Violins, Yarn, Golf Putters

Lukasz Wronski  ♦  Marlie de Swart  ♦  LaMont Mann

Violins, Yarn, Golf Putters | Host Jill Wagner travels the country on a quest to find talented craftsmen who still make incredible items by hand. In New York City, Jill meets an internationally renowned violin maker, Lukas Wronski. His award winning instruments might have a traditional sound, but their look is far from the expected. Then, in Petaluma, California, Jill meets Marlie de Swart who turns local sheep’s wool into coveted yarn. Finally, in Fountain Hills, Arizona, a golf enthusiast LaMont Mann breaks from customary stainless steel putters found in most golfer’s bags to brass heads that are custom made for each customer’s needs.


VIOLINS  |  Lukasz Wronski

Lukasz Wronski was born in Poland. Raised in a musical family, he played the violin from a young age…Read more

What drew you to your chosen craft?
It is hard to say what exactly drew me to my craft and made me love it. I think it has been many things put together. For starters, I began to play violin when I was 9 years old…Read more


 YARN  |  Marlie de Swart

Marlie de Swart started hand spinning yarn when she was a seven-year-old girl living in the Netherlands…Read more

Why is it important for people to make things with their hands?
Making things with your hands brings you closer to the material; it makes you understand the material you work with…Read more


GOLF PUTTERS  |  LaMont Mann

LaMont Mann has always felt that the putter is the most personal club in a golfer’s bag. In 1996, he still hadn’t found his dream putter…Read more

What do you enjoy most about your craft?
The best part of what I do is the emails, text messages and phone calls that I receive from customers after they receive…Read more



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