Here is What the Critics Had to Say about Handcrafted America

HCA Season 1 Collage

st;yleIt’s no secret; the rise in popularity of consuming custom, handcrafted goods has grown tremendously in recent years. From cocktails, to artwork to furniture, Americans want work produced by local talented artisans. The INSP Network airs a show that features just that.



midwestIn a high-tech world, more of us are drawn to handcrafted furniture and accessories, textiles, and more. And makers who create those lovingly created items abound in Minnesota…Our good fortune hasn’t escaped the notice of a new television series, “Handcrafted America.” 



[Handcrafted America] introduces viewers to artisans from across America, and delves into the intricacies of their work. Artisans bring history to life with unique products [in Handcrafted America].


“[Handcrafted America] taps into the unsung part of America not caught up in the rat race.”




Historical treasures [are] featured on new television show [Handcrafted America].



 The series provides an in-depth look at crafters and artisans across the country, showing how products are made from start to finish.