Watch a good guy go bad in The Man from Colorado, starring Glenn Ford and William Holden.


The Man from Colorado (1948)

Stars Glenn Ford, William Holden, and Ellen Drew!
Showing off his acting range far exceeds the stoic, everyman he’s known to play, Glenn Ford steps out of his comfort zone and gives a truly masterful performance.

No more Mr. Nice Guy for the quintessential good guy. In The Man from Colorado, Ford tries out a villainous role to see if it fits. The outcome, one of the box-office star’s most memorable and chilling performances of his career.

After the Civil War ends, a tormented Colonel Owen Devereaux settles in Colorado where he’s immediately appointed judge. As his mental state deteriorates, his take on crime and punishment becomes violent and sinister. Former friend-turned-foe, Captain Del Stewart, vows to bring Owen’s violent rampage to an end, even if it’s the last thing he does.