Press Kit
The Cowboy Way

Press Mentions

“This INSP series about three Alabama cowboy ranchers is an unassuming and unexpected charmer…Contrasted by obviously staged ‘reality’ shows, the naturalness of the trio and their families is striking, and the day-to-day struggles of their work is educational and highly entertaining.” – True West

“These guys know the true meanig of getting your hands dirty.” – Home and Family

“A reality show that offers a look at a not-always glamorous but always honorable life, and the admirable men and women who live it.” – Parents Television Council

“Cowboys, yes, real-life All-American Cowboys still exist! And, INSP is bringing the real-life stories of three friends, these three modern day cowboys, along with their families and everyday life to our TV screens each week – so we can see what it’s like for cowboys today.” – It’s A Wonderful Movie

“‘The Cowboy Way: Alabama’ depicts the reality of cowboy life, from brutally long hours and uncertain income to the challenges of balancing family life against the demands of a growing business.” – Dothan Eagle

“Three real-life wranglers from Alabama—Bubba Thompson, Cody Harris and Chris “Booger” Brown— return for another round of ranching, roping, riding and more.”

“Anyone who’s raised cattle knows the cowboy lifestyle would make for compelling television — but not many cowboys would dream of inviting producers and film crews into their lives. But that’s exactly what Cody Harris and wife Misty have done.” – Alfa Farmers Magazine


“…these young men we cheer for on TV are just like their alter egos: they’re courteous, thoughtful, hard-working…America-loving husbands and fathers.” – Ronda Rich, Best-Selling Author and Syndicated Columnist

The Cowboy Way is more than a show, it’s a way of life. Having lived this lifestyle for 26+ years, I was more than giddy to see a show about cowboys on INSP, and even giddier at the opportunity to interview the cowboys, Booger, Bubba, and Cody from The Cowboy Way.” – Lori Falcon, A Cowboy’s Wife

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“…what you are seeing on television is who they are in real life. The show ‘The Cowboy Way – Alabama’ is just that…a documentation of sorts of their daily lives. Nothing is sugar-coated or colored up to be anything other than who they truly are and what they do.”

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