Handcrafted America: Season 2
Season 2 Premieres Oct. 21st at 9:30p ET

Cuckoo Clocks, Baseball Bats, Work Gloves

Bill Galinsky  ♦  Jesse LaCasse  ♦  Dean Catherman

Cuckoo Clocks, Baseball Bats, Work Gloves | Host Jill Wagner travels the country on a quest to find talented craftsmen who still make incredible items by hand. Duplainville, Wisconsin is home to multi award-winning cuckoo clock maker, Bill Galinsky, who shows Jill how he builds traditional cuckoo clocks. Next, in Skoweghan, Maine, Jill meets Jesse LaCasse, a former baseball player who hand turns native hardwood into baseball bats sought by the pros. Finally, in Salem, Oregon, Jill spends time with Dean Catherman,one of the only quality leather glove makers in the country. He shows her how work gloves can be as good looking as they are durable.


CUCKOO CLOCKS  |  Bill Galinsky

Bill fell in love with his first cuckoo clock at 7 years old, when his father brought a broken Schmeckenbecher at a garage sale. Bill looked at the broken clock and instinctively put it back together…Read more



BASEBALL BATS  |  Jesse LaCasse

When Jesse LaCasse says he makes baseball bats, he’s not just talking about spinning a piece of wood on a lathe. Jesse is involved in the entire process, from tree to baseball field...Read more


WORK GLOVES  |  Dean Catherman

Dean Catherman has been in the glove business since he was 19 years old. That’s 56 years of experience…Read more

Why is it important for people to make things with their hands?
Handcrafted items such as gloves continue a tradition and connect us to our history. It is a skill we should not let fade…Read more



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