the city to find work. The little house is sold to the Carters and Laura has resigned as teacher to spend more time with Rose. Meanwhile, Almanzo’s brother, Royal, and his daughter Jenny have come to visit.
Times Are Changing Part 2 Almanzo learns his brother, Royal, has a serious heart condition. Royal soon becomes bed-ridden and then passes away, leaving his young daughter, Jenny, devastated. The grieving girl soon tries dangerous methods to ease her pain.
Welcome to Olesonville When Mrs. Oleson finds an old city bond and tries to take control of Walnut Grove by having her husband become mayor, a local farmer insists on an election and nominates Almanzo Wilder for the job.
Rage When Mr. Stark finds himself very deep in debt, he breaks down and shoots his wife and daughter. While wandering the town after the shooting, he ends up at Laura’s house and mistakes Laura and Jenny for his wife and daughter.  Now Laura must bring him to his senses to save her baby and herself.
Little Lou When a dwarf man tries to find work in Walnut Grove, he faces prejudice from the locals.  The man then turns to stealing to eat and faces charges, but a child from the town soon finds herself in danger and her only hope of rescue may be this very same man.
Wild Boy Part 1, The A traveling side show features Matthew, the “Wild Boy of the North” as its main attraction. No older than nine years old, the child escapes and seeks shelter with the Wilders. With the help of Doc Baker, they find some unsettling truths about this “wild” boy.
Wild Boy Part 2, The Matthew’s life has taken a complete turn, thanks to the love and support of so many people in Walnut Grove, and he is now living happily with Mr. Edwards. The trouble begins when the showman returns to town and will do anything to get the child back.
Return of Nellie, The The Olesons are thrilled to learn that Nellie is returning home for a visit, but Nancy is not too pleased about sharing the spotlight. Tension flies as Nellie receives all the attention, and despite Nellie’s efforts, Nancy refuses to build any relationship with her older sister.
Empire Builders, The When news comes that the new railroad is expected to pass directly through Walnut Grove,  many in town are excited.  Others are concerned that it would destroy their quiet, simplistic lifestyle, and when they decide to fight it, lives are threatened.
Love Laura’s childhood friend, Jane Canfield, comes back to Walnut Grove. Despite her blindness, she develops a fondness for a much older Isaiah Edwards.  The two gradually fall in love, and when Jane’s vision is restored, many of Isaiah’s friends oppose his marriage.
Alden’s Dilemma When a new minister passes through Walnut Grove, and is quickly accepted by the congregation as a strong and efficient speaker, Reverend Alden fears that he is being pushed away by his own community. Meanwhile, John and Almanzo head off to San Francisco and the danger and bustle of the big city present a wild string of events.
Marvin’s Garden Dr. Marvin Haynes has been practicing in Walnut Grove, but his failing eyesight prevents him from renewing his license, leaving him angry and depressed over the loss of his career. Meanwhile, Jenny Wilder suffers physical and speech impairments after a swimming accident, and Marvin must reclaim his senses to help her.
Sins of the Fathers When Sarah Carter’s father, a powerful New York publisher, arrives in Walnut Grove,  he creates havoc in her family and marriage with his demands that they give up the simple life and move east with him to enjoy a life of luxury.
Older Brothers, The When Isaiah Edwards stumbles onto a robbery in progress and innocently comes to the aid of the wrong side, he is identified as a member of the infamous
Younger Brothers, a dangerous band of outlaws who terrorize the west!
Once Upon a Time Laura Ingalls Wilder is thrilled when she wins a writing contest and travels to Minneapolis to meet a publisher.  They encourage her to write her first “Little House” book—but she faces a decision when the editor demands that she insert more excitement and drama into her simple stories.
Home Again Part 1 Charles is forced to address Albert’s recent criminal behavior. The two of them take a trip back to Walnut Grove, and as Charles reconnects with Laura and his friends, he is hopeful that the experience will straighten out his troubled son, but Albert’s issues run deeper than anyone ever imagined.
Home Again Part 2 A shipment of morphine powders goes missing from Doc Baker’s office and all evidence points to Albert, forcing Charles to accept the real truth about him. Meanwhile, Jason Carter has an unusual reason for wanting a pair of eye glasses.
A Child with No Name Dr. Baker sees his career and his reputation shattered when Laura finds her baby dead in his crib shortly after a physical examination by the physician. Filled with sorrow and rage, Laura Ingalls Wilder blames Dr. Baker for the sudden, unexplained death of her newborn son.
Last Summer, The A wealthy, childless woman returns to Walnut Grove for the summer and faces jealousy from Sarah Carter when she takes little Jason Carter into her heart. The wealthy woman has a secret and special reason for her special attention to Sarah’s son.
For the Love of Blanche When Isaiah Edwards promises a dying man that he’ll find a home for his “little girl,” he learns too late that the “girl” is a baby orangutan.  The creature wreaks havoc on Walnut Grove and the local children do their best to protect it from Mrs. Oleson.
May I Have This Dance? Sixteen year-old Willie Oleson shocks his parents when he reveals his plans to get married. Mrs. Oleson is furious when she learns that Willie is getting married, and sets out to do everything she can to stop the wedding. Can “little” Willie prove himself to be a match for his meddling mother?
Hello and Goodbye When an author who is working on his next book moves in with Laura and Almanzo at their boarding house, he proves to be quite an interesting addition to the Walnut Grove community. Meanwhile, Mr. Edwards faces a moral dilemma when the biological father of his recently adopted son Matthew shows up to reclaim the boy.
Look Back to Yesterday Charles and Albert make an unexpected visit to Walnut Grove, and they are both thrilled to be back. Unfortunately, the town faces tremendous financial difficulties, just as college-bound Albert receives some devastating news of his own. Elsewhere, little Jason Carter longs to kiss a little girl at school.