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State Plate

Press Mentions

“Not only does Taylor Hicks know how to carry a tune, he’s also pretty good with a fork. The platinum-selling musician and former American Idol winner has been traveling the country to spotlight some of his favorite dishes for State Plate, a food-travel show on the INSP television network.”


“It’s been 10 years since [Taylor] Hicks took home the microphone trophy, and now he’s using his Southern charm and entertaining know-how to launch a new reality show. Instead of vying for votes he’s filling his plate as host of the new food and travel series State Plate.”

“Imagine a plate full of the best food a state hast to offer.  That’s exactly what Taylor Hicks is serving up on State Plate on the INSP network.”





“If you haven’t seen “State Plate,” you are missing a fun and educational treat with the lovable host Taylor Hicks, former “American Idol” winner and platinum-selling entertainer.”



“Southern palates are the best palates,” says singer and Alabama native Taylor Hicks. This American Idol star now tours around the country with his show State Plate on INSP, filling up a plate in each state with the best food he can find. So, it’s no wonder that he – among many others – champions the South’s music and food for being a ‘warm blanket’ of comfort.