Survival While traveling through the desert, Jason McCord meets a man who is on foot after his horse perishes. Fearing not seeing his family again, the man steals McCord’s horse and water and leaves him for dead.
Vindicator, The Guest Star Claude Akins. A New York newspaper reporter tries to find out why Jason McCord was thrown out of the Calvary. To get the story, he finds Mrs. Pritchett, whose husband, Lt. John Pritchett, was killed at Bitter Creek.
Test, The Jason McCord inadvertently involves a Catholic priest in a deadly encounter with four drunken Comanches. Ex-Cavalryman McCord and Father Durant, both named Jason, immediately bond after they find they have something in common.
Rules of the Game Guest Star Jeanne Cooper. Jason McCord tries to help a girl named Elsie who once saved his life and who, along with McCord, is also trying to live down her bad reputation.
Bounty, The Jason McCord finds himself the target of a greedy bounty hunter after someone puts a $5000 price on his head.
Leap Upon Mountains Jason McCord comes to the aid of a widowed Quaker woman who is trying to establish a farming community. However, they both come under pressure when her neighbors try to force her to sell her land.
Coward Step Aside When all of the men from town run off to strike it rich in a silver mine, a gang of bank robbers comes to town to take advantage of the situation. Jason McCord must intervene when the new deputy marshal isn’t up to speed.
Mission Part 1, The Jason McCord is summoned to Washington at the request of an old girlfriend and her father, Senator Lansing, who happens to have a lot of influence. Once there, McCord learns that they have an important job for him.
Mission Part 2, The On a highly secret mission, Jason McCord poses as a traitor, infiltrating a band of Mexican outlaws who have been attacking soldiers. Soon, he learns that his mission is much more difficult than he thought.
Mission Part 3, The Guest Star Cesar Romero. Jason McCord lures the Mexican desperadoes into an Army fort, but he can’t convince the fort’s commanding officer that he is not one of the outlaws.
First Kill, The Guest Star Chad Everett. Jason McCord pays a visit to the family of the first man that he killed in battle during a war. When the man’s brother learns that McCord had killed him, he then makes plans to kill Jason.
Very Few Heroes Christina Adams, a woman who despises Jason McCord and blames him for her brother’s death at Bitter Creek, needs his testimony in a lawsuit in order to save her ranch.
One Way Out Guest Star Jim Davis. Jason McCord is offered a job in order to lure him to a ghost town. He finds out that a religious fanatic is bent on avenging his son’s death at Bitter Creek.
That the Brave Endure A West Point cadet faces expulsion for making statements that support Jason McCord’s actions at Bitter Creek. The Academy gives Cadet Bain one month to reconsider his opinion and apologize, or be drummed out.
A Taste of Poison Jason McCord escorts a woman doctor to a desert hospital. On their way, they pick up a wounded Army officer. After arriving at a stagecoach station, they are told that Indians may have poisoned them.
Price of a Name Lucy Benson hires Jason McCord to help her with her expanding ranch. However, when Jason begins his new job, a group of men are waiting on him to rough him up.
Judge Not Jason McCord finds himself on a stagecoach with one of the officers from his court-martial and a prisoner who is going to be hung. After a brutal gunfight erupts and several are killed, McCord must take control of the prisoner.
Now Join the Human Race Guest Star Burt Reynolds. With the help of a judge, Jason McCord tries to help an Indian friend, Red Hand, escape death by Major Lynch, who is filled with hate.
Mightier than the Sword Ann Williams, a newspaper publisher, refuses to support power hungry Paul Mandell for an important public office. Mandell decides to do whatever it takes to get her support while Jason McCord tries to protect her.
I Killed Jason McCord An outlaw robs Jason McCord and steals his horse. After McCord arrives in town, he finds that the outlaw was killed but was credited as a hero for killing him. McCord must clear up the confusion.
Bar Sinister, The Jason McCord helps an Indian woman and a boy she is caring for after his father dies. The boy’s uncle comes for him and the land rights he owns. McCord must get her to speak up about her connection to the boy and his father.
Seward’s Folly Jason McCord is paid to survey the newly acquired Alaska territory where he finds evidence of plentiful gold and oil. However, others want to steal his maps and have the riches for themselves.
Salute the Soldier Briefly Guest Star Jim Davis. Jason McCord meets miners performing a kangaroo court on an accused murderer. He saves the man who claims to have witnessed the massacre at Bitter Creek and who could possibly clear his name.
Richest Man in Boot Hill, The Guest Star Lee Van Cleef. An undertaker asks Jason McCord for help with hauling a coffin into town. But, McCord doesn’t know that the man in the coffin is very much alive and is ready to rob the freight office.
Fill No Glass for Me Part 1 Jason McCord stops by the grave of friend Corporal Johnny Macon, the leader of a Calvary patrol. He reminisces about what brought them together. They were captured by Indians and were made to fight to the death.
Fill No Glass for Me Part 2 Jason McCord stops by the grave of friend Corporal Johnny Macon, the leader of a Calvary patrol. He reminisces about what brought them together. They were captured by Indians and were made to fight to the death.
Greatest Coward on Earth,


Guest Star Dick Clark. Jason McCord’s skills as a fighter catch the eye of circus owner P.T. Barnum. Barnum wants to use McCord’s name and the massacre of Bitter Creek as the basis of his new Wild West show.
$10,000 for Durango On his way to cash a $10,000 check for his boss, Jason McCord meets a damsel in distress. While he, the lady, and the sheriff are in the bank, it is robbed. McCord must take off after the robbers to get his money back.
Romany Roundup Part 1 Jason McCord arrives to survey the property of rich landowner, Aaron Shields. All is going well until McCord defends Kolyan, a gypsy being punished by Shields for courting his daughter.
Romany Roundup Part 2 Wealthy landowner Aaron Shields puts Jason McCord in jail under false charges. Kolyan tries to help by bailing him out with his jewel box. After that plan doesn’t work, he finds himself with even more problems.
A Proud Town Jason McCord comes to the aid of Julius Perrin. Perrin is caring for a group of orphans and is being forced out of town by Martin Stoddard, whose son was murdered. Stoddard believes one of the orphans committed the crime.
Golden Fleece, The Jason McCord is arrested and put into a prison wagon with Randall Kirby. Kirby is a suspected traitor and former Confederate officer who is planning to create a military empire with stolen Union gold.
Wolfers, The Guest Star Bruce Dern. While traveling, Jason McCord finds a young Indian woman who is tied up. McCord rescues her and takes her back to her people, but they run into trouble with three wolf trappers.
This Stage of Fools Guest Star Martin Landau. Jason McCord is hired as a bodyguard for actor Edwin Booth, whose brother, John Wilkes Booth, assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.
A Destiny Which Made Us


Guest Stars Buck Taylor and James MacArthur. A messenger from President Grant awakes Jason McCord in the middle of the night. McCord reminisces about meeting the future President during the Civil War.
McCord’s Way Jason McCord is asked to be the Sheriff of Silverton, a town where three lawmen have been killed in the past year. McCord makes it known that he is just temporary, but trouble brews when the town doesn’t agree with his methods.
Nice Day for a Hanging Guest Star Beau Bridges. Jason McCord rides into town to witness the execution of a man who once saved his life. While there he meets the man’s son who has sworn revenge on the town’s residents.
Barbed Wire Guest Star Leif Erickson. Jason McCord is hired by cattleman Roy Beckwith to put up a barbed wire fence around his land. This ignites a war over the open range between cattlemen and farmers.
Yellow for Courage Jason McCord, stricken with diphtheria, risks his life to test a new serum and help a woman doctor gain the town’s respect.
Call to Glory Part 1 Guest Star Lee Van Cleef. Jason McCord goes undercover for President Grant to get information on General Custer. When he learns that Custer is plotting to incite an Indian war, he tries to stop him from making a mistake.
Call to Glory Part 2 Guest Star Lee Van Cleef. The tension mounts between Custer and the Indians. A chain of events leads Jason McCord on a journey to find the truth of who is trying to set up General Custer.
Call to Glory Part 3 Guest Star Lee Van Cleef. The crisis is averted and General Custer’s political ambitions are finally halted. Jason McCord and Custer part ways as Custer moves on to Little Big Horn.
Ghost of Murietta, The A teen tries to emulate the infamous bandit, Murietta, by stealing $25,000 in gold from Jason McCord while he is helping Senor Ramirez from Mexico transport it. The teen’s dangerous plan results in tragedy.
Assassins Part 1, The Guest Stars Peter Graves and Jim Davis. Jason McCord returns to Washington and finds himself in the middle of a plot to assassinate President Grant. Grant plans to develop the Black Hills in the West.
Assassins Part 2, The Guest Stars Peter Graves and Jim Davis. The day before a high profile Presidential costume party, Jason McCord learns that the assassination attempt on President Grant was linked to Senator Ashley.
Headed for Doomsday Guest Star Burgess Meredith. Jason McCord saves legendary journalist, Horace Greeley, from an assassination attempt. Greeley was so impressed that he hires McCord as his social secretary.
Cowards Die Many Times Ted Evers, who owns a freight company, soon discovers that Jason McCord is doing a survey for the railroad. Knowing that the railroad will put him out of business, he tries to stop McCord.
Kellie Guest Stars Morgan Brittany and Victor French. The daughter of a bank robber, 11-year-old Kellie, is determined to kill the man responsible for her father’s death.