George Croghan: Frontier Peacemaker

Known as The King of the Traders, George Croghan is an entrepreneur who has made and lost fortunes conducting business with Native Americans on the edges of Colonial America. But his livelihood is put in jeopardy when Ottawa Chief Pontiac organizes a coalition of tribes to attack remote British forts, and trade comes to a complete standstill. Croghan is recruited by the British Empire to take a perilous journey into the wilderness to find Pontiac, negotiate a peace agreement, and prevent all-out war. Along the way Croghan’s trade goods are destroyed, leaving him with little to trade for peace, and he suffers a grievous head wound as he is taken captive by a Kickapoo war party. The fast-talking Croghan must use all his charm, wits, and experience to turn the tables on his captors, save his own life, and bring about an historic peace treaty.